domingo, agosto 25, 2002

A new turn of pages is coming about: my birthday, which is tomorrow. Tomorrow, the state thinks I'm mature enough to carry two more people (that aren't family) with me while I'm driving, and national censorship board thinks I'm old enough to see rated R movies unaccompanied. They do not, however, think that I am old enough to go to 'exotic sports bars' and clubs; for that, I will have to wait another year.

Oh well...

I've gotten a gift already: a chair with rollers on it. Good fun. I'm gonna take it with me to college.

Tomorrow is also the beginning of a lesser computer hell. For the past week during school, the teacher of my second block computer class has been on vacation, leaving us with a substitue who cannot read (she pronounced the word 'suite' like 'suit') and really didn't know what she was doing. Tomorrow Mrs. Jenning will be back, and all will be well.

So, until tomorrow, I wish you well.

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sábado, agosto 24, 2002

get out of the car
As I learned last night, I share the name I answer to with Tom Cruise's character from Days of Thunder. Last night at work, a co-worker named Dusty (who shaves his arms for some reason....) did not tire of repeating a line from said movie, "Get out of the car, Cole". I could not tell you how many times that line was repeated, but I do know that after about five minutes, it got a little tiresome.

I racked up nearly 5.5 hours last night. Mo' money fo' me, yo. I've got nearly fifty dollars (gross total, of course) already on my next paycheck on the second. I have a lesson between now adn then that I won't be able to pay for...but I don't know how that happened. My last paycheck was for $41.72. When I cashed it, I payed $14 to the library, $16 to Mr. Wilcox, $2 spent at school...that still leaves about nine dollars unaccounted for. And I'm expecting a check from Jill for mowing the lawn a couple of weeks ago. It probably needs another mowing here pretty soon...maybe next Saturday?

There's a little league football game tonight, but I ain't going. I'm going to probably sleep on my bed which is on the top bunk now.


  • Every time I blink in this house, it seems the furniture has been changed. It must be hell on visitors.
  • Ladies, blonde is out. I'm serious. Especially for you ladies that have been bleaching since before 1980. For you all, it's done a real number on your hair: making it all frizzly and sallow. And if you're going to keep it up anyway, you should at least dye your roots every once in a while, eh? But generally, blonde is overdone. Just let your hair grow out with it's natural color, and don't bother dyeing it again. Go with the maroon. Yes....
  • Television sucks. Generally. Every once in a while you'll find a good show or movie, but for the mot part, it all sucks. Either that, or it's good but too few people watch it so the show will get picked up for another season (like Freaks and Geeks or The Rerun Show). Or when you do find a good movie, you happen to catch it part of the way through the last time it's going to be shown for a long while (like eXistenZ and Armadillo).
  • In that vein, very few people on television know how to act. To find good actors, you have to find obscure indie films. That sucks.
  • After twelve years of being forced to socialise, I've finally learned how to do it. I won't elaborate or go into any secrets of mine, so let's just leave it at that.

That's it for a while. Nos vemos.

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jueves, agosto 22, 2002

You know how sometimes it can be so hard to get going on something, but once you do, you can't quit? That's practice.

That's a quote (taken slightly out of context) from a friend of mine's weblog she just started. Her name is Alexis, and I'm sure that's all the personal information about her she wants me to give out. She is an avid flute player, so obviously there's gonig to be a lot about that in there, but check it out if you want to. She makes some pretty profound observations sometimes.

Other than that, I was four for five in my solo in "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" today; four for five only because I had my lips set wrong during one, but nailed it the next time. I am very pleased with the way things are going in band right now.

Speaking of playing, tonight I'm going to practice some (or all) of the things Mr. Wilcox went over with me on Wednesday. Let's list them (because you know how I love to list things):

  • slurring the exercises in the front of the book, a la long tones
  • single tonguing the exercises in the front of the book, both tu and ku
  • double tonguing the exercises in the front of the book
  • triple tonguing the exercises in the front of the book

So...after posting this and some template tweaking, I'll go do that. To the first five, at least.


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miércoles, agosto 21, 2002

things learned in one half hour:

  • How to use the Arban's book (finally!)

One doesn't need half of the book to begin with, because if you take the different articulations and apply them to the first few exercises in the book, that's the whole book, save the scales, arpeggios, and last part of the book.

Finally, a decoder! And it only cost me sixteen dollars!

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martes, agosto 20, 2002

capítula ochenta y siete - en la ocupación
"Shit," he grunted and hurried off to get his uniform in order. He had just gotten off the phone with his manager, calling to find out when he was supposed to work next only to find out that he shlould have been there minutes ago.

"Shit," he said again. He had just pulled his uniform out of the hamper from where he left it the last time he worked; it was very wrinkled.

"Shit." He had pulled the ironing board open with a screech. "Where's the iron?" He searched high and low, in all of the cupboards around where it usually was, but to no avail. He dashed up to his sister's door.

"Ann? Do you know where the iron is?"

"Nope," came the reply.

"Are you sure? I really need it right now."

"I told you I don't know where it is."

"Okay," he sighed, and hurried downstairs again. He went into the laundry room and an idea hit him, Check above the washing machine. He looked in the cupboard above the washing machine and found it finally. He whipped it out, had it plugged into the wall, and cranked up to the appropriate heat level in one smooth movement. He didn't wait for the iron to get hot before putting his white shirt on the ironing board and rubbing it fiercely with the iron. The shirt wasn't wrinkled too badly to begin with and only needed smoothing out. Two minutes later he had the pants on the board. He didn't need to iron them as much as the shirt because it was a polyester blend and didn't wrinkle too badly. He only needed to iron each leg on one side.

He found his apron, folded it, grabbed a five dollar bill he would need for supper that evening and headed upstairs to tell his sister he was leaving.

"Hey, Ann! I've got to go to work! When Mom and Dad get home tell them that's where I am, okay?"

"Yeah, okay!" she yelled back.

He headed out the kitchen door, not feeling like wrestling with the doorknob on his basement room's exit. Great, he thought as he headed down the hill toward the street his place of work was on, Kane Street, my third day of work and I'm already late. What am I going to say? He lived only a five minutes' walk away from his workplace, which was convenient; he would only be about ten minutes late. His mind raced as he thought of what he would say to his manager when he got there to explain his tardiness. It wasn't that he didn't like his job; far from it. He just had been mixed up as to which day was the day the schedule was posted, which was Thursday. He had heard at his orientation that Tuesday was the day to tell the managers which days you would want to work the following week, and as he had learned so many things so quickly that day, he had forgotten the part about Thursday.

He got to the dip in the road which marked the descent down the hill and picked up his pace. He had developed a semblance of a plan, which was to apologise profusely and offer to work later. Lucky I don't have any homework tonight.

A very short time later he rang the doorbell at the back of Pal's and waited to be let in. When he got inside he was greeted by his manager Eric. "Hey! How're you?" he half-bellowed enthusiastically. Eric was a jovial fellow, generally good natured and understanding. He liked to give to his employees, so much so that he gave money out of his pocket so that his employees would be able to have a seventy percent discount on their food while they were on break.

"Late," said the employee, feeling guilty as this thought ran through his head. "Listen, I'm really sorry about this. I must have gotten the days mixed up--"

"Hey, don't worry about it!" said Eric. "I understand. This is only your third day! Just don't let it happen again, alright?"

"Yes, of course," gasped the employee. "Thank you. Which days am I working this week, anyway?"

"Today, Friday, and Sunday. That won't be a problem, will it? I know football season starts next week."

"No," he said, tying his apron on, "there's no problem at all. I'll be here on time those days."

"Good, good. You wouldn't know anything about Brittney, would you? She was supposed to be here at four, too..."

"Sorry, no. I don't have any classes with her this semester."

"That's okay. Well, you'd better get washed and up there. It's gettin' pretty busy."

"Right," he said and went to the sink. He put the soap on his hands and turned the faucet on. "God dammit!" he hissed as the hot water scalded his hands. He quickly turned the temperature down, finished washing, and dried up, and went up front.

"Hello, Cole!" came greetings from people he didn't know yet and some he did.

"Hi, Cole," said an older woman. "You'll be on drinks this evenin'," she said. Apparently she was the manager for tonight.

He went over to the drinks station and asked the guy running the money window what he lacked. He knew the guy as Cody. Cody was a good guy; he was always nice about telling which drinks were lacking when it became particularly busy, and taking over when the tea containers needed to be refilled or when ice needed to be gotten.

It took him a few minutes to get into rhythm, filling a few drinks with too much ice, so that ice had to be tonged out. Once he had a fountain drink and a tea going at the same time, put ice and a lid on the fountain drink, and noticed a cascade of brown liquid falling to the floor to his right. He had forgotten to turn off the tea.

When he got that sorted out, he remembered that he hadn't clocked in yet. He hurried over to the orders machine, pushed his number and the 'in' button twice, then grabbed his clock ticket. He liked the technology in the building. So much so that during his orientation, he spent a long time figuring out how the computer was set up so that the chasse was was on one side of the room and the monitor, keyboard, and mouse were on the other side. Perhaps this was why he hadn't heard the Thursday part of the schedule discussion....

He got back to the drinks station and hopped to it. He was very fast at the drinks station. He liked to see if he could get all the drinks in an order ready before the order taker could slide the order over to the preparation side. He often won. Sometimes he would get so far ahead that there would be so many drinks and not enough room for the bags. Then sometimes there would be so many orders to make that he would have to rely on the money taker to tell him which drinks he needed. Sometimes he would make a drink he swore he heard, then would look a few minutes later and see that the drink he made was still sitting on the queue; those he had to pour out and throw away if they stayed in on the queue for ten minutes or more. Sometimes they could be given away free to customers, but he was sure that this cost the restaurant money, and felt a pang of guilt every time this happened.

About fifteen minutes into this, a new woman, Rachel, asked him if he had been trained on the grill yet. He had. "I'm going to need you to put four rows of big patties on the grill, okay?"

"Yes," he said and went to salt the grill, only no salt was coming out of the shaker. He tried the other one, and got nothing. He asked Timmy, the co-worker at the window, what to do about it.

"See those blue pitchers over there on that rack? Go pour some salt into those from that over the sink."

He took the salt shakers and set them on top of the trash can and fetched the pitcher. He got back to the grill, salted it, and started with the patties--left to right, front to back, four to a row because they were big patties. He laid the first one down and pushed the timer button, then laid the rest, having trouble only splitting the sometimes frozen together patties of meat.

"If you bang 'em on the edge, they should split apart," said Jamie, another co-worker he had not yet met. He proceeded to bang them on the blunt edge closest to him, wondering how in the world this would split two frozen patties of meat. "No, on that thing," she said, pointing to the silver guard surrounding the grill that hadn't been there the first time he put meat on the grill. He tried it, and it worked marvellously. He got the meat laid out and went back to the drinks station, picking right up.

By the time the meat needed to be flipped, ice needed to be got and a tea cambo needed to be re-filled, so he was doing it and was unable to flip the meat. He got all that in order and was back in the torrent of drinks when the buzzer sounded for the meat to be taken off the grill. With three orders of multiple drinks to go, he glanced over at the grill and saw Allen, another co-worker with whom he had worked before, collecting the meat.

He stayed on drinks until about six o'clock, when Rachel, the new manager, came over and asked him, "Would you like to take a break now?"

"I could go on for a while," he said. "I got in late, so if anyone wants to take theirs now, they can go ahead."

"Okay," she said. "I think Brittney wants to go on break now..." she trailed off. Brittney, with whom he had also worked, was an attractive red-head with whom he had been acquainted since elementary school. She had arrived sometime after the grill, but sometime before Rachel approached him. He had only noticed her arrival when she came in and made her drink, which employees get for free. He hadn't noticed that she was calling out the orders now instead of Timmy.

An half hour later, he was eating his supper (a large patty hamburger with cheese and a large frenchie fry) which only cost him a little over a dollar. Twice during his break the doorbell rang and in came a person to be interviewed. Once, the office door was open and Diana, chieftaness of the building, snorted and laughed as she was reviewing an application. She came out of the office to find Eric, caught Cole looking at her funny, and she said, "Don't worry. I didn't laugh after your interview," and patted him on the shoulder.

After that, she handed him a 'certification quiz' for the grill, and Eric sat down to eat his supper. Cole took the quiz, but since it had been nearly a week since he had seen the slideshow on how to work the grill, he needed a little help, which Eric was happy to give.

When he had finished, they got to talking about school. Then it was time for Cole to go back to work. He clocked back in (because one had to clock out for breaks) and hopped right back into it at the drinks station. Time flew, and he got the grill started four times, took meat off the grill three times (once putting the small patties in the large patty au jus), swept the floor once, learned how to fluff and pull ham, and lost count of how many times he went to get ice and refill the tea cambos.

Before he knew it, it was five minutes past nine o'clock, and Rachel said that he could go. He had lost track of who had left and who was still working.

He clocked out, refilled his drink, took his apron off, and left.

He arrived at an empty house (because everyone else was at the little league football game), set his various organizers in order, started a load of laundry, and went to bed, dreading having to get up at a quarter to six the next morning to take his mother to work so he could have a vehicle the next day.

"All in a day's work," he said to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

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lunes, agosto 19, 2002

too tired
I'm too tired to post much of anything.

I've joined the cross-country team, i guess. I went to the practice, anyway. It was hell. I managed to keep up with the little eighth-grader whose parents have trained her probably since she could walk to run long distances for about the first mile or so. Then I got passed by the freshman football player (though I'm not so sure he's playing football this year). But I managed to keep ahead of the girl who went to all-state in cross country last year, so that's not bad.

The Client. Ugh. Bad acting, bad language coaches. Helluva good book, though.

Speaking of books, I requested of Dad that I receive Armadillo for my birthday. It's easy enough to find it on the internet, but I've checked all of the libraries around here I could think of and the bookstore at the mall, but found only one copy at VCU. In Richmond. I hope Dad doesn't have too much trouble finding it.

Hey, anyone who has Mickey Hart's CD Planet Drum, listen to number seven. Listen specficially to the deep deep bass drum. Doesn't it send shivers down your spine?

I should hit the sack.

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domingo, agosto 18, 2002

I'm thinking about changing something in the template.... Let's see if you notice.

School-issued items:

  1. Calculus book
  2. TI-83 graphing calculator
  3. Computer disk
  4. Marching band music
  5. Daily Planner - a masterpiece of sans-serif fonts and helpful hints to get one through school. I would be better off with an electronic device, because that's how my mind functions, but I don't doubt it will help.

To be issued items:

  1. Several books for my English class
  2. A book for my Government class


It's Sunday night and you know what that means! Adult Swim! The Oblongs! Home Movies! Mission Hill! Then the back of my eyelids.

Right now that movie Copycat is on TBS, and occasionally Nathaniel will flip there. It's a good movie.

My uncle left today. He came a-visiting this weekend. Always great fun when he's around.

Have any of you seen The Rerun Show? Leave a comment about it and then I'll let you know how I feel about it.

More school tomorrow.

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sábado, agosto 17, 2002

Oh Please?

There's a movie that's been coming on A&E lately called Armadillo, and it kicks ass. My birthday's coming up...hint hint.

I've been meaning to put a school post up, but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe on Monday.

I got paid. "Pay to the order of Cole Baty, Forty-one Dollars and Seventy-two cents." I didn't have any federal income tax deducted, so I'm going to have to change that on my W4 form, so it'll be paid for and I won't have to pay for it when I don't have the money...or something.

I'm tired and am going to bed.

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miércoles, agosto 14, 2002

La Día Antes de Escuela

Well, I went to school today to get my schedule changed and get my lunch ticket in order. Tomorrow is the official first day of school for not only Scott County, but City of Norton school(s) as well. Most everyone I've talked to don't want to go back, but I can't wait. The sooner the better. El más temprano, el mejor, digo. I will be counting down the days in my head. Tomorrow starts with "180". That seems like a long time, but compared to the twelve years (including kindergarten, of course) behind me, it's not that long.

I went running this morning. Mrs. Burke saw me as I was coming back. She asked me whether I go home. I'm not sure what she's implying there, but I had fun with it.

Work is fun, and I know you don't hear that often, but I am enjoying it. I stay so busy. If I'm not doing drinks, I'm taking out the trash, re-stocking, cleaning outside of the building, sweeping the front area, grilling, makin' shakes...and there's more. There's the sandwich station, then the hotdog station, then the order-taking window, then the money-taking window. Then there's a whole slew of working to do that isn't in the front. Busy busy busy. I have about $57 dollars worked up without taxes...assuming minimum wage is $5.75/hour.

An Observation: The news is bad. Generally, I mean. Today there was this big fucking chlorine spill near St. Louis, Missouri. And you can't turn to a news channel without hearing about some child/baby being stolen or stock market plunges. No news is good news, I guess...

On that note.

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Better Get the Disenfectant

I've got a cut on my hand where I was working tonight. I got by catching my hand on the end grill-like thing in the refrigerator. I'm sure it appealed to the customers when I was handing them their food with an open wound on the back of my hand. I'm speaking in reference to the football game I worked this evening...and late into the night.

I've seen two movies in the past two days: The Royal Tenenbaums, which is an excellent, excellent movie; and Orange County, which is funny, but not that funny.

I work tomorrow from 4-9:30 pm. Woo.

I met Brandi's cousin Jonas this evening at the game. He's from Germany. He's cool. Brandi gave me his email address because under the circumstances he couldn't tell it to me.

I get paid this Saturday. I'll probably have about...twelve dollars once all the taxes are taken off. Or maybe I won't get a paycheck because there won't be so much. I should ask Eric about it.

Money. It's going to be good to have some of my own. I think I might buy a PDA....

Everyone but Dad and myself went to Wal-Mart tonight after the football game for school supplies. I have four new notebooks and a hanging file box thingy. Which is a good thing.

My system tray looks so bare without ICQ and the like. But it's for the best, because I won't have any time for such distractions.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and go run. Just for the hell of it. God dammit, I need to lose weight and I haven't been running in, like, two weeks.

So to be able to get up, I'm going to have to go to bed now. G'night.

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lunes, agosto 12, 2002

Order Up!

I think I'm going to like working at Pal's. I had my first day today, and it's not a bad job. The tedium of the job is cancelled out by the fast pace. You have to be on your toes. It's great, actually. But this is only the first day.

There has been some renovation going on in our room. I got home from my trip and the desks had been rearranged so that they're facing back to back with mine facing toward the desk. This is good for space, and I do like it, but the only disadvantage is that my computer faces the beds, and Nathaniel can watch what I'm doing with minimal sneakiness needed. Also, his speakers have been mounted on the wall so that the television can go on his stereo's stand. I could barely see the TV the way we had the desks arranged before, and now I couldn't see it at all if the TV were still where it was. So we're moving the TV.

I could actually do without a TV before school starts. On Thursday.

I've made a New School Year's Resolution: Music comes first, then academics, then leisure. Actually, that's more of a priority list. The resolution is that I'm going to uninstall all of my messaging software so that when I'm doing my homework and I'm online, I won't be as distracted as I was last year. I think this is a good change that will have very little impact because of the simple reason that eight-tenths of the people on all of my buddy lists combined are never on when I'm on. I think (and know in certain cases) that some of them have adopted other online identities to be rid of my sad and desparate harassment the moment they pop online. I realise that this is my fault, and it bothers me that at least that much is true. So as a general "fuck you" motion to those people who kept saying to when I asked them if they were busy and if they would like to leave me alone but instead assumed different identities, I'm just dropping out all together. I am going to preserve all of my buddy lists, and I am still going to be reachable by email, but I think this will help me to concentrate more on both my music and my academics.

So farewell, and fuck you.

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domingo, agosto 11, 2002

Choices and Decisions - But not Yet

Visiting colleges. Sounds like something that would bore the pants off you, doesn't it? But actually, it's not that bad when you visit schools with a specific thing in mind. Like JMU and VCU, for instance.

James Madison University is a large school of about 15,000 students total in a rural area; it covers about 496 acres. Everything but tuition, room and board, books, and spending money is free. They are very much academically oriented and their admission process is 'very selective' (part of their mission is to make well-rounded individuals). From first-hand knowledge, they have a very fine music program; their computer science program doesn't seem to be bad either, judging by how technologically oriented the school is. There is plenty to do, and a free (or relatively cheap) way to get there. Because it's in a rural area, it is a beautiful campus with lush vegetation and foliage, and even a lake/pond. Tuition is a bit higher than VCU's, but I'm not sure about everything that is included in the tuition.

Virginia Commonwealth University is also a large school of about 20,000 students total in an urban area (the heart of Richmond) covering about a four square block area. It's very urban and very modern looking. Security is very stringent. The university has a cooperation with the City of Richmond so that students can use the city's public transportation for free. I believe most of the school functions are free to students. Tuition is lower than JMU's. And it has a very very good Fine Arts program (ranked in the top 20 in the nation). One actually has to apply to the School of Arts to in addition to the univeristy itself, and if accepted, a Fine Arts Major fee is added to tuition. This definitely seems like the better prospect for music, anyway.

Before going on this trip, I had thought that I definitely wanted to go to JMU. But now I think VCU looks like the better prospect. I think that a degree from the Arts program would certainly speak for itself, and I've got family in important positions locally. The thing is, I could go with either. It wouldn't bother me either way.

But now I think that VCU holds preference over JMU.

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martes, agosto 06, 2002

Things Are Goin' My Way!

Apart from a rocky start, this day ended up pretty well.

  • Band camp is going well. I have a split in my lip, but it's not too bad. Solos abound. Yup.
  • I am now an official employee of Pal's. I had my second 'interview' at 4:00 this afternoon (11.5 hours after I woke up this morning...more on that later) which was just a meeting with the head honcho of that particular, er...unit? Anyway, it was just a pre-training meeting to get uniform sizes and discuss how many days per week I'd like to work and such. Yay!
  • I have my first lesson with Ron Wilcox on August 21 at 4:30! Sixteen dollars per lesson. Yay.

And now for the bad part of the morning: This morning at 4:30, Mom came downstairs in hysterics and said that the neighbors' house was on fire and we should get up and go watch it. I didn't want to. In fact, I said "I don't want to. I'll look later." She told us to get up in case the house caught on fire or something. She was hysterical.

So I get up and go up the stairs, and at the top where the door was open I could already see the orange flicker of the huge fire that was our neighbors' house. I went outside to the morning that seemed warm because of the huge fire, but I ended up sitting on the staris of the stoop shivering for some reason. It was a huge five. Absolutely just blazing. Like a hole opened in the ground and hell started pouring out. There were three firetrucks there with lights playing around the hill. They finally got it put out and a policeman came and asked Dad a few questions.

It was terrible. I ended up in Mom and Dad's bed because Nathaniel was down in the basement blasting away Beatles tunes on his stereo. Mom and Dad weren't in the bed, of course, because by the time everything had settled down, it was time for Dad to get up and Mom to go to work.

So in the end, I've been up for 17.5 hours, and it's only 10:00.

I found a cool blog: Escribitionist. It caught my eye on the Blogger homepage because it was a cool play on words.

My library books are two days overdue. I had planned on taking them back this morning before band camp, but the circumstances kinda kept my mind off of library books.

But the day ended up well. The only thing that I had planned for today that didn't happen, aside from the library books, was I checked the JMU website for a downloadable application, but it's not there yet.

Ah, well. Maybe tomorrow.

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domingo, agosto 04, 2002


It's August! Yay!

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Ode to the DVD Player

We've had a DVD player for a while now, and every time I use it, it still blows my mind. Every once in a while we'll rent a bunch of DVDs and the best thing about them is that you don't have to rewind them; you just pull them out of the player and put them in the box! That's wonderful. And they're not big and bulky, and on ours if you push stop once while you're watching it, it will hold your place and you can push play again and it will pick right up. And you can select 'chapters' and it just picks right up. When you push pause it just stops right there and when you're rewinding and fast forwarding and then you push play, it starts right there, there's no wait, and no funny static-type lines scrolling down the screen.

And the picture! It's so clear, and digitally enhanced and what have you. Far superior to VHS.

Recent Happenings:The most recent woudl be Dad's aunts coming down from Indiana on their way to the beach. Went to see a Doc Watson concert at MECC. Doc Watson is amazing. Yesterday were the summer band rehearsals that directly precede band camp (which is next week). It went well; better than the one at the beginning of the summer. Solo (Trixie's kitten) died. We reckon that Trixie wasn't feeding it properly. Or I could have scared it to death when I dropped the other cat on its box. But. I don't think so.

I'm talking to a friend who works at Pal's, and she says that the lady has been trying to get through to me a million times, but obviously Nathaniel's been on the phone. I personally have been trying to stay off the phones, so go figure.... But this news is good. I'm going to call either tomorrow (which is today, actually) or the next day.

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