domingo, agosto 31, 2003

<< Rewind

Walk out the door. Go up seven flights of stairs. Visit with Piper. Go up one flight of stairs. Leave a note on Chris's door. Go up one flight of stairs. Go in Tara's room. Wake up. Fall asleep. Watch the part of Stigmata wherein Frankie nearly gets killed by head priest dick. Wake up. Fall asleep. Watch first half hour of Stigmata. Watch Equilibrium. Go out of Tara's room. Go down seven flights of stairs. Spend hour comforting ADHD guy stuck in elevator. Go down five flights of stairs. Stay outside for ten minutes playing in rain that never comes. Run up twelve flights of stairs. Go in Tara's room. See that it's raining. Run down twelve flights of stairs. Sign security sheet. Walk up nine flights of stairs. Get in elevator. Play Last Name Game while stuck in tiny elevator for fifty-not-fifteen-five-zero minutes with three other people. Get out of elevator. Go to dinner. Go to Chris's room. Finish Daredevil. Leave Chris's room. Go to Piper's room. Go to Tara's room.

Go to your room.

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sábado, agosto 30, 2003

Dr. Fenn

This is going to be a geek post. Just so you know.

First of all, where I'm attending school is the current place of work of one Dr. John Fenn, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in mass spectrometry.

That's it. There is no second of all.


I have every intention of meeting said Nobel Prize winner, if not to get a picture of me shaking the hand of a man who has won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, then just to shake the hand of a man who has won the Nobel Prize.

It will rock the free world.

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Hermione would be proud

So after a bit of procrastination (more like...four hours' worth) I finally got around to studying, and let me tell you how satisfying it is to finally understand what we went over in class the first day.

And now I'm too tired to think of much more to write, so let me just say that I hope my GC peeps had a good time at the game in Richlands. Hope you didn't embarass yourselves.

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viernes, agosto 29, 2003


I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to pull a Hermione Granger and draw up a study schedule for myself so that I don't end up failing my complicated math class.


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miércoles, agosto 27, 2003

A downer


Today I went to watch the Wind Ensemble rehearse.


I could totally be in there.

But I'm not.

Tara says I should focus on the good, that I got first chair in the orchestra. Which is good, and that makes me very happy.


I could totally be in there.

I sat there and recognised at least two people I'd seen at All-State, which made me think:

I could totally be in there.

Seeing as I don't have class for another two and a half hours, I think I'm going to practice.


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Of birthdays, auditions, jobs, and computer geekdom

Yesterday was possibly the best birthday ever. I had only two classes and one was cut short, so it seemed like I only had one class. And next week I won't even have the class that was cut short, so yay.

But even before classes I had an audition for the Symphonic Band, which quite possibly was the WORST AUDITION EVER. Needless to say, I didn't get in the Symphonic Band, but immediately after the audition one of the ajudicators encouraged me to join the "U-band", which didn't lift my spirits because at the orchestra audition I heard people talking about how horrible it would be to end up in U-band.

After the audition I went to the Sociology department and found out that during the move, my application -- complete with gridded schedule -- was somehow lost and that the Tuesday-Thursday slots had been filled. And, being that the lady told me that she had to make a decision by such and such time that evening, and that I received neither a call nor a message of any sort, I'd bet good money that I didn't get the job. Come to think of it, any takers?

And then there were classes, after which I talked to my calculus professor about the possiblity of moving into another section so I could try to get into U-band (because, hey, playing is playing, U-band or no), much to my disdain because my calculus professor is the SHIT. But I can't. So there.

Actually, there was just the one class, and then the lab check-in, and that was it for the day.

After all that I tried to get my computer all specked-up for my CMSC class, and went through a whole bunch of bullshit with trying to install a new version of Java on my computer, only to find out that I actually have a later version of Java than the professor requires, so we're all good on this front.

Oh yeah, and then dinner, after which I went to see if the results were posted for the auditions, and I found out that I am the PRINCIPAL TRUMPET OF THE INTRA-MURAL ORCHESTRA! There is no possible way to put into words how happy this made me.

And then there was a party in Piper's room, complete with rice crispy treats, a pound of skittles, and fully harmonised singing. Ooh yeah.

Best birthday ever.

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lunes, agosto 25, 2003

My mother

I recently told my mother that I forgot to pick up the care package grandma sent me, saying something like, "And it was subsequently given to charity (read: the winos in Monroe Park)." This is what she said:

All of them are not winos....some are schizophrenics, the ones walking around gesturing and talking to themselves are schizo and schizos are potentially dangerous, because they hear voices, and sometimes the voices tell them to kill/hurt people. They truly do not see things as we do, and see things we don't. These people are not on medication, because if they were, they would be in a home or something. The republican party and Ronald Reagan released people like this into the streets many yr ago.

Just do not let your guard down in the park.

How is the bicycle situation? Please wear your helmet. Your mom

It's like she already knows about the bike.

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At least I'll be used to Mondays

This is the longest day EVER. And it's only 11:30.

I went and practiced earlier, because I went to Singleton to see if the Orchestra audition results had been posted (they weren't) and I looked on the WInd Ensemble sheet and noticed the date said TOMORROW. So that's it. I'm going to practice later when I have a break between calculus and intro to programming, and then after chemistry at like 10 o'clock. I may get up at eight and warm up a little, too.


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domingo, agosto 24, 2003

Lovely day

Just so you all know, my birthday is the twenty-sixth of this month.

That means Tuesday.

Get me stuff.

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sábado, agosto 23, 2003

Who the fuck steals a bike?! Come on!

I went to the gym just a few minutes ago, and on the way there, I just glance at the bike rack next to my building that holds my bike, only to find out that it's not holding my bike at all. My bike is gone. Missing. Stolen.

On the way to the gym, my thoughts were like, Man, some motherfucker stole my bike! Who the fuck steals a bike!? The gym, of course, was closed, so on my way back I was thinking, Maybe you just accidentally parked it in a different place than usual.

Nope. It's completely gone. Utterly lost.


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Oh, mom

A reply from my mother about my audition:

It is always hard to tell..... Hopefully you made it, but if not, well, at least you will know what you need to work on if you dont make it? You are sort of out of practice since school let out.....Just work on it and try to play all you can, maybe some of the music majors will get together and play a combo or something. Try not to worry about it or let it defeat you. We are always our own worst critic. This is not HS anymore, these are serious, professional bound students and professors. As they are in all the classes now.

So what am I? Cream custard?

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jueves, agosto 21, 2003


I just had one of those enigmatic auditions. The kind where it could have gone either way.

See, it wasn't one of my best auditions, and that's why I'm not sure. He didn't have me play my entire piece, which would be interpreted as good, because what I did play was expressive and chock full o' dynamics. The thing is, I got through the first two variations okay, but the rest were chock full o' stops. And he stopped me before the last one I was going to do, obviously because he'd had enough, but I'm not sure whether he was wanting to get rid of me, or had heard enough to tell that I used to be pretty damn good.

I don't even want to talk about the sight-reading.

But then when I left he told me to be sure to put my phone number and e-mail address on a piece of paper near the stand with the audition times on it, and it didn't look like everyone who was on the audition list was on that piece of paper. And he did tell me when the audition results would be posted.

I just don't know.

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Things and shit


Well, I'm having a grrrrreat time! I have an audition tomorrow later today with the orchestra. I'm going to do as much of Handel's "Aria con varaziones" that I can remember, with the hopes that they ask me to stop when they've heard enough, because I can't find the music and I can't remember the last variation. If all else fails, I'll just bust out Cavatina. Woot woot.

Or maybe I'll just look for that music. I swear I saw it yesterday.

I've just had my first official foray into 7-11. I bought grapefruit juice and starburst. Mmmm. Oh the sweetness.

My mom emailed me and told me that Frannie the Flügelhorn is in. I'm sooooo excited for Emily! And a little jealous! Because Mr. Lake never bought me anything, and I would have killed for an E-flat trumpet! There I go again with the exclamation points!

Tomorrow also happens to be the first day of classes. I'm ass-ited. I don't have to go until seven thirty in the evening. in the evening. And just for an hour. Again: woot woot.

I've been to the gym twice in two days already, and it's weird. I need to find a guy lifting buddy so I'll have someone to spot me on the bench, because I ain't about to go that alone. But everything else is there. I did the bike machines today. Which is stupid because I have an actual bike with two wheels and everything. Poor baby, all neglected.

Andrew leaves tomorrow to go back to GC. Which means that I will have the room to meself the whole weekend. Not sure how I feel about this.

I still have some things to organise. I'll get to that tomorrow after Andrew leaves.


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miércoles, agosto 20, 2003


The Morning News - Freddy and Jason and Reese and Julia

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Is there anyone else out there?

So I've finally found out where all the artsy people are hiding: Upstairs. Today after Andrew and I went to supper, I decided to go all over the building and just say hi. I started on the twelfth floor, and by the tenth floor I found these two girls, one a theatre major, the other a psychology major, and we had a chat. Then the theatre major's roommate came in, and she's an opera major! Which totally kicks ass! Opera! Major!

And then the first two girls' dear friend is an art major! Like, drawing and stuff! Why am I using so many exlamation points! I don't know! Must stop!


Apparently Johnson Hall is the Artsy hall.

Tomorrow I will start from floor ten and work my way down. Soon my buddy list will grow and grow.

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martes, agosto 19, 2003

Quite hungry

I went to the gym and ran this morning. That is, I went to the gym. And I ran. And all i've had since then is granola, a banana, and some rice crispies.

I am fucking HUNGRY!

Anyway, today I went and signed up for an audition with the intramural orchestra. I also went and put in for a job with the Sociology Department, and it looks like I'm going to get it because the lady said that she has trouble getting people to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those days are ideal for me. Yay!

I also went to the library Library. I capitalise it because it is THE BEST LIBRARY I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I went and looked for that book I was pining for a few months ago, and it was there. And I checked it out. Then I went to the place where they have musical scores to check out. And got some. Hehehe.

I am in heaven.

Now I'm going to eat and then go to practice some.

Ta ta.

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lunes, agosto 18, 2003

Absolutely nothing to do

I went to the Cary Street Gym because there's supposed to be some sort of "All Hall" basketball game, but no one was there.

So I came here instead. Here is the commons, by the way.

This has been the longest day of my life. Seriously, what is this? The third post of the day?

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Poverty is fun

Okay, I know I have way too many of these dilemmas, but this one is fo' rea-uh.

My tuition is fine. It's done and paid for, et cetera.

What's bad is my books. I've done some shopping, and I've figured that if I buy all my books used at the Virginia Book Company (except for my programming book, because they don't have it there), then I'll end up spending a little more than $450.

I just opened a new account up here for $430. And I still have to buy a $100+ calculator. Whee.

And I swear, earlier today I can remember thinking, "I'm going to need to lose some weight so my thighs aren't rubbing each other raw like this," and now it's been done. All i do is walk. In a few minutes I'm going to go ride my bike around and locate my classes.

We have ID's that we have to use to get into our dorms, and the one I got at STAR wasn't any good here. So they told me to go get my card activated in this room at the bottom of my dorm. That lady told me, after talking for a half hour on the phone to some dumbass who wants to drill holes in his desk, to go to the basement of the library. At the library they told me to go to the Siegel Center, which is on the other side of campus altogether. There I waited for a fucking HOUR while i got a new card, and the only difference between this card and the old card was the five numbers on the back of the new card.


Ta ta.

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Not as big as Fermat's, but still just as confusing

Okay, figure this out:

I, a college freshman, had a strenuous day's work, walked all the fuck over, had a meal that would put a trucker to sleep, yet didn't get to sleep until well after one o'clock in the morning. And woke up at quarter till seven this morning. Without an alarm.

Okay, I'll give you a day.

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domingo, agosto 17, 2003

This is the zero hour

So I'm here. I actually probably should be out taking part in the RA meeting bitching about there not being any toilet paper in the stalls, along with hearing all that stuff about how to behave and what not.

Yeah, about the toilet paper, my ass is raw right now because I had to use PAPER TOWELS earlier. And then when I got done, I thought, Oh, shit! Paper towels don't flush.

But I wasn't about to reach in there. They flushed. But I still feel like I've got to bathe.

I don't really feel strange. I've not got any anxiety about anything. I'm here in the dorm, and it's a fucking mess, and tomorrow Mom and Dad and the rest are leaving and I won't see them for a good goddamn long while, and I'm perfectly fine about it. I'm more worried about getting all the shit put up, honestly.

Anyway, today wasquite hectic. My uncle and I were the scout party, and we left his house with the stuff we'd packed with him earlier, and we found the best fucking parking spot right in front of the dorm on the other side of the street, and we unloaded and got all the stuff up there. Then we called everyine else and told them to come along.

The Plan was for them to come and my uncle would give up his parking spot for them, but my mother freaked out and decided that she can't park there, so she ended up parking as far away from the dorm as possible to still be on the campus. And it's fucking hot up here. Hot hot hot.

Other than that, it went rather well.

But I swear. We've got a Chevy Astro, which isn't really a big vehicle. It's not like she was in danger of hitting the cars in front or behind her, because when we finally got all my shit back to the dormitory, a fucking Excursion was parked where we could have been. You could have landed a jumbo jet where we could have parked.

But that's over.

I've still got to tidy up the room, and I desparately need to wash this rawness out of my ass, so I'll bid you adieu for now.


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viernes, agosto 15, 2003

I may or may not be the first to say this, but...

What if the blackout in New York was caused by that MSBlaster worm? Wouldn't that be the ultimate Apple commercial?

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jueves, agosto 14, 2003

Two days

Today is my brother's birthday, and I have fuck-all to do. I've got to get the copy of my All-State CD to Mr. Wilcox, I've got to go to the school and visit some teachers that would like to see me before I leave, I've got to go to Brother's birthday lunch at my grandmother's, and it's a birthday lunch instead of a birthday dinner because I've also got to go out for the dinner that Mr. Lake promised he'd give to "us seniors" back in JUNE. Two days before I leave.

Back in JUNE.

Just so you got it.

And in the great tradition of my family, I went out and got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for my brother on his sixteenth birthday. Because I don't have the money. What? Okay, because, um…I didn't…


Oh, and I've got movies to return, which are The Guru and Stealing Harvard. We also rented another movie, Snatch, the greatest movie ever, but it's not due back until Sunday. Or tomorrow, because none of us will be here Sunday. Anyhow, along with these movies, Brother and I each got a pack of Double Stuf(f) Oreos, but I only ate half a pack, and was nearly put into a coma as a result. I have the other half to Dad, because we never get anything for him when we go out for movies.

It's nearly ten, and I'm the only one up in the house.

What a pretty day it is.

Two days.


(And as it pans out, I might have to carry the fridge to Richmond. What a clandestine trip this will be.)

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martes, agosto 12, 2003

My mother

My mother just sent me this email.

Some advice: I know you don't think I know what I am talking about but I flunked out my first semester. It took years to get that off my permanent record---actually it is still there, and if I ever go back to school, that will be there hanging over my head. Here are some tidbits I learned. Please read, it is not preachy.
1. [My uncle] always said it was a good idea to become chums with the secretaries of the departments. Many times it is hard to get a hold of the professors and most of the secretaries know as much as the heads and prof of the dept anyway and if they like you, they will help you out.
2. Become acquainted with the prof, at least let them know who you are and make sure you go to class so they will at least know your face. If you start having trouble or need help, then you wont feel stupid about going to them for help. Most prof are good to help you if you are genuinely having trouble and genuinely want their help. It is experience for the real world, because you have to do this when you have jobs, and family troubles come up and you need help or time out. So this is the time to practice. It is no disgrace to drop a class while you are still passing, if you feel you are over your head with projects and stuff, do not let the drop date slip up on you if you are having trouble in any way.
3. Do not be discouraged with lower grades than you may be used to. I struggled hard to get B's in nursing, and they would have been A's in other classes. The first year is truly a weeding out process, many kids will drop and go back home and go into the family buisiness or to a community college, which is not as hard and demanding as living away from home and taking university level classes. If you can get thru the first year, you will be doing GREAT! So hang in there and try to tote the load if you can. Again, communicate with the prof. It is not sucking up, as I have found, and many will give you a break if they feel like you can do the work, but maybe just had something come up beyond your control.
4. Do not procrastinate. It may seem like you have all the time in the world because many classes only have 2 tests and a paper---Mid-term, Final and a paper or project. Keep up with the reading assignments and don't think you have all sem to do it. If you do this in even one class, you will be screwed. Do the projects early and have it out of the way.
5. ALWAYS MAKE A COPY of anything you have to turn in, papers, communication to staff. The world is fast paced and things get lost under piles of shit on someones desk.
6. ALWAYS GET RECEIPTS of any financial transaction. The world is fast paced and things get lost under piles of shit on someones desk.
8. Do not make any purchases like car, etc. or decide to live off campus. You do not get financial aid for room and board if you do. We sure can not afford it at this time. They usually have more sophisticated or cooler places for upper classmen to live. So hang in there until you are one. I always like the communal thing anyway, you may too.
9. BE FLEXIBLE: You may hate what you are doing once you get in it. If you think it is not for you, and that some other field is, go for it, but just be sure you can make a living at it somewhere. I wasted many years of my life thinking I should be a teacher if I had kids because I would have the same schedule as they, but in the end, I think I would be in prison somewhere if I had gone that route because I hate punk smart mouth kids so much.
10. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CALL US FOR HELP OR ADVICE ON ANYTHING. I know I get excited at times, but there is not much we have not seen, heard about or done ourselves, DESPITE WHAT YOU MAY THINK. We were not always this old and square.

You know a lot and have taken a lot more responsibility and have had a lot more freedom than either of us had at your age. We have a lot of confidence in your ability to manage your life and do the right thing. I hope you enjoy this time and make the MOST of it and make a lot of good contacts. That is something I failed to do and you see how things are for me. Not that I don't enjoy my life, but I could be making plans to retire now, instead of just beginning a career and being low man on a totem pole and killing myself there at work because I am one of the newer ones.

I think I'm gonna cry.

(Four days.)

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By the time you read this, I will have FOUR DAYS until I move

So tonight was my last shift at Pal's work. For ever? Possibly. And I briefly thought about doing some misty-eyed, nostalgic post, but I seriously just got distracted by finding out that I can do all these cool characters. Like «, and ?, and º, and •, and ¶, and §, and ?, and £, and ¢, and ¡, and à, and æ, and Æ, and ü....

Okay, I am seriously going to make this a post of all the characters I can make. You may or may not want to continue reading, as you may or may not find it quite as fascinating as I am right now.

¡ ™ £ ¢ ? § ¶ • ª º – ? œ ? ® † ¥ ø ? “ ‘ « å ß ? ƒ © ? ? ? ¬ … æ ? ? ç ? ? µ ? ? ÷ ? € ‹ › ? ? ‡ ° · ‚ — ± Œ „ ´ ‰ ? Á ¨ ˆ Ø ? ” ’ » Å Í Î Ï ? Ó Ô ? Ò Ú Æ
¸ ? Ç ? ? ˜ Â ¯ ? ¿

Okay. “Hello,” in Español is, —Hola. In Français, it's «Bonjour.»

That is fucking awesome.

¿Qué dices?

Okay, now for the actual post part of my post. If you've made it this far, I owe you um…four dollars. (Also, that was another one of my characters. A true elipses instead of three periods. Right.)


Today my Uncle who lives in Richmond came and got some stuff to take back to Richmond. Actually, it was a lot of stuff. Stuff like my microwave, and my trunk (aka ‘foot locker,’ for those of you in the military), books I'm taking, clothes that have been sucky-thinged, my printer, my bedsheets…

Which leaves us to haul my bike and my clothes and um…my computer. And all the shit in my desk. And that's pretty much it. I feel kind of bad for pushing all that shit off on him, but suddenly mom's pushing for everyone going on this trip with us on Saturday, so we will have no room in the van but for the shit left here and the five of us that are traveling.

Four days. Just for those of you counting.

Oh, and today, I totally pulled a head hair out of my nose. Either it was a head hair, or it was a really long nose hair, because that sucker didn't come out of there easily. Either way, it was totally unnerving.

And now I must to bed, because I seriously have to be up in six hours to go play for the teachers. In a quintet. Which consists of two GCHS alumni, a teacher from Twin Springs, and the two band directers at the school. For the teachers. Right.

Ta ta.


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domingo, agosto 10, 2003

Six days

Last night I went to a Has Beens gig at the local country club. It was for a wedding reception, but we started playing for the help, and ended up playing for the help, and that makes me think that despite the newlyweds' shouts of "You guys are awesome!" we were not so appreciated.

Dad told me he was going to make pancakes this morning, and I'm wondering when the bitch will own up.

Shit to do today:

  • wash clothes
  • bathe sometime before 12:00
  • pack a bunch of shit to send with my uncle who is returning to Richmond on Tuesday
  • which means I have to re-sucky-thing the sweaters in the sucky-things
  • and pack my bedsheets
  • and books and shit

Not literally shit, just other stuff that I'm taking with me. Honestly, don't be so thick.

So I'm off.

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sábado, agosto 09, 2003

Slackass? Me? No...

So I've got like, seven days until I leave. It's a strange feeling to think, "In less than a week, I'll be going leaving somewhere and won't be back for quite some time." i've got this thing where I imagine like I've got there already, and just moved in, and Mom and Dad have just left, and I go back to my room and then it hits me: I don't have to go back. And then my stomach feels all funny and I wake up.

Things are not going well in preparation for this, though. Today I got all that shit put on my bike that I got a month ago.

I keep thinking that there's this enormous amount of shit I still have to do to be fully prepared to move, but then I have this sneaking suspicion that this really isn't going to be all that hard.


So last night was officially The Worst Night Out Ever. It was my friend, OverProtectedGirl, her birthday party-thing, and the plan was to meet at her house, then go watch the pirate movie. Well, we ate and that was all right, but everythign else just went to shit. We left to go to the movie, but OPG missed the exit to the theatre we were going to go to, and by the time we got turned around, it would have been too late to catch the pirate movie at the theatre we had started to go to.

So we went to the Fort Henry Mall to see if we could catch the pirate movie there, and we could have, except that OPG and her parents have this weird thing where she has to call her parents whenever she gets somewhere. So she called her mother, and explained that we missed the exit to the other theatre, but we could catch the pirate movie where we were, but she'd be late getting home because the pirate movie isn't that short, and her mom got all fussy, so we decided to rent a movie and take it back to her house.

That was when I had my first inkling that it would be The Worst Night Out Ever.

So we decided to go to Blockbuster, and on the way there, OPG called her mother, again, and told her that we were just going to rent a movie and take it back to her house. And apparently her mother got all mad, and there was a lot of, "Mom, we've already missed it...." "No, we've already missed it," "Mom, we've already missed it!" on her end of the phone.

So we went to Blockbuster and got The Worst Movie Ever, The Emporer's Club, which is about this elitist who teaches at a boarding school for elitist parents to send their elitist children to, who is shocked to find out that -- guess what?-- elitists cheat, and lie, and are underhanded, and aren't full of character like the main elitist character would expect.

At least, that's the message I interpreted from the dialogue, which I got from the subtitles, because I couldn't hear the television, because apparently her parents are extremely light sleepers, so we couldn't watch the TV at slightly-less-than-normal volume, which would fly at my house, but not at hers, no no, we had to fucking mute the goddamn movie....

Okay, last year after prom, when I took Her to the prom, all the girls in our party went over to OPG's house to spend the night, and from what I heard, it was just like last night. With the whispering and the, "You guys, be quiet because my parents are asleep," and the not being able to hear the movie.

So to anyone from that group who finds this, I totally sympathise.

Oh, and I saw OPG and her BF totally sucking face. It was...disturbing.

So to sum up: no pirate movie, The Worst Movie Ever, lots of running around aimlessly in Kingsport, no talking, no sound from The Worst Movie Ever (even though it was The Worst Movie Ever), and OPG sucking face.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Worst Night Out Ever.

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martes, agosto 05, 2003

Eleven days...

But ten days by the time you read this.

I'm such a nerd. I'm totally not in the marching band this year, but I'm totally still there this year. 'Cause I'm a loser.

So why don't you kill me...?

Right. I've really got to get my shit together. In the next ten days, I have to:

  • Put lights, bottle holder, etc, on my bike
  • Pack all the clothes I'm taking
  • See about a dentist appointment
  • Get letters of recommendation from various people, and
  • Whatever else Mom figures I'll need to do

But right now, I'm going to sleep.

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domingo, agosto 03, 2003

Thirteen days.

That's pretty much it.

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I heart band.

I had a really good practice session this evening. I'm pleased. I played on my 5C mouthpiece, and I lasted so much longer. I'm excited for band camp.

And now for the non-band nerd part of my post.

A big fucking thunderstorm came through a little while ago. The power went out and everything. When it came back on, the National Weather Service on Channel 30 was talking about "flooding may be less noticeable at night. Do not attempt to drive through any water that is deeper than your tires." Blah blah blah blah.

I wouldn't be so concerned except for the fact that my dad is out in Hiltons at the Carter Family Festival. And it's quite a bit later than when he got home last night, and it's way past Janette's bedtime, anyway.

Of course, my being online doesn't help any.

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sábado, agosto 02, 2003

Oh fuck.

Suddenly it's the Second of August. Which means I have fourteen days until I leave. Which means that my brother's birthday is twelve days. Which means that my friend's birthday is in eight days. Which means I leave in fourteen days.

What? I said that already? Oh. So I did.

Moving on.

Today was a blast, because Emily and I were the only two horns at the rehearsal, but we couldn't find the other mellophone, so I played the actual horn in F. It was so great. It figures that the year I leave, Mr. Lake pulls out all the stops, giving scads of solos out to various instruments, Brother included. The horn riffs are so great in the show music. Makes me wish I were marching this year.

Except for the whole oppressive atmosphere that is high school. And the fact that I was the last of the great trumpet players there. I'm not saying that my nemesis is bad; just that I am much better. Much much much much better. It was so disappointing to hear, time after time, the entire section behind me miss every entrance. What they lack is a leader, because Barry has no fucking clue what he's doing.

Anyhow, to rekindle the somewhat diminished flame that is my passion for music, I will be "helping out" at band camp, which is just an excuse to play the fuck out of the mellophone so I can get back to trumpet. I could go all day on mellophone. Not so on trumpet.


I've decided that when I get up there to Richmond, I'm going to find out when the audition dates for the School of Music are and fucking sign up. No backing out this time, goddammit.

Yet more: I've been looking for jobs for my work-study at VCU, and I've found a clerical-type job in the Theatre Department. I've got the application pretty much filled out, I just have to make sure that it's OK with my references for me to list them as such. I only hope that the jobs don't fill up as fast as the classes.

And with that I bid you adieu.

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viernes, agosto 01, 2003


When I got home last night, I had some food and some shakes, and thus didn't want to burden myself with my trumpet and stand in addition to the food and the shakes, so I just left it in the van.

Of course, Dad took the van somewhere. Probably to work, which means he won't be home until I'm at work.

I wonder if there's an extra mellophone at the BR?

Anyway, it's the first of August, which means fifteen days until I leave.

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