martes, diciembre 30, 2003

Should I be alarmed that...

When someone asks me a question, instead of saying "What?" I say "Bah?"

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domingo, diciembre 28, 2003

I can't think of a title

I have an ingrown toenail. I think I'm going to just let it grow in.

Tomorrow I'm going post-Christmas shopping.

I hate Patrick Swayze.

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Nothing to write about

Nothing but drudgery, that is.

Christmas was good, though I didn't get near drunk enough.

I need to call that lady and find out what the deal is with her car, the piece of shit.

I miss school.

If anyone wants to buy me a belated christmas present, this will do nicely.

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sábado, diciembre 20, 2003

A grand homecoming

I never remember coming home being so stressful. Apart from work, I am expected to run around devoting my time to the entertainment of various people. My brother, my sister, my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my friends, they all want a piece of me.

And apart from that, I hit a car on Wednesday, so now I am expected to pay for upwards of four hundred dollars' worth of damage I inflicted on a parked car. A shitty parked car that was plenty damaged already, and the only damage I could guess I did was breaking the left front headlights.

I should have just driven off.

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martes, diciembre 16, 2003

Operation: Flight of the Bumblebee

I have until four o'clock this evening to not only pack the clothes and other things I'm bringing home, but also pull everything in this room six inches from the wall and make it presentable to whomever might be moving in here a whole five days ahead of me.

Plan of action: Bathe, wash dishes, pack clothes, pull furniture, clean floor. Hopefully that shouldn't take any longer than three hours.

We'll see.

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lunes, diciembre 15, 2003

If you haven't seen this yet...

You simply don't deserve to live.

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domingo, diciembre 14, 2003

It's so quiet

I can hear my clock ticking all the way across the room.

I woke up this morning in Dean's room. I had gone in there to get out of John's room. John had gone for a walk a little earlier and had come back with a bleeding toe. After he had patched that up, he sat at his computer for a while with his headphones on and his head down on his desk. Very unusual, as he usually would have been regailing us with the adventure of how his toe had become bloodied.

He kept giving sidelong glances to his bed, which Shayla was occupying. I tried to give Shayla some hints to get out of John's bed, but she never caught on, and John climed up into Mike's bed (Mike was out wandering the streets) and left us instructions to wake him if anyone IMed him, whether he knew them or otherwise. Especially otherwise.

Chris had invited the twins over for a mini-celebration as today is their birthday. Kat came over around eight or so, and the lot of us (Chris, Kat, Shayla, and myself) watched Two Weeks' Notice. Lonliness is watching a romantic comedy and having a live couple act it out in front of you.

After the movie, I walked Shayla to a Chinese restaurant because she was starving, apparently. We went back to John's room and hadn't been there long when Mike walked in with a bleeding hand. He patched himself up (without telling anyone what had happened, of course) and seemed to be in a bit of a better mood than John. We were watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and talking of various things, and all seemed well.

Then Christine came over around eleven-thirty and things just went downhill. So that you, the reader, can understand why things went downhill, allow me to introduce you to Christine. Christine, along with her sister, is someone John and Mike knew through high school, but neither's group knew the other's that well. Somehow they met here at school, and they've been over to our building a few times (Kat more than Christine, though, obviously). As I've had at least the semblance of an in-depth discussion with them, I do know that they are "learning disabled" because of their hearing loss. Due to this hearing loss, they both tend to talk rather loudly, though Christine -- the more talkative, the more outgoing, the voice major -- moreso than Kat. Christine is also prone to loud squeals of glee, or disappointment, or indifference.

When Christine came in the room, followed by Kat and Chris, she immediately engaged Mike in a one-sided conversation. In very rapid succession she said, "God, it's been a long time since I've seen you. How were finals? How was Thanksgiving? What did you do over Thanksgiving break? What are you doing for Christmas break? We should go see a movie, I want to see Lord of the Rings. How's Wednesday?" There was a pause just long enough for Mike's answer that due to neglecting his brother over previous breaks, he has to see the movie in question with his brother alone. "Oh, that's cool. We can go see it on Thursday, then. And I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm going to rent it on Saturday, why don't you come over and watch it with me then?..." ad infinitum.

Once Mike had got all her questions answered and had synchronised his schedule with hers, she turned her attention to what the rest of us were striving to enjoy, Charlie and the Cholocate Factory. After a minute, when she finally realised what she was seeing, she let out one of those squeals that could mean anything, and announced that the movie was, in fact, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, waking John in the process. Up until this point, I had merely considered getting out of the room of my own will, but that squeal awakened something inside me that desperately needed to get away from Christine at all costs.

I made it as far as Dean and Stephen's room, but my break was thwarted. It was midnight: the twins' birthday was upon us. As such, the remaning eight of us who were not already in John and Mike's room were ushered there and made to sing "Happy Birthday". I suppose we were expected to stay and see what Chris' gift to Kat would be, but I, at the back of the pack, realised that to make a clean getaway, the chance was ripe.

I was in Dean and Stephen's room before Dean and Stephen.

When Dean and Stephen did arrive, with Michelle in tow, of course, they asked me why I wasn't in John and Mike's room, and I explained that I just had to get out of there. They understood, of course, having shared a night of board games with Christine, and we continued watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After a short while Dean had me close the door, and I decided to hunker down in the floor. I was dozing when I heard Michelle ask Stephen whether I was asleep. I snapped back to near-consciousness and managed to slur, "Innnnotalllleep".

Dean gave me a pillow and a blanket, and I was pretty much out for the rest of the night.

I do remember, however, John coming in at one point -- around two, I think -- and being so flustered that he couldn't talk, instead putting on a grimace when I asked whether he'd had enough of Christine. He left shortly thereafter, and (I suppose) kicked them out.

I awoke this morning to Dean's alarm clock, which was set for a quarter to ten, and then again at five to ten. I lay there for nearly a half hour engaged with myself in the epic battle of whether to stay in the warm comfort of the blanket or go empty my bladder. My bladder won in the end, and I collected my pocket-things from John and Mike's room (empty but for the two) and made my way back to my room, where I discovered that my own alarm clock has most probably been sounding at ten minute intervals since Friday morning at eight.

Tick. Tock.

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viernes, diciembre 12, 2003

Reflections on Hot Chick

Does sugar with alcohol even taste good? The answer is yes. Yes it does.

Never before have I seen Matthew Lawrence act so gay. You gotta wonder....

Rob Schneider should just quit while people still tolerate him. Deuce Bigalo, The Animal, and now The Hot Chick. I have a fleeting expectation of seeing something akin to The Vegetable in theatres next, à la Family Guy.

Apart from the fact that this is a Rob Schneider movie, the character development is top notch. I love how at the beginning the Rob Schneider pre-juxtoposition seems as foreign to us as a real incompetent criminal. However, maybe this character was actually better off a woman.

Huh. That girl from Scary Movie sure plays dumb well. Coincidence?

That stupid jock friend of Matthew Lawrence's is from Scary Movie, too.

No, he was from Not Another Teen Movie.


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Fuckin' A

My chemistry grade
Dec 8, 2003
Final Exam (Final Exam)

Dec 12, 2003

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I know I buckled

But goddamn if this template isn't spiffy.

Archives and such will be up shortly.

In other news

  • Never eat three bowls of easy mac unless you're sure your stomach can handle it. Or unless you particularly like diarrhea, you sick fuck.
  • Andrew moved out yesterday, but it hardly seems so. It's been a long couple of days. Not because Andrew moved out, but because there's been so much running around.
  • I gave out my Christmas cards. There was much pleasnantry.
  • I believe I might have kicked ass this semester gradeswise. There is a possibility I'll have Bs across the board, which would be fabulous. Regardless, I'm going hard-core academic next semester.
  • I made an A on my programming final. Fuckin' A.
  • As celebration, tonight I may or may not go to a party. Regardless, I'm killing the two 40s in my room tonight.

Stay tuned.

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jueves, diciembre 11, 2003


This was prompted (I presume) by Amy reading my away message, which currently reads "eating easy mac (pilfered, of course) and reading harry potter (paid for, sadly)". What I say is in bold.

Cole, you always make me smile
and for that, i'm glad
me too
how's it going?
it's going...lots of work
no doubt
what about you?
fairly well
tomorrow effectively ends the semester
for me at least

me too!
so you are headed home tomorrow then?
why not?
i've arranged to leave with my uncle next tuesday

gotcha...I'm getting on that plane tomorrow and am bubbling over with excitement
to texas, i presume

actually to nashville...I'll got to Texas the 28th
my parents live in TN
i see
but yeah. I am excited about seeing my schnookums on the 28th!!!
it will have been over 4 months
what are your plans?
work my ass off
is santa clause coming to see you?

that's good
yeah. free things are nice
unless, of course, it's the clap or something similar
not that anyone would pay for the clap
yeah...that would be a problem
which would somehow be worse...
oh man....
that's some funny junk
well, I hope you have a wonderful break, I was just taking a mini break from my English paper
and i'm sure it's a smashing paper
or will be

of course
I wrote it
you have an equally wonderful break, m'dear

I will do...bye Cole!

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Christmas Cards:

To Amy Robinson, the woman who runs the world:
I'm sure you put up with more than your fair share of things, and I'm sure I can't have been a stroll in the park. Thanks for being so wonderful. Happy holidays!

To Mr. Davis, to whom I owe my health:
Thank you for running such a marvellous store. I could not live if not for the turkey subs. Thanks for such great service. Happy holidays!

To Professor Topich, to whom I owe my GPA:
Thank you so much for letting me re-take Exam II (with my calculator this time). Just know that you have helped me on the path to greatness such as yours. Happy holidays!

To Dr. Cheng, the man with undying patience:
Whether or not my grades reflect it, I have learned much from your class. Thank you for putting up with my stupid questions. Happy holidays!

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Speaking of becoming a better writer

Now that Andrew's moved out for good, I'm going to move all my shit to his ex-desk. Hopefully I'll do a little organising while I'm at it, too. But that's not likely.

On the plate for today:

  • promptly after posting this I'm going to go warm up a bit for
  • my audition at 4:15, about which I am TOTALLY FUCKIN' STOKED
  • I should eat sometime

Okay, I'm going.

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Things in this world that never fail to make me have to urinate

  • Going down in an elevator.
  • Brushing my teeth.
  • Turning on a particularly powerful faucet.
  • Drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
  • Defecating.

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miércoles, diciembre 10, 2003

Like you really need to know this, but...

Current worries

  • that I haven't studied enough for my spanish final.
  • that I really didn't do as well on my chemistry final as I think I did.
  • that I have the clap.
  • that you people will take that last one seriously.
  • that I haven't practiced enough for my audition tomorrow.
  • that I'll end up with some thugged out roommate next semester.
  • that I'll end up with some creepy roommate next semester.
  • pretty much that I'll end up with a roommate at all next semester.

Current woes

  • that I haven't studied enough for my programming final.
  • that I'm in one of those places where it's difficult to make the choice of whether or not to do laundry.
  • that the semester is about to end and shortly I'll have to give up this fabulous ethernet connection.
  • that the semester is about to end and I'll most likely spend five weeks bored to the point of willingly killing dogs for entertainment (see above).
  • it's fucking raining.

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lunes, diciembre 08, 2003

Not-So-Crunch Time

I have an exam in a little more than an hour, and so far the only preparation I've done has been microwaving three CDs (shiny side up, three seconds, and watch the blue lightning), eating way too much easy mac, and printing off the solubility rules for certain ions.

And the last one does count as studying, so don't bother me.

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Straight from the White House itself

Good ol' Billy Boy.

So fuck off, Daniel Hall.

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Productivity to the max

So far today, I've

  • taken my pills
  • re-read Blankets for about the fifth time
  • visited my sites
  • cleaned my mouse out so now I don't have to use the bloody trackpad

Seeing as I have a chemistry final tonight, I ought to be studying. Perhaps I will. Only after I bathe, and I'm not going to tell you how long it's been either. As it turns out, Mom and Dad were right, and people really don't need to know your bathing habits. Suffice it to say, I need to bathe.

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domingo, diciembre 07, 2003

The next logical step is D&D

Such a dork am I that I just spent twenty minutes writing a program so I can see how my grade will be if I make a certain grade on my chemistry final. A shoddy program, too.

Anyhow. I'm doing laundry, I've cleaned my room, and I'm putting off washing my dishes. I could study, but who needs that?

I certainly do, that's why I ain't.

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The scene: Andrew (the roommate) and I, speaking of a mutual acquaintance of ours.

Andrew: He's going to be a school shooter.
Me: Didn't he graduate, though?
Andrew: Yeah. That's the bad part.

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sábado, diciembre 06, 2003

Lazy Saturday

So far my day has consisted of going to a review session for my Chemistry final on Monday, and sitting around and reading Mark's absolutely stunning writing.

On the plate this evening:

  • A basketball game, for which I have to play in the pep band.
  • Frenzied late-night cleaning of my room, because it seriously needs to be done. I mean, DAMN.

I haven't planned any studying for this weekend because I figure that I've done all the studying I need to do, and any other attempt to study would prove futile. At least for everything but Programming. I still have to find out how to put the even entries of an array ahead of the odd entries, and sort three nonconsecutive entries in an array composed of more than three entries without touching any of the other entries. And I guess I should work on that final project due next Wednesday.

Now that I've thoroughly bored the pants off you, I'm going to make myself ready for this basketball game.

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If only I could write like this

Everyone needs to drop whatever they're doing right now and go read Londonmark.

You will be amazed.

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viernes, diciembre 05, 2003


  • White cheddar easy mac is the new orgasm
  • Snow/rain yesterday leaves nothing but skanky puddles
  • I have yet to figure out why that one patch of sidewal in front of the Episcopal Church is the only dry thing outside. A test of faith, perhaps?
  • My room is so messy
  • I only have two classes today. Two classes that effectively end the semester
  • Except for finals and all that.
  • But,

I'm done.

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jueves, diciembre 04, 2003

It's 7.40 in the morning and all I can think is...

...what the hell am I doing up this early?!

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miércoles, diciembre 03, 2003

You have to be fuckin' kidding me

Gee, maybe if I took a lot of drugs, flaunted my inability to sing at all, had the stage presence of an epileptic, and pretended to act twenty no matter what, I could be knighted, too!

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martes, diciembre 02, 2003

A new leaf?

Reading back on some old entries, I've noticed that very few of them are actually about something. Most are just accounts of my daily life. Enthralling, I'm sure. So I've decided to better myself as a writer by sitting down each day and writing about something. It doesn't matter what, just so long as it's one coherent thought stream, as opposed to an incoherent thought stream that jumps around like a frog.

Hell, I may even start a new blog, and just fuck this one. Don't worry, though, I'll let you know when the change goes down. I think I'll move some of my better posts over there, pending I do make a new one.

But for now, I have homework.

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Always a good place to be

I just finished up with a nosebleed. The kind you wake up from. I'm pretty sure what woke me up, though, was the fit of coughing that prompted the nosebleed.

I also just experienced a first in my long history with nosebleeds: I snorted a bunch of blood back in my throat, tried to swallow it, but ended up coughing it out a la tuberculosis. Quite a sight indeed. I'm just glad hot water gets rid of blood fairly well.

Now I don't want to get back in my bed out of fear that my nose will start up again and I'll get blood all over my sheets, which are an off-white color.

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lunes, diciembre 01, 2003

Crunch time

As the semester winds down, I find that I relate myself more and more to Harry Potter. For instance, Just a few minutes ago, I was laying in my bed watching Sphere, when suddenly I thought, "Harry Potter wouldn't be lazing around this close to the end of term." And then I hopped down out of bed, opened my chemistry book, and started working.

For real.

And it's quite the right mindset, too, because my chemistry grades are just starting to slip. I'm just grateful that it'e the end of the semester, because if this had started earlier, bad things would be happening to my grades.

And so I'm going to go back to my studies.

Right after Sphere.

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