jueves, octubre 31, 2002

Without even realizing it, I made the anniversary post of this blog yesterday. I can't believe it's been a whole year; moreoever, I can't believe I didn't make some big thing about it. I'm thinking about making a big thing, though, and just telling everyone I know about it, save the parents. Hell, I don't know, I might even tell them. But only after a quasi-revamp i.e. update the shit on the right. I've done a little bit of revamping already, like making the font Tahoma (it just seems 'friendlier'), and taking out that the-links-move stuff that only looks good on Escribitionist.

Mmm...I've got this warm and fuzzy feeling right now. Perhaps it's the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing I wrote the best paper yet of the semester for my English class in less than four hours. Or, perhaps it's the fire in our room right now.... Yes, that's it...fire....

I think this is about all I had to say for tonight.

Oh yeah: Boo.

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god damn
I've got a paper to write for my English class, and I have no idea how to go about getting started, much less writing the damn thing.

And reading a superachieving superwoman's former student's paper from the same prompt isn't helping, either. I have met this woman, and while talking to her, one feels absolutley normal, but afterward, you just want to go drive yourself off the nearest bridge after realizing she's done about 100 x 10100 x 10100 times more things than you have.

A conversation likely to be had with her:

(You haven't seen her over the summer, so you ask her how it went)
You: So how'd your summer go?
Her: Oh, not much happened.
You: Really, me neither. Except for Governor's School. Talk about a complete waste of time...
Her: Yeah, I went, too. It was so boring. But you still get money, right?
You: Yeah.... Hey--you were at Governor's School this year? I didn't see you there any.
Her: Oh--well, I went to the megasuperachiever's high-end hoity-toity you-have-to-be-Jesus-to-get-in one in Richmond.

And so on. And it kills you because she's so modest about it.

Eh. That was my bit of humor. I kind of stole the idea from the funniest man ever, Ernie of Little.Yellow.Different. Go check him out.

Oh yeah. Yesterday was the anniversary of this blog. Later on, I'll put up an appropriate post and what not.

But for now: paper time!

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miƩrcoles, octubre 30, 2002

This past Sunday, with every intention of going to see the Jackass movie, I was in a bookstore to pass the time before the movie when I happened upon a play called W;t (say "wit"), by Margaret Edson. I picked it off the shelf and read the first page, which (in the copy I had) reads thusly:

(VIVIAN BEARING walks on the empty stage pushing her IV pole. She is fifty, tall and very thin, barefoot, and completely bald. She wears two hospital gowns -- one tied in the front and one tied in the back -- a baseball cap, and a hospital ID bracelet. The house lights are at half strength. VIVIAN looks out at the audience, sizing them up.)

VIVIAN: (In false familiarity, waving and nodding to the audience) Hi. How are you feeling today? Great. That's just great. (In her own professorial tone) This is not my standard greeting, I assure you.

I tend toward something a little more formal, a little less inquisitive, such as, say, "Hello."

But it is the standard greeting here.

There is some debate as to the correct response to this salutation. Should one reply "I feel good," using "feel" as a copulative to link the subject, "I," to its subjective complement, "good"; or "I feel well," modifying with an adverb the subject's state of being?

I don't know. I am a professor of seventeenth-century poetry, specializing in the Holy Sonnets of John Donne.

So I just say, "Fine."

Of course it is not very often that I do feel fine.

I have been asked "How are you feeling today?" while I was throwing up into a plastic washbasin. I have been asked as I was emerging from a four-hour operation with a tube in every orifice, "How are you feeling today?"

I am waiting for the moment when someone asks me this question and I am dead.

I'm a little sorry I'll miss that.*

I have done nothing since Sunday in my free time except find out as much as possible about this play.

For instance, through a simple search on Google, I found an interview with Ms. Edson.from the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, that she is currently a kindergarten teacher in Atlanta, Georgia. I also found out that she has been many other things, and is well-traveled.

Even still, I found out that HBO made a film, starring Emma Thompson and Christopher Lloyd, which I seem to remember a big fuss being made about a while back. I am desparately wanting to go to the library to check this play out, then go to Blockbuster and get the movie just to watch it. My stoic friend even calls this drama "very powerful".

Oh yeah, and it won the Pulitzer Prize. Go figure..

*All exerpts are copyrighted © 1999 by Margaret Edson.

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jueves, octubre 24, 2002

trading spaces, a treatise
a post in multiple parts


Most everyone now watches Trading Spaces. You know, that cute little show on TLC where two sets of neighbors trade houses for two days and redecorate? I've been watching for about two years now, during which time I have picked up on the lingo. In case you don't watch and are thinking about starting, here are some of the basics you need to know to save you time:

  1. There are six major designers that frequent the show and a few others that aren't so frequent;
  2. Some of the designers go out of their way to please the people for whom they are designing, and some seem to go out of their way to make sure the people for whom they are designing are absolutely gong to hate the design;
  3. the host is always a bubbly nitwit, period;
  4. any ceiling fan previously in the room will be gone by the end of the show;
  5. the two carpenters are generally the most normal, aside from the neighbors; and
  6. when any of the designers, while speaking of the paint, say "it looks bright, but dries a dark" or vice versa, it generally doesn't.

The six major designers' names are (in order of my preference) Laurie, Vern, Hilda (say "HILL-dee"), Genevieve, Frank, and Doug. I am going to include a brief physical description and of which style they typically do.

First, my favorite, is Laurie. Laurie is short, skinny, thick curly auburn hair, and a southern accent, perhaps Louisiana. I have yet to see an episode in which she is a decorator that the neighbors werent agape with amazement. Apparently, she spent a lot of time in southern France, the Iberian Peninsula, and Morocco, so her style has a lot of Islamic influence. She likes to use a lot of earthen colors and never likes to use colors that will clash. None of the paints I've seen her open have ever resulted in a gasp (unless of great approval), and usually result in 'ooh's and 'aah's of approval. My favorite room I've seen her do has been the room with the tan-ish white stick-on strips that went on the mirror on the wall of the center wall of the room. Laurie is tricky in the way of compromise in that the compromise is usually not on her part; she knows how to speak kindly and sway people to her design, but usually what she does turns out well.

Vern is next on my list. Vern is Asian, also short, very little body fat, with thinning jet-black hair spiked straight up, and is rarely seen without a small black tee-shirt tucked into black pants. Along with being a Trading Spaces designer, he is also an architect, and very anal, thusly, he is the most organized of all the designers, providing schematics for the carpenters and precise visual aids for the neighbors. He tries to keep everything neat and organized, never using colors that clash too horribly, and always finding ways to hide things (like televisions, computers) discreetly. He usually tries to incorporate some kind of vegetation, whether it be fruit, or (as on one occasion), grass that was to be used to make health shakes for a vegan woman.. Rarely have I seen his work disapproved of, and I generally prefer most that he does.

Our third, and final for the evening, designer is Hilda. Hilda is a tall, skinny, hispanic-looking and -sounding woman with dark hair, most always dressed in black. About of a fourth of the work she has done on the show is--and there is only one word for it--hideous. These bad rooms have been in most of the earlier shows, and her victims abhorred the work she'd done. Then, suddenly, she started doing more appealing rooms, and I am of the opinion that she was told to start turning out better results or she'd be kicked off the show. She tends to have a general idea of what she's doing, perhaps thinking all the way through some of the harder projects before acutally undertaking them, but for the most part, plays it by ear, which can be a blessing and a drawback. She tends toward darker colors, but a lot of it doesn't look bad; and, when she has more expensive things to do than paint the walls and the ceiling, she will drape them in fabric, which generally doesn't turn out too badly. She likes to make custom art for the room, some of which would make the room seem incomplete without it, and some of which the room could actually do without. Most of her clients say they will probably need some time for it to grow on them, which is characteristic of most of her work. I like to say that she is an acquired taste.

next time: the remaining designers, and some extra...

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martes, octubre 22, 2002

time left in high school

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domingo, octubre 20, 2002

a break
I've got half written of what I need to write, and I figure I'll finish tomorrow.

Something else: Today was a cool day. I got to drive a lot and pretend like the time was ten years from now and the car was mine, and I didn't have to stop at my house to check on my siblings, but of course, I had to....

I can't wait to get out of here.

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I don't wanna...
I'm tired. I've done nothing but drive today. I got up and went over to my grandmother's house for breakfast. Then I had to take my dad to MECC, then drive back to K-town for orchestra, then go from there back to MECC, then home. I zoned out when I got home. Now I've got umpteen journal topics to write about between now and 11:59 tomorrow, along with going to school and a PACE match in the evening, and having to read a chapter and a half for the same class the journal thingies are due.

I don't wanna....

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martes, octubre 15, 2002

blow up the world
At work, this guy came through and told the girl on the money window that he was scared of me because I'm going to blow up the world....whatever that means. She didn't get it either.

Mid-terms tomorrow. Woo! I think I'm prepared, though. Just Calculus and CIS, nothing to be worried about.

I got to work and realised how tired I was. My shoulders were a bit sore all evening, but it was okay.

I haven't practiced tonight, but I did last night, so there.


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martes, octubre 08, 2002

a ____ day
Today was a roller coaster of a day. I woke up early to go to my eye doctor appointment, at which I was informed that i am "minimally nearsighted," which means that I could get glasses, but really don't need them. Personally, I think that if I had gone late in the evening, or in the afternoon, the outcome would be different.

They touched my eyeball! *shudder*

Um...I got into it with this girl in my computer class ("computer hell"). She said she needed my disk, and I just kind of repeated it to confirm, and she got all bitchy and said something to the effect of, "Yeah. Why else would I have asked for it?" So I bent down to my computer to get my disk, and when I turned around to give it to her, she was all the way across the room on the other side. My temper got the best of me and I threw my disk across the room to/at her. And, of course, she being a member of the recent All-State softball team, missed the damn thing. We exchanged a few words, and apparently the teacher was fed up with her, too, because nothing was said by her.

I didn't have to take my government test today because of my eye appointment, so that's a plus.

I'm into it pretty deeply with Her. We've been emailing back and forth with pretty vindictive words and labels thrown around carelessly/thoughtlessly.

I got to work the window tonight at work.

We kicked Appalachia's ass last night, but that was last night, so it doesn't count for today.

So, just for the record, 2-2. Even.


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miƩrcoles, octubre 02, 2002

new things
visible here:

  • The counter at the bottom. It's counting down to graduation. I'm not sure when exactly it will be, but I figure it'll be around June 3, so there you have it.
  • The links will move now. I saw it on Escribitionist and thought it was the coolest thing. I like it.
  • Obviously, the title.

visible elsewhere:

  • A haircut. After bitching about it for two weeks, I finally got one. I'm happy with it. Very nice, very nice.

That is all.


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The name of this place has been bugging me for the past few days. First it was Random Ramblings. Some of you (or not) will remember back in the good ol' days when it was called "squinting my eyes because i can't see". Then I hooked up with BlogSnob and found that my title wouldn't fit there, so I changed it to "that's what you think", just to be clever. Then, last night, I thought, "well, if I have a site under the alias mad trumpeter, and I want people to email the mad trumpeter, what should the name be?" Then it came to me: the mad conservatory. Don't you think it's perfect?

Probably not, but I'm keeping it. I think it fits.

Anyway, I'm going to get a cool-ass counter started at the bottom of the page.

Homecoming, woo.

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martes, octubre 01, 2002

Something to ponder.

Cole Baty
Gate City High School
AP Government

Topic #29: If I could discuss one thing with the President
I picked this topic at this time because it seemed appropriate. First of all, there would have to be a certain condition I would require for such a conversation, that condition being that he would have to have no connection with any member of his cabinet or advisors or any person of the sort. It would have to be a one-on-one conversation.

Then I would engage him in a conversation about the current situation in Iraq and how it connects with his family's connections in the oil business. I mean, is it purely coincidence that, with the Bush family's oil connections, we are trying to remove from power the person in control of the largest oil fields in the world? If a war were to go on, and it were to come out twenty years from now that there were, in fact, no weapons of mass destruction, I would not be surprised in the least.

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