lunes, septiembre 29, 2003


Instead of doing something that needs to be done, like reading my programming book, or doing laundry, or tidying up a bit, or filing the bank papers that I've had for over a month now, or reviewing for the programming test that is on Wednesday, or doing my Horrible Math homework, or doing my Calculus homework, or going to the gym, or practising, or praising the powers that be for not having orchestra rehearsal tomorrow because I haven't practiced since the last rehearsal, or re-printing my chemistry lab stuff, or doing the stuff I have to turn in for chemistry on Thursday, or getting started on the massive amounts of problems due for chemistry next Thursday, or sleeping, instead of doing all that, I'm here pissing about on the internet, making mix CDs, and shuffling cards.


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I can never make my eight o'clock on time. But that's okay.

Right now my gut is both begging for food and begging for release. It's an interesting feeling.

On the plate for this week:

  • cleaning up the room in preparation for open house this Saturday. There's a deely that involves us lettting people come and look at our room in exchange for money, and we've got to make our room look pretty and all.
  • a couple of tests. I have a Spanish test in about 1.5 hours, a programming test on Wednesday, and a Chemistry test on Thursday. Yes, that test. Apparently I misread the notice about the rescheduling and blah blah blah. Point is, test Thursday. And perhaps a Horrible Math test on Friday as well.
  • I am fucking going out this Friday. Saturday, too, if I can swing it.
  • Goodies and such. Yup.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must defecate.

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domingo, septiembre 28, 2003


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Is it sad when the only thing keeping me out of bed right now is that I don't want to move all that shit out of my bed?

Go here. Just because.

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sábado, septiembre 27, 2003

Oh, Fack

I woke up this morning to a few new things.

  • A haircut. I actually remember getting a haircut, and I didn't just wake up and go, "Whoa, I got a haircut." But it's nice to not wake up with the back of my head doused with my own sweat.
  • Comments. I vaguely remember putting comments on here. It's such a surprise, though, to check my site and see that there are already comments. Yay!

Okay, that was just two things. But I am hungry like a motherfucker. I haven't been to the gym in over a week, and I'm feeling really bad about eating those disgustingly, nay, sinfully delicious cheese sticks last night/this morning.

And I have to work tonight, and I have to do homework, and stuff.

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jueves, septiembre 25, 2003

Cutting Logs

Right now, the only thing keeping me awake is the eight ounces of coffee I had this morning and fear that if I even lay down for a little while, my body will get stupid and think that ten hours is a little while, thus forcing me to miss a chemistry test this evening.

And I heart chemistry.

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I am zombie. Please insert coffee.

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That's what you think

Some of you might see the time on this entry and think, Wow. Cole is up really early.

Then, of course you'd be wrong.

Actually, I'm up really late. I awoke at 7.30 AM on Wednesday, September 24, 2003. The current time is 5.45 AM on Thursday, September 25, 2003. In 1.75 hours, I will have officially been awake for twenty-four hours. And I have to work eight hours starting three and one quarter hours from now. And then I have a test to take.

Perhaps I can get two hours of sleep.

Yes, yes....


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miércoles, septiembre 24, 2003

To comment, or not to comment.

I'm seriously debating whether or not to get comments. I had a bout with comments once before, but no one ever commented save for the random wanderer-in.

But now I know I have at least two regular readers, so I figure if I get comments, those two people will go off and tell two people, and those two people will tell two more, and on and on.... That's called an exponential function, by the way. I totally got my ass kicked by one of those on a calculus test today.

But that's another matter.


Comments. Yea or Nay?

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  • buy headphones
  • deposit check
  • review for calculus
  • read stuff
  • read more stuff
  • read read more more stuff stuff
  • enjoy the fruits of my Dukeship

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Sleep is fun

But you know what's not fun?

Bleeding gums.


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Stuff and um...stuff

I know I promised some sort of marvellous post-hurricane post.

Forgive me.

You're lucky this is even coherent.

I mean, COME ON, it's 2:30 in the morning.

In the morning.

Did you get it?


By the way, I have the Family Guy Season Three DVD at the moment.

And my teeth are fuzzy.

Two-thirty in the morning.

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lunes, septiembre 22, 2003

A thought

After living here a month, I've come to the conclusion that I need a bookcase and a cordless telephone. Fo shizzle.

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Post-Hurricane shenanigans

I've got a massive post which is a recollection of everything rememberable over the past five days.

The only thing you need concern yourself with is the fact that right now I'm sporting a "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK" t-shirt, ass-pants that have doubled as a napkin for two days now, and underwear.

Okay, maybe not underwear.

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miércoles, septiembre 17, 2003

Again, where the fuck have I been?!

Own up. You just must not like me.

I'm serious.

How else could I have gone this long without knowing about Ben Folds? Hmm?

You disgust me.

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martes, septiembre 16, 2003

I seriuosly should be doing homework.

Like, for real.

But I just had to post and let vosotros know that today was THE LONGEST DAY EVER. It feels like it's been three different days: work day, classes day, and post-classes day.

And now I'm gonna do homework.

Who am I kidding?

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When I closed iChat just now, a little part of me died.

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The American Undershirt.

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Thoughts today

  • Why am I so tired?
  • God bless coffee.
  • Oh yeah. I guess five hours of sleep will make a person who is used to 8 hours of sleep tired.
  • Why does my fan look like a cotton candy maker?
  • Why does my leg hurt?
  • Please stop yelling at me Scary Old Lady. I'm just doing what I was told to do.
  • God bless coffee.
  • Please stop yelling at me Mean Old Homosexual. I'm just doing what I was told to do.
  • I don't remember eating Mexican.

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lunes, septiembre 15, 2003

Oh, George

The Smoking Gun: Archive

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domingo, septiembre 14, 2003

The DTs

So apparently everyone on our floor has alcohol in their room.

That is, everyone BUT US.

I don't see how I couldn't have noticed this since I got here, seeing as when I walk to the bathroom, or the laundry room, or pretty much anywhere down the hall that isn't my room, the adjacent doors reek of alcohol.

Seriously, I think even the RA has some booze.

Bastards, holding out on us.


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Let me tell you, nothing feels better than a clean asshole in a pair of freshly cleaned underwear.


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"I'm usually far too drunk to walk"

Everyone needs to stop what they're doing right now and go visit Red Meat.

Seriously, get the fuck outta here!

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sábado, septiembre 13, 2003

God help me

I've been, er..."borrowing" music from the LAN. A lot of pop stuff.

But here's what's scary.

I like it.


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viernes, septiembre 12, 2003

J3 Rocks my face off!!!!!!

Apparently, this week was National housekeeper week. Which means that there are signs up all over the building saying things like, "We heart Mrs. Avis" and "Thank you Mrs. Cookie".

Apparently, the people on my floor decided to show just how much we love our housekeeper by writing on the grafitti paper in the wall the following phrase:

"Thank you fat cleaning lady. J3 loves you."

Which explains why it was torn down earlier today.

Also, I think someone put a vibrator in our trash can.

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jueves, septiembre 11, 2003

Where's Dolly when you need her?

I hate jobs. Jobs are stupid. You've got to dress up and put on this nice demeanor and not give to nasty people what's coming to them.

But yay for money.

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Something to ponder

I met a guy named Nate tonight. Nate is cool because he has a thing on his wall that says, "Every time you masturbate...God kills a kitten."

Postscript: Nate turned out to be creepy. Really creepy.

Also, in my bathroom, one of the walls says this:

Q: What's the difference between a midget and a [golf club]?
A: I don't have a naked [golf club] chained up in my basement.

I say [golf club], because on the bathroom wall it reads, "chainsaw", and "naked chainsaw chained up" just sounds too...chain-y.


Good times.

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miércoles, septiembre 10, 2003

The weather

I heart Richmond in the fall. So far, everything is still bright, vibrant, lively green, but the weather is a bit cooler than it has been. Which is absolutely wonderful. No complaints here.

Last night I had my first orchestra rehearsal, and it was stellar. I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to last through the whole rehearsal, because I haven't been playing with a group for any more than an hour a day, but apparently my little half-hour practise sessions are like a whole block's worth of playing back at school. I even lasted the whole first movement playing up on Bs and C#s. TWICE. I'm extremely excited about that.


The part is written for a trumpet in C, so I have to transpose a whole step. Ft was funny last night, because I would just watch the part fly by, knowing what I was supposed to play, and all I needed to do was just to jump in there and start playing. Fun stuff. I was going to go practice this morning after my complicated math class, but then I remembered I have homework due in my next two classes, so i did that, and there wasn't enough time left over.

In fact, I'm going to eat a little bit and then go to class.


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domingo, septiembre 07, 2003

And now, for your listening pleasure

I really wish I had some Dvoràk. Actually I do have some Dvoràk. What I really want is some Prokofiev. Actually, I have some Prokofiev.

But what I have is just not enough. And therein lies my dilemma. I'm poor. That's it. To be poor and in love with the arts is the bane of every artist because you end up selling thigns like the clothes off your back or your kidney just to satisfy that urge that seems to be eating your kidney anyway.

I'm sure I've mentioned the Arts channel that I get around here. That does a little something for me, but earlier today was like a whole hour of Dvoràk. I love Dvoràk! He's fun! And the only recording I have of a work of his is the second and fourth movements of his Fourth Symphony that the All-
Virginia Orchestra played last year. I've actually played an extremely watered down version of a momevent from the New World Symphony, which is a divinely excellent piece, even watered down like that.

And then there's Prokofiev. Again, I have a recording of one of his symphonies, again performed by the All-Virginia Orchestra, but this year's. And he's fun, too! I heard a piece of his a week or so ago on the Arts channel, and it was the most fun piece of music I've heard, and that's including the overture to Candide.

And now I just want to hear more and more, until I get sick of it, which would take for EVER.

I'm excited about orchestra, because we're doing a Dvoràk piece this term. Yay. I only hope I don't get kicked out for trying to steal a class. That would suck, because then I wouldn't get to hear any Dvoràk.

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I heart thrift

I have found a solution to my clothes dilemma: thrift stores.

Thrift stores.

I used to look down on thrift stores, thinking that they were where welfare mothers took their kids clothes shopping because they were trying to save all their money for scratch tickets and cigarettes.

But no more!

Yesterday I spent about $20.00 on eight pieces of clothing that rock the free world. For twenty dollars! If I had gone to Abercrombie or American Eagle, I would have spent like, ten times that. Which is absurd.

I heart new clothes.

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lunes, septiembre 01, 2003


I thought this was appropriate.

You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
for a reason, life is scientific. You like to
find solutions. I doubt you needed to take this
quiz in order to realize this.

Made by

What color do you see the world in?
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A recap

This is a reply to an email a friend (guess who) sent me, which pretty much recaps my weekend to this point. I just banged it out as quick as I could, so naturally it's not capitalised and a lot of words might be spelled incorrectly. Just fuckin' deal.

to: rachel
from: cole (duh)
subject: a real reply


life is wonderful here. this is the part where i usually complain about the heat, but yesterday and today have been overcast, so it seems like a cool morning all day long.

i've been having loads of misadventures. for example, my bike got stolen. within four days of my being here. i left for an interview fifteen minutes early and ended up being forty-five minutes late because i was walking around in downtown richmond in the dead heat of the afternoon in long pants and a thick shirt and no one knows where the radisson is. (here's a tip: if you're ever going somewhere in the city, it'd be a nice thing to know, say, a phone number or an address. ;) )

i got the job anyway.

that same afternoon i went to help a friend upstairs with her computer (she spilled a little water on it and the keyboard is all fucked up), and when i got back to my room, my roommate had left to go home and i didn't have my key. thursday was my idiot day.

on saturday, i got stuck in a tiny elevator with four other people for fifty minutes. without air conditioning. it was fun, though. we played the last name game, and that passed most of the time. then we went upstairs to another friend's room with the intention of watching movies, but got sidetracked because it was pouring down the rain. this friend lives on the twelfth floor, so by the time we got down the stairs (what, you think we'd take the elevator after that?) the rain had stopped and didn't start back again.

then we watched movies in tara's room (the girl on the twelfth floor), and i fell asleep on her bed and ended up sleeping the whole night there. which isn't the first time that's happened, actually. last saturday i fell asleep on a girl name piper's roommate's (who's name is jenn) bed and spent the whole night there, too.

yesterday was a treat, though. nearly everyone has gone home for labor day, so it was pretty much just me, my friend chris, and my friend josh, and we decided to go to blockbuster for some movies. well, josh looked up where the nearest blockbuster would be, somewhere near floyd and thompson streets. we (read: josh) thought that would be somewhere near the MCV campus, which is even further downtown. so we caught a bus to MCV, and got to looking at the maps on the bus, and found that floyd street is like, two streets over from our dorm. but, we'd ridden all the way to MCV, so we decided we'd eat a little something before trekking all the way back to VCU.

oh. my. god. it's no wonder medical school tuition is so expensive. it all goes to the food! we went to the MCV cafeteria, which has our regular cafeteria beat into the ground like, five times over. after at least two plates each of whatever they had out there, though, we decided we'd leave because we started laughing and just couldn't stop.

so we left. and caught a bus all the way back to VCU. and then we found floyd street, which you can even SEE from josh's room, and walked toward what we hoped was the blockbuster. and we walked. and walked. and walked.

we ended up walking about thirty blocks. fun for us! it was especially heartening to ask someone on the sidewalk and have them tell us how much further with a tone of voice that said, "oh GOD, you poor things. why in the world are you walking this far?"

but we found it, and there was much rejoicing.

on the way there, however, we decided that we weren't walking the whole way back, that we'd just go to the next street north, broad street, and find a bus that would take us back to VCU. but, broad street and floyd street don't run parallel to each other, at least not out in the friggin' boonies. so we waited at a bus stop for twenty minutes with little hope because a) it was sunday, 2) it was after seven, and c) it was the sunday after seven before LABOR DAY.

so we set out down cary street, which i remembered crosses the VCU campus, and would be more likely to have buses running on it than friggin' floyd street. and lo and behold, a bus pulls around the corner, two blocks ahead of us and stops at a bus stop. we dashed down the street, but it was too late; the bus had left again. and the lights down the street were all green. chris and i gave up hope that we would ever catch a moving bus; but josh, crazy bastard that he is, chased that bus barefooted down four blocks of richmond city sidewalk, with chris and me halfheartedly trailing behind.

but we caught the bus, and when we told the bus driver about our day during the trip back to VCU, she laughed and laughed and laughed....

and of course there's some studying and homework and classes thrown in there somewhere, but who wants to be bored with that shit? not you, i figured, so you can throw all that in wherever you want to , because that's pretty much what VCU did when i made out my schedule....

but anyway.

let me know how your senior year is going re: band and ap classes and such. don't get too stressed out.

ta ta,

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