lunes, junio 30, 2003

So this is what it's like

The events that transpired today would best be described in a film, a film that starts with me arriving home a few minutes ago and ends with me meeting my friends twelve hours ago, rewinding quickly a la The Rules of Attraction. But as I have no way of going about creating such a film, I've no choice but to try with words.

So here goes.

I smell like a lake right now. I'm sunburned. I'm not drunk, nor am I high. I smell like lake because I've been at, on, and in the lake. My arms are sore from trying to keep hold of an inner tube that was dragged behind a jet-ski, which I broke. Not the tube, but the lining which makes dragging the tube behind anything possible.

My ass is sore from not only attempting a method of staying in the inner tube by sticking it down in the hole and being drug backwards, which is the position that eventually broke the inner tube, but also from unsuccessfully attempting to lie in a hammock. Twice.

My shin is sore from crashing the jet-ski into the dock, and somehow banging it against either the dock or the jet-ski whilst I bailed. I also broke the jet-ski for the second time in twenty minutes. A certain red head had crashed it into the other dock on This Rich Guy's property not a half hour before I did, and no one suspected that I would do it again, only on the other dock, and breaking a different part of the jet-ski. Okay, so they did suspect, but only as I was speeding uncontrollably toward the dock. (Now that I look back, I realise that it was terribly irresponsible and that I could have killed some people, but I cannot admit that it didn't kick some motherfucking ass. Besides, I've told the liason for the guy that if he finds out and asks her about it to tell him it was me and that I will pay for the new part, which can't cost more than fifty dollars.)

I'm also missing a towel, which I left in the red head's automobile, into which he subsequently locked his keys. But it was just a towel. I'll be okay.

And I'm pretty sure I broke the ladder that we used to get on the dock, though This Rich Guy swore up and down it had been broken long before we came today.

So to sum up, I've nearly destroyed a dock, I've nearly broken my leg and killed eight people in the process, I've broken a jet-ski, a hammock (twice), the inner tube lining, and left my towel in a vehicle, and none of it was mine save the towel.

All in all, it's been a good day.

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sábado, junio 28, 2003

Wondrous Days

I've been looking at my schedule for school, and the first day of classes turns out to be Thursday the Twenty-First. I have but one class on Thursdays, and that's Chemistry at 7.00 pm. PM. Prime Post Meridian, people. (I feel stupid now)

So while my high school cohorts are agonizing over having been in school for a whole week already, with a full days' classes, I'll take comfort in knowing that I don't even have to be anywhere until seven o'clock that evening.

I know you're jealous.

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jueves, junio 26, 2003

God damn!

You know, it's really not good for my mental health to be listening to my various all-state CDs. Especially since I haven't even practiced since returning from Richmond. Tomorrow I think I'm gonna start with mouthpiece only, so I won't feel as bad as I know I will if I were to play with my horn. The advantage is that I could spend the whole day just buzzing into the mouthpiece. God, I'm gonna have to work up the multiple-tonguing and scales and shit all over again. At least it will give me something better to do than sit around. I can't stand to sit here and listen to this and think, "God damn! I used to be that good."

Mom absconded with all of our clothes today, and I mean all of our clothes. I had to dig out my uniform while she was pulling out to go to the laundromat, and only then was just in time. Apparently we're "infested with fleas." Whatever. I haven't seen a single fucking flea in this house. Not one. Nor have I had a single flea bite. God dammit. But at least I got all my laundry done. I didn't even do it myself, which is definitely a plus. Only I had to move a certain gift item received from Emily for graduation, which was a covert operation.

I haven't been to the gym in nearly a week, and I haven't been running for a couple of weeks.... Maybe I can get it all together. I'll set a goal right now to get back on track by the Fifth, before the Float.

And what the fuck is with the water!? Off now, on later, fucked up for a while, then off again. Gah!

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So maybe I will keep the titles. Who knows.

I've got a lot to say about the past couple of days, and I'm actually taking the time to gather my thoughts so it's not just a hodgepodge of shit and I don't end up not saying what I wanted to.

So there.

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domingo, junio 22, 2003

I've been feeling really guilty lately because my brother has had to go to band sectionals and I haven't played at all since the concert three weeks ago, so I've decided that after I get back from Richmond that my sabbatical will be over. Period.

I call it a sabbatical because for a while there I was doubting whether or not I wanted to continue playing.... Yeah, I know. Big shock. It all has to do with the movie Billy Elliot and not auditioning this year and it's too complicated to explain here, so I'm not going to bore you. Ask me about it and I'll tell you; but suffice to say, I'm going to keep playing. I got to a point that I thought, "Could I go the rest of my life without playing, without the challenge of striving for perfection, without that sense of unabashed satisfaction after a performance went particularly well?" Undoubtedly no. That, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself because I'd hear a trumpet player and think, I was that good. That could be me.

So I've decided to post my resolution here is so that if perchance anyone who reads this finds themselves in conversation with me, they can pester me about it. Which will be good for me, as bad an idea as this sounds.

Otherwise, things are going great right now. I'm going to Richmond tomorrow. And I've decided that at some point within the next month I need to buy the Harry Potter book so I don't find out what happens in it from some self-righteous prick. Oh the agony of anticipation.

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Things I've scored over the past four days:

  • The coolest periodic table. Ever. So I'm a geek. Shut up.
  • A million gazillion hours at work.
  • Information that a friend of mine has a peripheral CD burner. Wonderful. Now all I need to do is get some discs.

Oh, and Dad's out helping the carnies put up the carnival. Don't ask, 'cause I sure as hell didn't.

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sábado, junio 21, 2003

Never before have I been so pleased, then summarily disappointed with my body at times so close together. This morning I was feeling mucho sexy, now I just feel fat. What the fuck?

I've worked nearly a whole twenty-four hours this week. That's nearly $140 for this week alone, and I've got six and a half hours to work tomorrow. Then the next week I only am scheduled to work for about eleven hours, but I could always get called in.

Speaking of next week, I go to Richmond on Monday to register. I had been worried about a zit on my chin that would result in what I like to call Jay Leno chin, but thanks to popping it the other night and some fabulous facewash from Neutrogena, I think I've quelled it.

And there's something wrong with my left shift key. It makes me very sad.

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viernes, junio 20, 2003

I made a big deposit today, and next month I will have an even bigger deposit to make, as I've worked every day since Tuesday, and am scheduled to work until Saturday. Yee Haw.

In other news, I've decided that I really would like a trip to Holland. Something about it is oddly appealing. I saw a television show, Extreme Engineering, that talked about the great task of flood control that faces the Netherlands, and just became enamored with the landscape and the windmills and the shots of the big cities and towns and dikes and highways and bicycle paths.... And it doesn't hurt to have a monarch that isn't too bad-looking, either.

But what really piqued my interest was the fact that everyone who was interviewed for the show, engineers and regular townspeople alike, all spoke English. Fluently. Which made me desparately want to hear spoken Dutch, what with seeing all those funny symbols like O's with slashes through them and stuff. So I did some research Googled "Dutch language" and the information I found led me to believe that if I were to go to Holland, I would be fluent in Dutch in about three weeks.

That, and they're pretty lax about drugs and such.

But anyway, my new vacation fantasy is Holland. Fuck Nigel Powers.

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miércoles, junio 18, 2003

Let's try this again.

I've finally gotten my new computer, and it is everything I could have ever hoped for. I've spent the last four or so hours just doodling around. For instance, did anyone know that there is a whole speech command thing on the computer? That has been my latest conquest.

I love this computer.

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lunes, junio 16, 2003

This is how lazy I am: I'm typing this right now on my parents' computer because I've already moved the shit from my bed to my chair and am too lazy to go back downstairs and move it from my chair to my bed again, but I'm just gonna have to go and scour the history and temporary internet folders because my mother is a paranoid freak and will poke around in them and discover my treachery and ask questions, etc.

I'm starting to get anxious because the ETA for my computer is tomorrow by four-thirty, but according to the FedEx site, it's still sitting somewhere in Alaska. That's kind of why I'm up so late, because Alaska is some four hours behind, and when my "friend" ordered his computer, there was a day or so that elapsed from when it got to Alaska and when it left Alaska. Or something....

But enough of that.

Next week I go to school to test and register for classes, and my face will be sporting a Jay Leno chin. A Jay Leno chin is what I call getting one of those zits that just swells and swells and resists popping, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it. Usually they're quite ripe and red and scabby after a week, which is when I'll be in Richmond, goddammit. What I call Jay Leno chin, dermatologists call cysts. Cysts! I've known people to need surgery to remove cysts, and I can't do a goddamn thing about them.

I'm tired.

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I've decided I'm doing away with the title thing. It's just stupid.

Um...okay. An issue I've been fretting about over the past few days is how I'm going to get all of my mp3s and important other files to the new computer when it gets here. There are three possible solutions:

  1. Borrow/rent a peripheral CD burner, provided there are peripheral DVD burners still in existence. This would be the quickest route, because I'd probalby be able to burn everything (about 300MB) onto one or two discs, and then just copy them from the disc onto the new computer. It could possibly be one of the cheapest routes if I could borrow one from the school or something.
  2. Newtork the two together through the ethernet jacks, which I would prefer. I got the idea from this, and I'm assuming this would be a pretty quick route, and I would only need to buy the cable (which I'm going to need eventually) and the network card for this computer. However, I don't think buying a network card would be worthwhile investment because it would likely only get this one use. I'm not about to spend $30+ on something I'm only going to use once. I could always scrounge around for an old one, I guess....
  3. Use FTP to the .Mac site I'm gonna get. This will be the most time consuming and stressful, because not only will I be tying up the phone lines, I will be tying up the phone lines with a slow, unreliable connection, so files are bound to be lost or worse in the process. Undoubtedly, this is my last resort.

Also, it's been two days since any activity has been posted on the FedEx site, goddammit. Hurry the fuck up!

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Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Let's play a little game, shall we? It's called Let's See How Many Times We Can Get Cole To Restart His Computer While Attempting To Check His E-mail.

It's a fun game. So far, the score is THREE!

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sábado, junio 14, 2003

Taiwan? or Please make him stop talking about that goddamn computer already

Yesterday I called Apple more than once because I thought that they were leaving out some digits on my tracking number for FedEx. I used the e-mail tracking thing for FedEx on the printer and the .Mac software, and it worked fine, but the number they've given me doesn't work for the e-mail thing, so naturally I assumed it was wrong. Also, when I went to the FedEx website and entered the tracking number, the first thing that popped up was

June 14, 2003 4:30pm Pickup status TAOYUAN CITY TW

so naturally I thought something was fucked up.

But apparently I was wrong, because since then FedEx has told me that the package assigned to this number has been moving around, including a stop at the C.K.S INTL AIRPORT in Taiwan.

Naturally, I was filled with dread, as surely this information meant that it would be more than a week before I got to even see my precious new computer. But then I had doubts as to whether C.K.S. INTL AIRPORT was actually in Taiwan, so I googled it, and found this. This guy is obviously an idiot, but has provided me with some comfort. I doubt you'll take the time to read that (I sure as hell didn't), but I'll put here the source of my solace.

Left FedEx Ramp C.K.S. INTL AIRPORT TW 03/03/2002 15:06 <- But missed the prior day's cutoff deadline.
Held at Sort Facility ANCHORAGE AK 03/04/2002 16:54 <- Hope it doesn't get a frozen LCD in Alaska.
FedEx sort facility status ANCHORAGE AK 03/05/2002 17:30 <- 25 hours in freezeville. Customs I guess.
Left FedEx Sort Facility INDIANAPOLIS IN 03/06/2002 05:02 <- Ah, the Midwest. More frozen turf.
Arrived at FedEx Ramp DALLAS TX 03/06/2002 05:12 <- Yee Ha! How did it travel 900 miles in 10 minutes!?
Left FedEx Ramp DALLAS TX 03/06/2002 07:27 <- on its way to my house!
Arrived at FedEx Destination Location PLANO TX 03/06/2002 07:37 <- YES! So close!
On FedEx vehicle for delivery PLANO TX 03/06/2002 07:52 <- I can almost SMELL it!
Delivery attempt PLANO TX 03/06/2002 10:28 Customer not available or Business closed <- AARRGH!
Package status PLANO TX 03/06/2002 17:46 Package in FedEx location <- Too far to drive that night.
Arrived at FedEx Destination Location PLANO TX 03/07/2002 06:30 <- Like a boomerang it's coming back.
On FedEx vehicle for delivery PLANO TX 03/07/2002 07:42 <- So close, this time I'm prepared.
Delivered PLANO TX 03/07/2002 11:01 <- Home sweet home!

According to this, it was four days after the first FedEx entry that he got his computer. Four days for me? I can only hope.

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viernes, junio 13, 2003

Inner Monologue

For some time now, I've been checking and re-checking that order status website at apple, but to no avail. So today I decided to call apple to get my tracking number for my computer, and this is a snippet of the conversation with the guy.

Me: So, I talked to some guy the other day, and gave him my e-mail address, but I haven't gotten an email yet.
Apple Guy: Well, let's just check that your e-mail address is correct then.
Me: Okay, it's
AG: P as in Peter?
Me: No, V as in va...
My Internal Monologue: Vagina. Say vagina. Say vagina! VAGINA! VAGINA!
Me: ...vector.
AG: Well, there's the problem. We've got We'll fix that.
Me: Okay....
MIM: Pussy.

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jueves, junio 12, 2003

operation: macwait

Maybe I should hold off on reading all this stuff about my new computer. Last night I was up until about midnight reading with such anticipation and excitement that my eyes glazed over and I passed out. Seriously.

Okay, maybe not.

I am sure, however, that I am the person responsible for downing the Order Status thing on the Apple website.

Make with the PowerBook already!

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miércoles, junio 11, 2003

a list of sorts

  • Not a half hour after my last post, I was called in to work. Yay. While there I told the head honcho that I'm available to work as much as they need me. Hopefully that will relieve a little of the boredom.
  • I'm in the last of the brother-free hours. Shit. How can four days pass that quickly? Soon that goddamn stereo will be on constantly, he'll be playing on that guitar, while listening to the stereo. And I can't ask him to not play the stereo, 'cause then he'll retort with, "Let me on your computer," and I just can't do that, so he'll turn the stereo up even louder. See also: misery, despondency, grief.
  • I am such a slob. Not only did I sleep in until twelve today, I also have managed to do one load of laundry over a three-day period. And I haven't been to the gym in like, a week. I seriously need to do something about that.

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out of sheer boredom

Oh my god, there is nothing to do. Absolutely nothing.

Brother comes home tomorrow from the band trip, and the peace and quiet I've enjoyed while he's been away will be shattered like the overhead light cover I broke the other night. CRASH. All over the carpet.


The latest on my computer: I woke up at noon today (one of the better aspects of summer vacation, despite my bitching) and checked my checking account. When the page popped up, I nearly shit myself: I was in the hole $45. I moved the necessary funds to ensure that my check wouldn't bounce, praising my relatives who have sent me about $100 recently. I wonder if there's a minimum balance requirement for my account? Would be nice to know.

But the figure that had been deducted from my account was different from the figure that Ryan gave me, so I called Apple and talked with a nice lady and she told me that it was tax, and gave me my order number, and took my e-mail address to put on my order. As of right now, my order is partially shipped, which means that the printer and .Mac package are on their way to my house, and the computer lacks one day until shipping.

Ah, solace. Soon I will be fiddling around with my new computer. But I'm going to have to scavenge this computer to make sure there aren't any, er...questionable things on here. I'm also wondering how I'm going to get my mp3s and other hefty and important files off this computer and onto the other one. Any suggestions?

God, I haven't even been out of school a week and I'm already bitching about it. Maybe I should just spend all my time practicing.

We'll see.

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martes, junio 10, 2003


Yesterday I called Apple and ordered my new computer. At least, I thought I did. The guy, Ryan, told me he'd send me an e-mail with his direct number. I haven't gotten it. He also told me that the money would be taken out of my checking account within twenty-four hours. And it hasn't.

Which leads me to wonder if I'm going to get my computer at all. :-(

Of course, they could have tried to do it directly after I hung up with Ryan, and all the money wouldn't have been in my account, so the "e-check" could have bounced. If I find a $25 charge on that list, I'll know that happened.

But right now, I'm concerned with watching The Real World: Paris and eating my candy, motherfuckers.

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Is it over yet?

This summer is turning out to feel like one long weekend. Not helped by the fact that I'm just lazing around not doing much of anything, like I'm anticipating some long, hard, arduous week ahead of me.

Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing on daytime television. N O T H I N G. And the movie stores don't help much to relieve the situation.

I'm really going to have to keep from spending time by watching that I don't eat as a diversion. Maybe some trips to the library are in order? That's how my dad seems to cope, anyway.

Anyone know of any good books? Let me know, would you?

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lunes, junio 09, 2003

i've been very productive today

  • This morning at about 8:00, Mom came and woke me up and told me that we were going to go gte my meningitis vaccine. In Wise. Ugh. And also to get an official transcript request form from MECC in case my Governor's school classes count for any credit.
  • I made quite a deposit this afternoon. Quite a deposit indeed.
  • Too bad my deposit won't be in there too long. I ordered my computer today, and it's going to leave me with about forty dollars in my checking account. Ouch.
  • I got my Promissary Note for my loans for VCU settled finally. Now all I lack is my housing contract and to register, and I'm all set, by God.

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sábado, junio 07, 2003

things i have acquired over the past week and a half

  • About $800 dollars. Kick. Ass.
  • A Senior Award that reads "Thomas Coleman (Booty) Baty." Definitely a keeper.
  • A 98 on my calculus final.
  • A 91 on my chemistry final.
  • A 90 on my English final.
  • A diploma cover, then
  • A diploma.
  • A senior directory of the highest quality, which will undoubtedly get the maximum amount of use for which it has been intended. Why did they hunt me down for my picture again?
  • An American Eagle shopping card.
  • A 1250-minute calling card.
  • A $50 Sam's Club/Wal-Mart shopping card.
  • A laundry bag. Score.
  • A thong. Double score.
  • A mountain of cards and envelopes which I have only just cleaned.

Thus ends high school.

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