lunes, septiembre 30, 2002

Jesus, I'm tired. Tonight at work was the most tedious it has ever been; not because I had realised that it is tedium, but because the manager needed me to do everything. Oh.....

A list of revelations:

  • religion: the root of all evil. religion defines what is right and what is wrong. religion is a tool for manipulation. intolerance is a function of religion.
  • people: they are truly stupid. except for a few, but for the most part, it's not worth talking or interacting with anyone anymore. ...or it could just be my frame of mind right now.
  • television: it's very highly overrated. it's just advertising with some entertainment thrown in for kicks. loud and pointless for the most part.

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domingo, septiembre 29, 2002

Michael Crichton's Disclosure is a very good book. Riddled with technology and legal stuff and erotic happenings, it makes for a very captivating read. The book gets a very good rating.

The movie is on the other end of the spectrum. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw it advertised on TNT was that fucking Michael Douglas had been cast as the lead man. The other cast members are fine, namely Demi Moore as the vixen seductress and Donald Sutherland as the dude in Taiwan, and they're fine, they're both excellent actors. But Michael Douglas. Come on!

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viernes, septiembre 27, 2002

a list of not-so-pet peeves (in order of..whatever):

  1. School. In general. Where does the authority get off telling us that we need to spend seven hours a day at a building being herded around like cattle (or, more appropriately, sheep), then telling us that the mandatory thirty-five hours a week isn't enough, but we need extra-curricular clubs, sports, and other activities, all this while keeping a good average? And don't you think it's convenient how we spend only seven hours a day? Quite close to eight hours a day, which is the average working day. Just one step off from a forty hour work week. Yet another example of how the government (aka, the system) is trying to train us from a very young age to join the work force.
  2. Religion. Christianity in particular. Entire cultures of people that tell you how to talk, what to think, when to think it, how to think it, all for some unseen omniscient, omnipotent deity. Does anyone fully grasp how there can be three deities (the father, the son, and the holy ghost), yet the religion is still considered a monotheistic religion? It seems to me that with three deities, it would be considered a polytheistic religion, similar to the ancient Greeks or the Hindu religion.
  3. School buses. They're not made for people my size (long-legged). When you have to ride fifty or so to a bus, so that you are forced to sit with someone on those cramped little seats, and your journey is more than an hour. You have nowhere to stretch your legs out to get blood to your ass when it goes numb, your back hurts because you have to keep your knees bent up in the back of the seat in front of you because you can't fit your long-ass legs under the seat in front of you, has no respect for your personal space....the list goes on.
  4. The standards of beauty we are all expected to live up to. That is one of the reasons I hate models so much, because they do nothing but shape their bodies so that they have the mostperfect, most desirable body. And any item of clothing you'll buy at a major retail outlet is tailored to someone with a body type like them. Not everyone can afford to spend six hours a day toning our abs and shoulders.
  5. High school life as a senior. You're expected to fork out a fuck-ton of money for pictures, cap and gown, rings, annuals, pointless, useless novelty shit...And the way that the company that sells this shit (*ahem*Jostens*ahem), changes the color of the robes and caps every year so that if you don't buy a current one but instead use one a sibling or other relative used a few years ago, you won't match the rest of the conformists, and you'll be ridiculed and shunned even further. So, in essence, you're obligated to buy new robes so you'll fucking match the rest of your imbecile classmates.
  7. How our football team has been moved down into single-A class from double-A, so none of the teams are competition. Gonig to the games are not even worth it. Yet I have to go.

Okay, I'm done.

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lunes, septiembre 23, 2002

our friend jack
Jack is a pumpkin. Jack came from the auditorium of St. Paul High School. He was one in a row lined up along the back of the auditorium. Around six o'clock this evening, someone put him in a backpack that belonged to someone from a foreign place. In this backpack, he heard an event in which the foreign people defeated his compatriots. Then he and the backpack were picked up and taken to a far away land.

to be continued...

So we won against St. Paul. The first team to do so in five or six years. Woo!

I've got calculus to do.

Look at this (via Escribitionist).

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domingo, septiembre 22, 2002

death spiral
When I get connected to the internet, I usually go straight to Opera, and for those of you who are familiar with Opera, you know that usually at the bottom of the browser window it has a box for how much of the document has been downloaded, how many images, one for speed, and one for time. My speed usually stays around 1.5 KB/s, but during something I call the "death spiral", the decimal place decreases by one unit for each second that goes by, eventually getting down to zero. Then I hear a click, and I've been disconnected.

I'm sorry for complaining so much about this, but it really bothers me.

Today I went to orchestra rehearsal, where there was a folder with my name on it. It was nice to see old faces again after so long. In my folder, I had a Weber and a Mozart piece, both arranged by Merle J. Isaac, and selections from the E.T. score. On the former two pieces, I have second parts, but on the latter, I have the principle part, which balances out because there's these big exposed trumpet solo-type deals in it. Woo hoo.

I'm craving Pal's food. A double-big Pal with cheese and lettuce...and perhaps sauce. Mmmm...

I think I'm gonna go get something to eat.

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sábado, septiembre 21, 2002

yet again
does anyone out there know of a better internet service out there that isn't MountaiNet or AOL? or MSN? Or anything? I don't know...something out there has to be better than this. I was connected for a minute and got disconnected. You know the rest.


I worked tonight. It wasn't bad, in fact it was fun. The less people there are, the more fun it is, because you get to jump around and make all kinds of good food and you stay busy. And get good-job notes. Woo!

My, my, how young Rene Russo looks in Major League. And pretty...

Oh, lord. Today, Dad was going to clean behind the stove, and he was filling the sink, but it was filling slowly, so he walked away letting it fill up, and when he came back, it was spilling into the floor. About that time, Brother and I heard a splattering that we thought was the rain outside. But it wasn't. So Dad came downstairs and of course the carpet was wet. Then Nathaniel noticed that there was water in the ceiling. We ended up drilling four holes to let the water out, and now we're gonna have some strange people come in here and cut out about an eighth of our ceiling, pull out a whole bunch of insulation, put more up there, put more dry-wall up there, and paint it. Who knows how long this will take...



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viernes, septiembre 20, 2002

and now my fucking template won't load! AAAAAAAAAARGH!

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things to do:

  • memorise the trig identities in the back of my calculus book
  • call the symphony to confirm that i did get in
  • write like 13 journal entries for my government class before october 17
  • swig my mouth out with listerine™© or the like
  • shit

eh. i'm in a bad mood right now. i haven't got an email from the maestro confirming my place in the symphony. i'm sitting here in my second block class with NOTHING TO DO. I've got a turd the size of a nuclear submarine just bursting to get out. I wore a long-sleeved shirt today so i wouldn't be cold in the class i'm in now, but the air conditioning went out again. i've got two more blocks to go.

there is so much trig i need to learn. it's not funny. I'll try and scan the back of my book so I can show you what I mean...oh, wait, i don't have a fucking server to put images on!


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lunes, septiembre 16, 2002


  • I nailed my symphony audition
  • we won our PACE match tonight

On my symphony audition: I went in and played, and The Maestro said that if it weren't unethical for him to tell me that I was in without hearing all of the auditions first, he would tell me, and after i came out of the room, the receptionist lady said, "see you next week!" Also, The Maestro thinks that I should audition for From The Top, because they're coming to Bristol in January. I'm gonna go for it.

On the pace match: Venus, Vidus, Vicus...i think. anyway, you get the picture. I answered like four right and just one wrong. good stuff. major improvement over last week's match, when I answered only two and like two wrong. woo.

i've given up on proper capitalisation. fuck it, i say. no one notices, and it's the words you're after and not the good grammar and capitalising words.

so i'm just gonna leave this post here for ya. later.

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viernes, septiembre 13, 2002


Monkey Genius

Find out what Cartoon villan you are.

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miércoles, septiembre 11, 2002

Will Ferrel has Dubya down to a pin.

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martes, septiembre 10, 2002

one year
I think what happened was terrible. I feel it in my stomach every time i think about the jumpers and the buildings crashing to the ground. i'm not so much angry as desparing, because instead of trying to compromise with the people who thought it necessary to do this to us, we instead bombed the fuck out of them. that's like scratching a rash.

what I'm angry about is all this jingoistic flag-waving, anti-foreigner, closed-mindedness, the people that think that we were so undeserving of this, and the people that think it was some kind of message from god, some kind of prophetic omen.

and sure, I never knew the words to God Bless America, and had forgotten most of the words to the pledge of allegiance. but i refuse to buy a flag, and I don't stand up and say the pledge in the mornings because i feel it serves a different purpose now than when it was originally instated. I didn't go to any memorial services, and I am loathe to go to the commemorative assembly we're having at school tomorrow were it not for the band's playing.

I don't think that bush is a great man, simply for being put in the chief executive's office when this happened. I still think he's a primate, and I still think that Cheney is the one running the country, and if Cheney were to go, then Bush would be fucked.

eh, I can't really remember where I was going with this, but I needed to get my thoughts out. Maybe I'll get it all together tomorrow...

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too lazy for a title
But not too lazy to practice at 9:30 in the evening. Bwahahahaha. I'm proud of myself because I actually did that. The next step is recording myself, I think.

Speaking of recording myself, I'm thinking about getting one of those handheld tape recorders and keeping an audio diary/journal/log-thing...yeah.

My feet are sore. But it's worth it, because tonight during break, on the caught doing good board, there were two notes with my name on them. Woo hoo! I might get a raise sometime soon.

What's up with FOX airing all these old shows? right now is a Cops show from like 1992 or before.


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lunes, septiembre 09, 2002

ap government journal
I've got to do it sooner or later, so why not sooner? Here goes:

Cole Baty
Gate City High School
AP Government

Topic # 1: If I could change the outcome of one event in history......

History is a long time. A long, long time. And there's still more to come. To change one event in history has could have so many implications on the future, or it could have relatively little. Now, I could go on a tangent about quantum theory, but I don't think you want to read about that, do you? No, I didn't think so, so I'm just going to stick to the assignment as best I can.

As I said, history is a very long time. There are so many changes that could be made, so many wrongs made right. Too many to choose from, really, but if I had to choose one, I would probably change the colonisation of the New World. Think about it: tens of thousands of years ago, a tribe of people migrated across a land bridge between present-day Russia and Alaska onto the American supercontinent, where, supposedly, people hadn't existed before until then. Then the land bridge was covered by a rise in the ocean's water level, and they were cut off from the other continents and evolved into entirely different cultures.

Fast-forward: Europeans begin to gain interest in trade and, more importantly, expansion. So far they had only been sailing East, but somebody had the idea to sail West. They found an entire new continent full of people. The people were peaceful, for the most part, but the Europeans, with their never-ceasing quest for wealth and power and superior religion, felt the need to either convert the heathen cultures, or kill them. And kill them they did, whether inadvertently or directly.

Once word of a bountiful land just waiting to be structured got out, the colonisation came. Colonies like Virginia, Massachusetts, Roanoke, Pennsylvania, and New York were established. And what happened to the native savages that were already occupying the areas? Why, they were pushed further west. Then more people came and they were pushed beyond the Appalachians. Then to the Midwest. Then they were rounded up and put on reservations. Now they're being breeded out, modernised. Many cultures disappeared.

If I could change it, I don't know what I'd do. It was bound to happen, wasn't it? I mean, eventually a place gets so crowded that the people have to go somewhere, don't they? But perhaps if it had happened at a time when the church wasn't so influential, or maybe when the Native American cultures had evolved a little more and they were able to make agreements rather than be conquered, maybe then the outcome would be different. Or maybe if the people had never crossed the land bridge to begin with. Then the New World would have just been a bountiful empty land, and conquest wouldn't have been necessary. We could be living in an entirely different civilisation, and according to quantum theory, there is a universe out there in which this situation has happened. In fact, according to quantum theory, there is a universe out there for each possibility, so that provides at least some peace of mind.

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just because
fucking shithole bastard. fuck shit goddamn fuck fuck fuck fuck fUCK FUCK. asshole fuck.



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quite some time
It's been a while, hasn't it?

Um...Quite a bit has happened since the last post: two football games, classes, lessons, homework, work, paycheck.

I had a has-beens gig last night at the Allandale mansion. It was the most fun one of those things I've been to.



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