miércoles, abril 30, 2003


I'm computer shopping in preparation for college this fall, and I've got a good computer lined up, and I can pay for all but $900. But, I can get a $900 loan for $21 per month. Wonderful.


I just hope that this new computer is more reliable than the current one. From what I hear, though, Macs are.

Now to run this by the parents, because the transaction will involve some transferrence of moneys from my savings account, and as I am a minor, I will need a parent to do so.

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lunes, abril 28, 2003


Remember when I woke upt at noon and put my uniform's shirt in the washing machine, then left it alone, then came back later and saw the drier running and assumed that someone had moved my laundry, only they hadn't and I went to work with a wet shirt?

Oh yeah, that was SATURDAY. I now have a cough and some congestion as a result, but I'll be fine.

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sábado, abril 26, 2003

A Post that Non-Band Nerds Won't Get

So I'm sitting here listening to my All-State CD (which finally fucking came yesterday, those slow bastards), and when it gets to the part where my solos are, I think, "You know, maybe I shouldn't have played that G# on the first valve partial."

Which makes sense only to other brass players, and perhaps flute players.

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jueves, abril 24, 2003


  • I'm ready for that goddamn SAT which is on May 10. Guess what else is on May 10. The prom. That's right. But I have a plan for everything. I'm going to take my SAT, and by then it will be noon, and since I'll already be in Kingsport I'll just swing by the tux shop. I still have to get Brandy's corsage.
  • I'm goin' to VCU. I'll probably be staying in this dorm. I'll probably be rooming with my buddy Andrew.
  • I'll be registering for classes at this.
  • I'll be spending the night at VCU, presumably on June 19 and registering on June 20.
  • On June 18, I'll be at VT for the State 4-H talent competition thingy.
  • That means that I'll be spending at least four days in the Tidewater and Piedmont regions of Virginia. In June. Yay!
  • Fireflies.

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lunes, abril 21, 2003


From a site I go to for news:

21 ABR 21:56 Soldados EEUU matan a cuatro leones que escaparon de zoo de Iraq

Which translates to:

21 APR 21:56 US soldiers kill four lions that escaped from a zoo in Iraq


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domingo, abril 20, 2003


I wish television didn't show crap. I wish things would just magically put temselves up. I wish I was lean and muscular. I wish I didn't wish I was lean and muscular. I wish I had time to practice more. I wish Kevin Costner wold drop dead. I wish laundry would do itself. I wish I could get out of work on time. I wish I were at college already. I wish I had a bike to ride. I wish I lived somewhere else. I wish I had loads of money. I wish I had HBO. I wish there was such a thing as good TV. I wish I wasn't going bald. I wish a thousand different things all at once, only I know only a handful of things will only ever happen.

Happy Easter.

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I wish JMU would hurry up and tell me about the money situation there, god dammit. I've fucking already heard from VCU, motherfuckers, and I could go there for free. I know you want me at your school. I know you want to pay me to be at your school.


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The State of Things

I really need to organise a little. Okay, a lot. My desk is a mess, I've moved those books and papers that were on my bed (that I actually slept with) to the floor, and I know if I don't do something soon, they won't be moved until I move out in August, laundry needs to be put away, I need to do homework, I need to make a practice schedule, I need to review for that fucking SAT II I'm taking, I should vacuum or something...dust maybe?

Also, I think I made my cousin (or maybe he's just a pseudo-cousin. I never know with my family, honestly) extremely upset with me today. To be honest, I'd be upset, too. Let me explain. My cousin's dad died a couple of days ago and today was the funeral. My brother, my dad, and I are standing there talking to my cool other cousin's cool husband, who is a riot, and we're havin' a good time. So the deceased's family arrives, and this soon-to-be-pissed-off cousin is going around greeting everyone. He gets to my dad, whom he doesn't know well, and hugs him like they're best friends. When he moved on, I gave dad a look and a little chuckle, and then caught the most evil look from my pseudo-cousin. In fact, I caught several such looks, furtive though they were.

And I totally sympathise. I mean, wouldn't you be fucking pissed off if, at your dad's funeral, you were mocked for an emotional outburst?

Not that I was mocking him, though that is how it may have appeared. I simply realised the absurdity of the situation. I mean, I don't even know the guy's name, and here he is hugging my dad? Wouldn't you laugh?

Anyway, I see that bunch pretty infrequently. They're rollin' in the money, so our family naturally doesn't move in the same circles as they do. It'll probably be Christmas or later before I see them again.

I sure hope I haven't fucked things up.

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viernes, abril 18, 2003

Good Friday Indeed

I've spent the day doing absolutely nothing. I haven't read a lick of my government book, I haven't cleaned up my room, I haven't done any laundry. I haven't even bathed. The only thing I've done is watch movie after movie after movie. After movie. After movie.


I just signed on to Trillian and it told me I had mail. So I go through the trouble of opening up outlook, waiting for it to check the mail, and what does it turn out to be? Fucking System administrator mail. That I am obligated to accept. Bloody assholes.

I really ought to clean my room up a little...

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lunes, abril 14, 2003


So, I might be going to Florida this summer after all. Mr. Lake announced today that he got a price quote that was significantly lower than the original. I might go, depending on whether any of my friends go.

I need to get a corsage (croissage?) for Brandy.


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How can the guidance office at school know the top four in the senior class without knowing the rest? I went in to see if my rank has changed, but they said they only had the top four done. What gives?

Yesterday I had my All-County Band performance. Yippy Skippy. On Friday I realised that I should never have agreed to do it. Mr. Lake was being an ass. It just wasn't worth it.

Today I came home and there was a CD sitting on the table. Naturally I thought it was my All-State CD, which I have anxiously been awaiting for too goddamn long. But no, it was something Dad ordered called Bluegrass Reunion, to which I have to ask: What the fuck!?

My friend Mandy was really bummed out today because she isn't valedictorian. She wasn't really that mopey all day, but more like the kind of woman I'd like to keep close. Deceptively snobbish, but not really. She could have kicked someone's ass though. It wouldn't have mattered.

My grandmother took my brother and myself to a suit store and had us fitted for some. Suits, that is. I picked out a nice one, i believe. Haven't worn it yet, but it'll be fabulous. I think.

And what the hell is up with Livejournal?

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domingo, abril 13, 2003

I'm the Kind of Person Who...

  • is not bothered by having to move shit from his chair to his bed to sit at his desk
  • is not bothered by having to move shit from his bed to his chair to lie in his bed
  • does not vacuum unless wet food (like spaghetti or cereal) has made it to the carpet
  • does not clean his desk unless it is cluttered to the point that he cannot sit down (after having moved the shit out of his chair, of course) without something falling off
  • can go for a whole month at a time without washing a single load of laundry
  • does not wash his bedclothes regularly
  • puts his alarm clock on snooze, only to turn snooze off when the alarm sounds
  • farts often and loudly
  • picks his nose and then flicks the boogers everywhere but the ceiling
  • doesn't let anyone use his stuff, to the point of password protecting everything
  • sleeps heavily and reacts violently if abruptly woken

Fair warning.

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jueves, abril 10, 2003

My First Entry About Poop or A Line Too Good to Not Post

I just took a shit that was foretold in Revelation.

Also, it was so bad I forgot to pee.

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Good News

My grades are as follows:

Calculus: 108
Government: 98 (how?)
English: 106
Chemistry: 107
Band: 100

Which averages to about 103.8. Am hoping that moves self up to at least fifth in class ranking? Would be nice.

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miércoles, abril 09, 2003

A Survey of a Different Sort

1- LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: In my parents' basement, which in the words of Wayne Campbell, "is both bogus and sad"
2- WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? a couple of things. A book about Salvador Dalí, and a book called "American Tongue and Cheek"
4- FAVORITE MAGAZINE? Discover, Time, U.S. News and World Report, and Newsweek. in that order.
7- FAVORITE SOUND? waves crashing on the beach. or, pretty much anything that puts me to sleep. rain on the highway.
8- WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? when your stomach starts a-rumblin'...
UP IN THE MORNING? "if i don't pee soon my bladder is going to burst, and i'm pretty sure the insurance doesn't cover that"
10-FAVORITE COLOR? blue. as in "blue ridge mountains"
11- HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE? three, because then the answering maching picks up.
12- CHILDREN'S NAMES? Madison or Mercedes, and i need to keep up with guys' names, but never can. I like Ian.
13- WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE? sex. really. if we didn't have sex, there would be no god. think about it.
14- FAVORITE FOOD? macaroni and cheese. get your own damn pot.
15- CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? you're joking, right?
16- DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? have you ever ridden with me?
17- DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? that'd be kind of itchy, wouldn't it? and how would you get all the stuffing out of the folds?
18- STORMS - COOL OR SCARY? ghetto fabulous
19- WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? have not purchased a car
20- IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE? john lennon. the coolest man ever.
21- WHAT IS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? Flatulus, the bearer of stinky gas.
22 DO YOU EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI? only with dip. or in a salad. mmm...salad.
23- IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED WHAT WOULD IT BE? professional slob. seriously, how hard could it be?
25- EVER BEEN IN LOVE? no. sad, isn't it?
26- IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? yeah, it's got somethin' in it.
27- FAVORITE MOVIE? oh god, let's see. As Good As it Gets, The Royal Tenenbaums
28- DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS? i can't remember when I didn't
29- WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? nathaniel's bed.
30- YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER? 382929299293845747839200110092. seriously.
31- SPORT/SPORTS TO WATCH? are we in portugal? when did that happen?
32- SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? she's going to kick ass on the horn. question mark.

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Age of Enlightenment

Have realised that, while am in school, will never have perfect model-type body so longingly pine for. Perhaps is not too great of realisation. Must keep in mind that males w/perfect bodies that see on television and internet constitute miniscule percentage of actual male population. Is comforting, to small extent.

Nevertheless, am still disappointed in physical condition. Can remember when ran around four miles per day for three months, and how thin became. Now get winded after one mile. Do have membership at gym, but haven't been in at least week and a half. Intended to start previously unnanounced "Eight Months to a Better Me" plan sometime in January, and now have only four months until intended deadline.

Desperately need to start some sort of aerobic exercise, though. Am thinking of running again. Have set goal to get weight down to 175# before college. Would also like to have more developed arms before college, but would be happy with weight goal, as can always work toward arms after getting to college.

Also need to be conscious of how much am eating, which have been doing better job of since Fall, but still feel overfull at times. Not good feeling.

Shall not go on candy binge more than once a month. Shall eat small portions of food at work; must realise that do not have to eat entire bag of fries.

Dear Lord, have resolved to begin eating like girl. Maybe wouldn't hurt, though?

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martes, abril 08, 2003

Feeling Sad

Before cataclysmic failing of van, family had planned to go to Florida after Graduation. Not going to happen, as have incurred nearly $2000 in debt during four-day period.

Last week, Mr. Lake informed the band that we would definitely not be taking trip to Florida, as would cost at or above $400 per student. Before van disaster, seemed indeed too much. Now would gladly fork over $400 to go to Florida.

Have few short months till college, though. Maybe will be happier there? Perhaps will gain financial independence and...fuck. What?

Anyway. Just a realisation.

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Fucking Government

Am certain that I failed test today in Government. Reason One: Didn't know shit. Who can tell me what Engle v. Vitale has to do with? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Didn't think so.

Reason Two: Most definitely did not write five-point essay. Two and a half at max. Perhaps should watch class from now on? Perhaps is too late to save grade? Shall inquire about grade to make sure.

But bad grade in Government should not have too much effect on GPA. Am doing very well in English, Calculus, Chemistry, and Band. And all but Band are weighted ten points, and believe average in all but Band (in which have 100) are well into nineties without weight. Not going to fret about Government much.


Anyway, have vowed to keep up with government. At least look at notes on website and keep current w/chapter. Starting tomorrow.

(Cue Chorus: Yeah, right)

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lunes, abril 07, 2003

All-State Post

Music was not that hard. Main challenge was tuning. Solos went well. Felt like I had been punched in the mouth. Hope made trip worth it for uncle who flew up from Atlanta for concert, what with mother bitching about it for days prior to event, and then grandmother at the dinner when the entire Scott County entourage was there.

Director was comical at times. Not intentionally, mostly to get what he wanted out of us. Was from Wytheville, ninety or so minutes from here. Said to me, "you're the southwest Virginia representative, aren't you? Well, it's very good for you to be where you are," to which I should have responded, "Well, gawwww-leeee. I shore am tickled pink to be here. It's just such an honor to be in a building where everybody wears shoes," but refrained.

First trombone guy was sophomore. Tiny. Couldn't have been older than thirteen. Was cool. We laughed and were sacreligious and other fun things.

Hotel was nice. Room to self. Bought Dalí book, so had that to read instead of television drivel. Interesting stuff, Dalí.

But as for rest of family, trip was not so pleasant. First of all, were travelling with mom, which is stressful enough as is. Second, when they got to Winchester on Friday, the van broke. The transmission in the van broke. Reportedly, mechanic on phone said fixing transmission was no big deal. However, when prompted about cost, asked parents if were sitting down. $1600. Had van towed to garage, rented Tahoe (v. nice) for $96/day. Are here in Gate City w/Tahoe, van in Winchester. Will need to retrieve when is fixed. Cannot wait, as will probably need me to drive as mom has to work, so will need to take off unexpectedly from my work, just after getting raise. Wonderful.

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Just Not Right

Somehow it's harder to take war news seriously when it's coming from MTV.

Maybe it's just me.

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miércoles, abril 02, 2003

He's Off!

Here is the weather forecast for Winchester for the weekend. Temperatures will be fabulous. Too bad the shorts are put away in that trunk of ours.

I leave from here tomorrow at about FIVE IN THE MORNING. Which means I have to get up earlier than that. I'm supposed to meet Mr. Lake at the Virginia Welcome Center outside of Bristol at SIX IN THE MORNING, so we can be there at ONE-THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON. Alexis left this afternoon, so she'll be fresh and rested tomorrow. I, on the other hand, will be haggard and travel weary. Super!

I'l be fine.

Anyway, I'm off to pack.

Adieu, et bon chance.

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martes, abril 01, 2003

Super Yay!

So my friend, my other friend, and I won the 4-H talent show thing in our division tonight. It was cool, but also kind of a farce because we were one of two acts, and the other was a solo mandolin, who did well. We're just glad there wasn't a banjo player. Anyway, we get to go directly to State, because the Regional thing was cancelled due to it concurring with a SAT testing date. Yay for us. We were worried that we wouldn't get to advance because the Regional thing was going to be this Saturday, and I'm going to be in Winchester Saturday.

Tomororw I have, um...a government test and then a Chemistry mid-term. Can't wait for that! Now excuse me as I go get a mop with which to clean the sarcasm from the floor.

Oh my Gawd. TBS just announced this Dawson's Creek thing, where they're going to be showing four hours of the show every day from eight to noon. Why not just turn the station off for four hours a day?

I wrote something today, just because I needed write so I'd have something to do. I'm not going to post it here, but my favorite line that I wrote went something like this. "Do not blame sister for not wanting to 'visit' w/ people whom see less frequently than own asshole."

Anyway, reviewing for Spanish is on my horizon. Or music, probably, though I could do both.

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