viernes, octubre 31, 2003

I know I've posted like, two already, but seriously

I can get Panther for $70!


I just may!

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Who's with me?

Okay, I've googled it, and I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to post this idea on the internet.

I propose that we, as an English-speaking body, abolish the letter z. Seriously. What word spelled with a z can't be spelled with another letter and sound exactly the same?

For instance, the word analyze. Simply replace the z with an s, and you have analyse. Say them both aloud, and they sound exactly the same.

Or how about....itemize? Again, replacing the z with an s, we have itemise.

You might throw the word zebra at me, but couldn't that be spelled xebra? I mean, if we have names like Xavier, why can't we have an animal called a xebra?

I have a friend who is all for this, and for the abolition of the letter c, but I'm kind of attached to the letter c as it's in my name. That c makes my name one of the easiest to write. Just four loops. Plus, I don't write k's too well, so there you go.

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Right now

Right now there is no one in my room. Andrew and Molly got a hotel room together, and I've decided to move to the eleventh floor. I even told my RA so.

Right now, I'm a bit hungry.

Right now, I'm not sure whether I did all of my spanish homework, or simply passed out because it was like, six in the morning.

Right now, I'm not concerned in the least about the calculus quiz I have in about four hours.

Right now, I am a little concerned about my programming project due on the eleventh of November, which really isn't that far away.

Right now, I'm surprised that the semester is so close to ending.

Right now, I'm going.

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miércoles, octubre 29, 2003

A couple of things

I took down that conversation, simply because it is way too long, and I've decided that if you aren't in the know, it's not really that funny. If you want to see it, just email me and I'll send you the file.

I went to a local comic book store today, and I saw the most interesting idea: graphic novels. (A pun is coming up.) I know this isn't a totally (Here's the pun. See if you get it.) novel (Did you get it?) idea, meaning I've talked to people who actually read these books. I've always just brushed the idea off because I've always just lumped those kind of things into the same category as comic books, which I've never really been into. But I had a look at a few today, and I really want to buy one. It's called Blankets, and I just leafed through it, but the end really caught my eye. I believe I'm going to buy it later today.

I'm such an impulse shopper.

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lunes, octubre 27, 2003

Did you know....

That when you go to Starbucks and order black coffee they look at you like you're stupid.

Also, if you spill a box of crackers in the floor, the little crumbs and shit go all over.

All over.

That is all.

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Never Look Back

That way there aren't any regrets.

I put in motion changing my major. I went to Founder's Hall and filled out a form no less than three times because I kept fucking up the address (once I put everything right but the town, GC, then I misspelled Johnson, then I got it right) and gave the form to a nice Jewish fellow who was reminiscent of the Soup Nazi only in speech and not in demeanor who told me to "come back two days. I vill give you form and you take to department and get signed by head of department."

Now I have to schedule an audition.

And then of course, practice like a bitch until then.

But as for right now, I'm going to enjoy my No-Horrible-Math time by going to the gym. Yay!

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domingo, octubre 26, 2003


I could do one of four things right now. I could wash these skank-ass dirty dishes, I could go eat somewhere, I could do my chemistry work (which is in desperate need of being done), or I could go visit friends.

Why don't I do my dishes, do my homework, visit friends, and see if any of them want to go eat?

Why, that's an excellent plan.

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1 Hate + 2 Love = 1 Love. Which is a good thing

First, the hate:

I hate when you get a zit, and you decide that you're just gonna leave it alone, and that it will be gone the next day, but it really doesn't go away, and it grows overnight and releases toxins into your body so that your lip swells up like you've been punched.

Next, the love:

I love when you read a story and the main character and some other character don't see each other for a long while, perhaps because they had some bad words or stuff between them, and then something happens to bring them together, usually something tragic, and they talk about how they were "back then." I love that.

And I love daylight savings time.

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viernes, octubre 24, 2003

Killer Lyrics

No pun intended.

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Two funny things:

  1. I made 110 on a quiz by getting the bonus question right. The bonus question was about a reaction that took place in chemistry lecture last week. The part of lecture that I skipped out of. And I still got 110. Hilarious.
  2. My boss thinks I have a crush on her. How terribly untrue! And - what's more - how terribly vain of her!

On the plate for tomorrow: I'm skipping out of Spanish and Calculus (the only two classes I have on Fridays now. That's the sound of me being very very happy) to go to motherfucking Busch Gardens, for free.

Fuck a bunch of doing any real work that desparately needs to be done, like laundry, or going to the gym, or cleaning up my desk, or anything like that.

Yep. Fuck it.

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jueves, octubre 23, 2003

Before I head out to work

I just thought you should know I dropped Horrible Math.


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miércoles, octubre 22, 2003

Praise God, they found my check!

Which means that I have nearly $210 to deposit on Friday!

Which means that I'm not poor anymore!


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martes, octubre 21, 2003

Re: Scheduling

So I got advised. Which means that they took away the "advisement hold".

Now, an average person (read: I) would think that since this advisement hold has been removed from my record, that I could just go ahead and register for my classes and be done with it.

Not so.

Fucking computers.

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lunes, octubre 20, 2003


I've nearly given up completely on my programming project. I just can't get that fucking diamond to print. I know it's probably because I've been thinking about it too hard, but fuck it's bugging me. I've got tne number of lines tto print out right, but I can't get the spaces to print out right, or the right number of stars, and this is just the first half, because I have to account for when the number of lines is greater than where the center column of the star will be placed, and I know this is all babbling on in one long run-on, but for god's sake the stress is killing me and it's only Monday.

I'm just going to read in my chemistry book and hope I have a eureka moment.

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viernes, octubre 17, 2003

I'm home

And the only thing I can say is that this town gets more and more like Varsity Blues every time I come back here.

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Oh, my God, Becky, look at her...

rap song in Greek.

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miércoles, octubre 15, 2003

Just received

I just got this in my inbox.

Registration dates for spring 2004 are as follows:

Honors students:
October 20

Graduate students:
October 27

Post-baccalaureate certificate seekers:
October 29

October 29

November 3

November 10

November 17

Special non-degree seeking students:
November 24

Web registration hours are as follows:
Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - midnight
Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, noon- midnight

Goddamn motherfuckers!

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Choose from

  • Watching the Animatrix. Crazy good shit. It is to the Matrix what the Silmarillion is to the Lord of the Rings. Don't have time. Can always watch it later.
  • Practice. I need to today if I'm going to at all this weekend, because I won't be here this weekend, and I'm seriously doubting taking my horn home. Plus, I actually have things to practice. Good stuff.
  • Working on my programming project. It's due on Monday, and, granted, I'll have twelve hours in a car to work on it (or however long my battery lasts), and then some over the weekend, I've got other stuff I need to do, too. I'll have a football game to go to, running around with my brother, catching up with friends, etc.
  • Pack. I can do that later, too.

I think I'm just gonna go practice.

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lunes, octubre 13, 2003

Mmm cookies

You know that commercial where everyone's at the little girl's birthday party, and they yell "happy birthday!" and then there's a pause and this big cookie there looks around and says "so where's the cake?" and the little girl chuckles and says "but we're not having cake"?

I love that commercial.

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Son of a bitch

If there were a word for epiphany that had a negative connotation to it, I'd use it right now.

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viernes, octubre 10, 2003


This Fish Needs A Bicycle: savasana

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  • Yesterday I attempted to clean up my room. My little area of my room, I should say. I made some progress: I got all my papers filed; I now have a place for my books so that they're not strewn about in my floor; getting to my toiletry stuff isn't such a non-linear action now. But I got sidetracked, and now I have a mountain of trash and an even bigger mountain of dirty lanudry to do. Meh.
  • I am probably going to drop Horrible Math and take it next semester. I had thought that it was a co-slash-pre-requisite for my programming class; but no, it's not. [UPDATE: It is, in fact, a pre-requisite for the next class in my programming series, which means if I drop it this semester, I'll be a semester behind. Goddammit.] I can drop it, and start anew next semester with at least some inkling of what to expect. A head start, even, in that respect. Plus I wouldn't have to get up until ten till twelve at the very latest. I'd only be taking fourteen credits. Sweet.
  • What prompted this sudden wish to drop is the fact that I just got out of a class wherein I discovered that my hopes of finally doing at least halfway decently on a test were in vain. Goddammit.
  • That, and a 72 on my first Spanish exam, leading me to believe that I need more time for the rest of my classes, and there just isn't enough time in the week for me to take that many gooddamn classes. Goddammit.
  • And the 72 wasn't even due to not understanding what we went over. I had all the verbs conjugated right, just misspelled. Goddamn irregular verbs. I made a chart of all the verbs I missed. I'm going to study them for the MID-TERM which is sometime in the next couple of weeks.
  • Meh.

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jueves, octubre 09, 2003

God dammit

I just paid five dollars to get into my own room.

What a bunch of bullshit.

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miércoles, octubre 08, 2003

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck

I'm in a clothing crisis. Not like I have too many white shirts. Like I need a piece of clothing for a concert tonight. God dammit.

And there is one possible source of relief, but I seriously do not want to be in debt to this guy. I don't even want to look at him if I dont' have to.

*insert noise of exasperation*

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Late again

This time to a test.

It needs to stop.

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martes, octubre 07, 2003

Best quote ever

The American Undershirt: "I used to be too old to do that stuff, now I'm too old to even watch it."

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lunes, octubre 06, 2003

Good things

My Spanish class was cancelled today, so I decided to come back and post. What an interesting life I lead.

I got my take-home test for Horrible Math today, and holy fuck if it isn't hard. I've had it for nearly two hours now, and the only thing I've been able to comprehend is the first one.

I haven't taken a shower today because I was late to my eight o'clock...again. It's the only eight o'clock I have per week, so give me a break.

Mondays are the longest days ever.

On the plate this week:

Today: Class. All day. Supposedly until ten o'clock at night, but I may meet up with my cohort during the break and we'll decide whether or not our time would be well spent there. I may go to the gym afterwards. Also, hopefully I find out how well I did or didn't do on my programming test last Wednesday.

Tuesday: Work, wherein I inform them that the ATM ate my paycheck, and they'll simply have to re-issue a paycheck for me, because I am DYING HERE. Then class. Then pissing about finishing that take-home test. Then a police saftey seminar, which I have to go to, and for which I'm missing the "dress rehearsal" for my orchestra performance on Wednesday. Gah. I should throw some practising in there as well.

Wednesday: The dreaded in-class test in Horrible Math. Then more class. Then pissing about practising. Then more class. Then a performance. Then pissing about.

Thursday: Work. Class. Pissing about.

Friday: Class. Then preparation for Dad's arrival. Then pissing about.

Saturday: Whatever silliness I've signed Dad and myself up for that day. Good times. Which reminds me: I need to get that form sent in, which means I need to find an envelope. And by "I", I mean "you," Cole. Get to it.

Sunday: I honestly could not tell you.

So that means I've outlined the general happenings for the next five days. That's when you'll next hear from me.

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domingo, octubre 05, 2003

I heart life

Apart from all the stinkiness and rough-looking-ness.

Forty dollars in one day rocks my cock.

Yay me.

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sábado, octubre 04, 2003

The Mad Conservatory, Revisited

Oh my god, how delusional was I?

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Boys' names

i always think of killer names for my future sons, but my trouble is remembering them.

Well, now I have nearly 24/7 access to the internet, thus to my blog, thus to some sort of internet note-pad, on which to enlighten the world with my musings.

The best boy's name ever popped in my head the other day:


Who could make fun of that?

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viernes, octubre 03, 2003

Kill Bill

I absolutely must see this movie.


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False summer

I'm sitting in my room, and I look out on the scene displayed before me, which is a beautiful day, complete with burning yellow sun, beautiful blue sky with sparse white puffy clouds interspersed over it, and the greenery that is Monroe Park.

And my room is pretty warm right now, so I look at this wonderful scene and the idealist part of my mind tells me that it's a beautiful summer day and that I should cast off these shoes and long pants in exchange for shorts and sandals.

But then the realist part of my brain kicks in and says, "Do you not remember freezing your ass of in the middle of the night two nights ago?!"

I'm really glad for the realist part of my brain, and I wonder where it's been all my life.

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God dammit

I have never seen a more dejected bunch than those who walk out of my Horrible Math class. And yes, it's back to Horrible.

Stupid quiz.

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So instead of going to work today, I laid out and slept till about two, at which time I thought I should at least do something constructive. So I sat down at my computer with the intention of getting started on my programming project, only I sat there for a full hour just staring at my computer wondering how the hell to get this started.

And now, a full fourteen hours later, I have it completed, leaving me with Friday to complete the take-home test in my Not-So-Horrible Math class and whatever other petty, menial homework my teachers dare assign me over the weekend, which will no doubt be completed in under an hour's time.

The homework, not the test.

I fear the test.

And now it's time for College Landmarks Numbers One and Two:

  1. Thanks to the wonderful people at Apple, who make such fine products as iTunes and iChat, I now have just a bit over a day's worth of music on my hard drive. I made a friend online from the floor above me who pretty much burned as many mp3s from her library as would fit on a CD-R. Mostly it's trance/electronica/techno stuff, which is excellent background music for working on something like...oh, I don't know. A programming project, maybe? Excellent.
  2. Again thanks to iChat, I now have my first computer game on my PowerBook: Unreal Tournament 2003, which is installing as I write this. I looked at the specs for the game and thought, "Geez, do you think three gigs is a bit too much for just a computer game?", but then realised that I have forty gigs, which is forty times the storage capacity on the computer I first learned to do anything on. And I'm going to leave it to you, the reader, to sort out those prepositions in the previous sentence. It's five o'clock in the morning, and I can't be bothered to worry about the correct usage of grammar

Speaking of it being five o'clock, I'm wondering whether I should go to sleep at all or not. Seriously, would two hours do me any good?

Stay tuned to find out.

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jueves, octubre 02, 2003

Oh sweet respite

I laid out of work today to do something productive, like my programming assignment.

Fuck that. I've only been awake for an hour, since last night's débàcle robbed me of precious sleep.

I may end up cleaning my fan, though. I think that's what's been making me cough so much.

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I don't know what to think

Burger King worker reports assault (

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miércoles, octubre 01, 2003

Fucking yay

Sarah Hepola is back!

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I belong to four so far

Compleat Diagram of Strange Persons 2003

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Today has been an all around good say so far. Apart from feeling like a walking manifestation of the tuberculosis.

I had a quiz today in my Horrible Math class, and I've come to realise that it's now my Not-So-Horrible Math class. I think I did pretty decently on it, actually.

I have a test in Programming that I've been worried about for about a week. It's in two hours. I'm not so worried anymore. I did some exercises in the book and actually read the chapter and went over my notes, and now I feel pretty confident. I only hope I don't cough up a lung between now and then.

The rest of the week's looking pretty busy, though. I have a supplement due and a test tomorrow in chemistry, and then on Friday I get a take home test for Not-So-Horrible math. So in addition to the take-home test, I also have to write a program for calculus spanish Programming.

Which is why I can't go home for homecoming. (I'm sorry, Emily!) But I'll try to make it home sometime, or it may just be for Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, I get twenty dollars in school currency just for letting people into my room this Saturday during Open House, which is good, because I lost my paycheck, apparently.

But it's just money.

I'm gonna see if I can find my Aleve.

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