miércoles, julio 31, 2002

A Quick Post Before Starting Supper

I really need an eye exam. My eyes have definitely gotten worse over the summer.


I've got a survey in the works.

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lunes, julio 29, 2002

Damn Near Killed 'Em

I mowed that lawn and I am oh so tired. And hungry. The only thing I've had to eat all day was a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios™ at 11:00. Then I went and mowed starting at about 12:30 and it was the worst time ever. First of all I got everything done with the mower except the bottom part of the top lawn until the handle on the mower broke. At the bottom where the mower connects on the left side, making the mower rather unweildly and I had to stop because of it. So then I tried to call home on the cell phone to tell Mom that it was broken, but couldn't get through because my idiot brother was on my comptuer on the internet. So I called Dad and he told me to tell them that their mower broke (which reminds me...), and I went home. Then Mom drug me back out there to have me finish what I could with the weed eater.

The weed eater was being stubborn. The last time I used it I had to put more string in it, but I didn't put it in right so it got caught in itself and wouldn't put more string out when I'd bump it on the ground. Yesterday Dad told me that it had plenty of string but it was caught in itself. So when I got over there I had to fiddle with it to make more string come out. I had to do that three times until finally down near the creek the bolt wouldn't come out of the damn thing so I gave up. Eh. To hell with it.

Oh, the neighbors had a fire last night at 2:00 AM. And whereas usually there are five cars parked in the driveway every night (and the big dooley truck hangs out in the public right-of-way), last night no one was there. The other neighbors and my parents think there's something odd about that. And the lady who's the mother figure blamed it on a cigarette in the trash. Yeah, right. Mom says a woman that old who's been smoking for that long would know not to put a cigarette in the trash. Dad thinks that they're trying to get money out of it (which they probably are) and that if asked why there weren't any of the people there last night that there normally are, then she'll say they were at the beach or something. Very fishy if you ask me.

I'll leave you with that, because we're having spaghetti for supper. Mmmm....

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domingo, julio 28, 2002


I'm happy. I haven't run since Friday, and I haven't practiced since Thursday. But I feel good. Tomorrow I'm going to go mow that fucking lawn.

I'm thirsty.

Adult Swim comes on tonight. Woo!

I finished the third Harry Potter book this morning.

Still no word from Pal's. Fuuuuuuck.

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sábado, julio 27, 2002

As We Know It

It's the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

Er, right...

I had planned on mowing the mothabitch this weekend, but I think I'll postpone till Monday as the weather's doing funky things.

I've been reading the Harry Potter books again, and I'm already a third of the way through the third one. I love those books....I'm such a geek.

Nothing much is really happening. Still no word from Pal's.

Oh, we called our new kitten Solo, because it's the only one. Trixie's not going to have anmore because she looks almost normal except for her swelled...boobies.


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jueves, julio 25, 2002

New Arrivals

Well, our cat Trixie has had her litter. One charcoal black tabby that she had in the litterbox, of all places. I told Mom and Dad that she'd end up having 'em in the litterbox, because someone had said that she'll try to find a quiet place to have them, but there isn't a quiet place in the house. We use all of it. I said that she'd hold them in until she could get outside and find someplace to birth them, or have them in the litterbox when straining too hard and wouldn't know what happened.

We don't think there's just one, though. I haven't seen her move around or anything, but she still seems pretty big. And all that fuss for just one kitten...? Oh well. We'll have to think of a name for it soon.

Today Mom is off, so she's decided to take us to Abingdon to visit some Southwest Regional college bullshit. I'm going to be taking classes next summer for the computer science part of my major. I think it's a good thing. Maybe I won't be so strained when I'm at college....

Ah, well. Ta-ta.

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miércoles, julio 24, 2002

Not Yet Done

I'm still got to run and practice, and I'll need to call Music Doctor's tomorrow. Fucking wankers.

I don't even know why I have a comments feature. Nobody reads this thing but me.

I've decided that I should probably just go ahead and buy Atlas Shrugged and all the other Ayn Rand books and 1984 to read at my leisure. I get too distracted when I take them from the library. Eh.

Finished that Bridget Jones book. I'll have to write more about it later.

Uh...Spent the afternoon being productive in an effort to avoid as much as possible Nathaniel and his friend. They used my computer as a porn medium, apparently.

In my Bulk Mail folder: NASTY DOGFART SLUTS TAKING IT HARD! And I should be interested....why?

Saturday I think I'll go mow Jill's lawn.

I'm going to have to read the Harry Potter books again sometime soon before school starts. It seems to be a ritual ever year. I guess it's to get my mind set on the school year ahead, not necessarily the academics but the social stuff....or not.

Oh, Mom passed her boards. Hurrah! Now maybe she won't be so edgy. Let's hope.

That's it for now. I think I'm going to go practice in the laundry room as it provides a more private area for such things...Ta-ta.

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Agitation...continued from pg. 94

AAAAAaargh! All I want to do is check my email and read a few things on the Internet! Is that so much to ask?! Why oh why must i spend thirty goddamn minutes repeating a cycle of connecting and being disconnected and then connecting again only to be disconnected? We pay our bill, goddammit! AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Nathaniel's friend is over now, and I had to spend an hour reading a book till they got hungry and went upstairs so I could find my underwear and put it on.

I'm not really hungry, but I could eat.

Things to do today:

  • Mail that college board form back with corrections
  • Run
  • Practice
  • Call Music Doctors and see if Ron Wilcox has any openings..doubtful.

That's about all I can think of right now...


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martes, julio 23, 2002

Pissing Rain

I went to go run, and when I got down near the Health Department parking lot near my house, it started spitting rain. Then it picked up when I got down to the creek. Then it started pouring when I reached the low-water bridge near the sewer plant. I stopped there to wait for it to die down, but it started rainint harder. I stood there for about five minutes before realising that I should get in one of the trucks that was near the bridge. So I did. And I waited. And waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited. Eventually the rain died out, but every time I made a move to get out of the truck, a lightning bolt would strike within 300 yards. It was strange.

But eventually it died off enough and I got out and made it as far as the vocational school parking lot when Dad met me there.

I was soaked, by the way.


Oh, god. Nathaniel's friend is coming over tomorrow.

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Last night, as I was fed up with the poor service of my ISP, I sent an email from an anonymous account that was just laden with agitation and angst and what have you. Here it is:

From: jonny doe [mailto:________________@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 11:22 PM
To: support@mounet.com
Subject: displeasure

I (who wish to remain anonymous) am very displeased with your service. You advertise a 56K connection, yet the fastest I've ever been connected is 44K. It takes me thirty minutes to get a good connection, what with the twenty or so disconnects experienced during each attempt to connect, and that doesn't count the twenty extra minutes just trying to get through the busy signals.

I know some of these problems, like the slow connection speed, are due to phone lines, but the other problems are faults in your service that need to be fixed.

I know of many more people who have similar complaints. My suggestion is to either lower your price to make your service worth the $18.95 per month we pay for
basic service or improve your service.

Johnny Doe
A Dissatisified Customer

Here's the response:
From: "Support from MountaiNet"
To: "'jonny doe'" <________________@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: displeasure
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:55:19 -0400


  The speed of your connection has several determining factors. The most important thing are the phone lines themselves. If there is any type of line noise or break of any kind in the line, it can cause an interrupt in data flow, resulting in a broken connection and/or slow speeds. Your local phone company can come out and test your lines and tell you what speed you should be able to connect at based on the lines. Slower speed is a common problem if you live in a remote area. All of our modems are 56K digital modems, and can support the maximum of 53K, which is the limit set by the FCC. Another thing is the modem itself. Some modems aren't as reliable as others. There are modems being made now that are called software modems, or winmodems. These modem rely more on the computers processor instead of their own, thus slowing the computer and cutting performance. These are modems such as Rockwell, Connexant, HCF, HSP, Micromodems, etc. I don't know what type of machine you have, but some of the newer computers have some of these modems in them. Such as the new HP Pavillions, Compaqs, E-Machines, just to name a few. It may be possible to try to locate upgrades for the modem drivers.

MountaiNet Tech Support
888.583.7339 Mon - Fri 7am - 12am Sat 10am - 8pm
ICQ#48790499 Click below to add me to your list!

In Memory of all those who paid the ultimate price for freedom

So maybe I should have proofread a little bit, but it was written hastily (as I was trying to get it typed and sent before being disconnected again, but in vain) and in the heat of passion.

But talk about dodging the issue. I didn't ask about my modem. To be honest I didn't ask about anything, really. But I did mention the frequent disconnects and slow connection speed. And the fact that we pay too fucking much for this goddamn service. It's practically highway robbery.

Anyway, last night I went to Has-Beens. It was what I needed. I got to play the first part on "The Charleston" which was fun. Chuck McVey was there...

Uh...I went and returned my library books, but forgot to bring any money to pay the fines off. I was right, I owe $9.40, which isn't $10, but is quite close.

I got the other Bridget Jones book, and I must say it's a different feel. It's Bridget, but the way it's written it feels like a different pareson and we have to get to know her all over again...or something. Still a riot.

Got a reply from Cousin Sara (without an h). Rather short and acquaintence-like, but I expect that will go away after a few replies.

Shit, it's after 3:00.

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lunes, julio 22, 2002


I passed my AP test with a 3! Yay! Unfortunately that's not acceptable for credit at James Madison University, but I'm going into music, so what does it really matter for me? Virginia Commonwealth University will take it, though. And ETSU will most assuredly take it if VCU will. This gives me hope for next year.

The trip was fun. Saw a lot of family, some I hadn't seen since I was very very little (hello to cousin Sarah). My aunt has seven children now as of July 10. The baby (Katharine Victoria...) is beautiful. Had lots to eat and slept in a pull out sofa-bed thing with the behemoth that is my brother.

Still no word from Pal's.

Thinkin' about going to Has-Been's tonight as I haven't played since Wednesday. Ugh...I think we have rehearsals next week.

Won't be going to the Summer Music Games, it looks like. Eh.

My left eye has suddenly gone bad.

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jueves, julio 18, 2002


Both scales in the house are wrong. I'm more like 194 lbs. How I found out was I went to the Great Body Co. in K-town and after all the fun, there was a scale, and it told me my true weight. Ugh. My brother weighs fifty pounds more than I do, though.

I had a good time at that gym. There were all these cool machines that were...cool. They had a rowing machine. They had these "cross trainer" things. I think it would be a good idea to get a membership there.

We leave for Indiana in about ten hours, and I ain't even packed yet. My clothes are in the dryer, though.

I'm hungry.

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I'm floating back down. Right now I'm not on the top and I'm not at the bottom. Yet. I don't know why. I'm going on a road trip this Friday to go to a family reunion in Indiana, which should be a good thing. I'm going to be seeing some of the most fun cousins in the family. I'm going to be driving for hours on end (which is a notch in the plus column for me).

I don't know why I'm feeling like I do.

A television goody: Some of you may not give a damn about this, but TLC and UPN are two channels that are perfectly in sync. If the show you're watching on TLC is in commercial, then the show on UPN will be on and vice versa. Unlike late night shows which seem to go to commercial at the exact same time.

I had some more to put here, but can't remember.

Days till school starts: 28

I went running tonight, but I did the loop backward, and it seemed like it went quicker. Also, there were a lot of people exercising tonight. I saw a person I believe was Katrina Osborne (or is it Hale now?), then Ed Brit, then Mrs. Reed and two of her cohorts. I saw a deer and the same rabbit that has been there every night for the past week.

That's a good feeling. And this helps my digestive tract like nothing else. 'Nuff said about that.

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martes, julio 16, 2002


So about two of those things actually happened. I stayed up and watched Conan until the very end, then woke up to catch the last half of E.R. on TNT the next morning. I did run. And I did take care of the college things, but not the tour. I made a form letter requesting scholarship information. Now all I need is a printer. And the gym didn't happen, as the electrical stuff was being worked on at DB. And I did stack the wood, and practice, so four things happened.

Not bad....

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lunes, julio 15, 2002


Reese Witherspoon.... Pleasantville is on and I've never seen it, but it looks pretty good. Pretty interesting.

Three stupid ideas:

  • The Country Bears
  • Eight Legged Freaks
  • Good Morning Tri-Cities!

The Country Bears: Have you heard of or seen that mechanical puppet jamboree thing at Disney World? Yup, that's them. The premise is the littlest bear is adopted by (get this) a human family. Then for some reason he joins a band and they tour. That's all I gather. I predict it will flop.

Eight Legged Freaks: A bunch of huge spiders come out of some cave and start terrorizing a community. Where did they come from? Why are they so angry? And bloodthirsty? And where did they all bloody come from? And why do things like this always happen in small communities (Tremors (all of 'em), Halloween, From Dusk Till Dawn)?

Good Morning Tri Cities!: In an obvious effort to act like the 'modern city folk,' there is a show on the local ABC station that has a show called Good Morning Tri-Cities!. The obvious flaw is that the hosts (or hostesses, I should say) still have their 80's hair styles. It's so pathetic. I must watch it tomorrow, just to see if it is like all the rest of the bullshit in this area.

Aaaaahahaha! The daughter just explained to the mother what sex is. How funny! And is getting ready to tell about masturbation. Wahahahahahahaha!

Okay, the plan for tomorrow is to get up between seven and eight, eat a little something, and go run. Then shower. Then call (or email) VCU and JMU to set up tour dates. Then practice and wash out my trumpet if needed. Then when Nathaniel gets home in the afternoon stack the wood that Dad has cut. Then go to the gym. Then go to bed.

Something to do tomorrow! Yay!

Nathaniel's gone to a friend's house, and it's so nice here. I think I shall put a CD or two in his stereo to listen to tonight. It's due me.

Today we went to Grandma's ouse to eat lunch and ended up staying there until about 4:30. But it wasn't bad. She's got new drapes to match her wall colors. Looks nice. Now all she needs is some crown molding. Or something...

Pleasantville is such a good movie. Not because of all the sex, but because it's about change. Everything around them is changing into color, yet they are staying the same. My guess is that they have to change themselves. And the imagery...don't get me started. It's just a good movie.

I went running for the first time in about three days, I think. Felt good. I can't run on the track anymore because it's too mentally draining. There's nothing to look at.

Mom got back from Knoxville this evening. She was way frayed. She went off about the littlest things. Let's just hope she passed that damned test.

I so love it when I'm the only one down here. It feels like I'm living in my own apartment or something and I can just pretend away all the familiar squabbling. Lovely.

I think I'm gonna go get something to eat.

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domingo, julio 14, 2002


I have come downstairs again in an attempt to hide from the kitchen. I have eaten an entire day's worth of food in a half hour. Ugh. Certainly won't be able to run tonight as I will be bogged down with the liquid the majority of my binge was. I had two bowls of Ramen noodles, a piece of chocolate cake, and three pbgc sandwiches, all with about five glasses of milk and kool-aid.

But I shall start tomorrow, fresh and anew.

Mom is finally off to Knoxville to take her boards. She's worried about them, but one of her classmates that isn't quite as sharp as she is passed, so I think she'll do fine.

I'm going to go get a lightbulb for my desk lamp while I'm thinking about it.


There, much better.

I love it when the house is virtually empty like this: Mom and the Sister both out of the house, the Brother and the Dad both upstairs watching telivision, Dad most likely asleep. Nathaniel is not playing his guitar incessantly, which is such a good thing. One gets tired of "Over the Hills and Far Away" after so many times, you see.

And the room is so clean.

I have done virtually nothing today. But today is a day of rest, and even though I may not necessarily agree with the religion from which that tradition sprouted from, I agree with the tradition itself.

I really should practice, though...

Wow. The view is really beautiful from our room. I just opened the blinds for the first time in....ever, I think. And I'm listening to the Souther Harmony songs on my All-State CD, so it really helps with the mental image as well. The sky looks like it does after a whole day of rain with blue poking out in various places amongst the big fluffy white clouds. The leaves to the left are so green. Everything is green. Wonderful, really.

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As of right now, I owe six dollar in overdue library book fines. Yipeee...

My eyes are shot for the evening. I've tried to get some constructive work done (i.e. form letters for colleges requesting scholarship info), however, my version of Word doesn't have the Mail Merge feature for some reason. Perhaps it is because I don't have the full Office package?

I haven't eaten all day and thusly am so very hungry.

Maybe I should get those books back tomorrow...

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Here's my reading list for my A.P. English class for the upcoming school year.

And my A.P. Government class' course description.


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Movies, Popcorn, and Cake

As it rained all of yesterday, Mom told us on our way to the gym to think of other things we could be doing instead of swimming, because it looked like we were going to be rained out. We were. And we couldn't think of anything to do instead. So we ended up inviting Them up to the house (after a thorough and quick cleaning, of course) and renting a bunch of movies and having tacos and cake and poopcorn and lots to drink. It was all good fun.

Today has been a good day thus far because I have spent the majority of it in the bed. Reading. But it's nice to do that because I get to pretend for a while that I don't exist and am merely an observer in this fantasy world that someone else has created. I doubt that thinking like that is good for mental health, but I enjoy it.

I didn't run yesterday. No, I haven't given it up, it's just that it rained yesterday and I had to wake up and go directly to the gym, and then we had those aforementioned happy times.

But tonight I shall run.

Mom leaves today in about an hour to go take her boards and won't be back till later tomorrow. Wish her luck.

Bloody MountaiNet. There has to be a better ISP around here somewhere. NetAccess or something.

I've found some sort of lump in my armpit. At first I thought it was a zit, but it's been here for a few days now. I've tried looking at it in the mirror, but can't see due to the hair. It's a bit sensitive when I touch it; not really hurting but feeling like when you've got a zit. And I've got a few moles I think I should have checked out. Maybe I need to set up an appointment with a dermatologist?

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viernes, julio 12, 2002


I think I need an eye exam. I can feel my eyes getting worse.

This morning the scale said 182...and 187....and 192. I can't have gained ten pounds in three seconds, so there is undoubtedly something wrong with that scale. But I have a way to check myself: the other scale that doesn't work will tell you ten pounds less than your actual weight. So whichever reading checks out with the other scale is the one I go with. 182 it is.

I'm happy with that.

I ate a lot today, though. I had about eight of those pbgc sandwiches and two tacos. I'm not following a good diet...or something. Tomorrow I will eat better. A salad for lunch and what not.

I'm quickly turning into Narcissus what with this pomade. It just makes my hair look so good. Now if only my face would clear up...

Tomorrow we've planned on going swimming with the Jones girls. Whoopee.... I'm not wearing sunscreen, though. I haven't all summer. Skin cancer be damned!

Um...it's been over a week since Governor's school ended and still no response from Nick-the-teacher. Dammit. I've been had.

Too bad eccentrix doesn't support FTP access to one's site.

No call today from what's-his-name at Pal's. Damn...

Days of summer vacation left: 34. Motherfuck.

And another thing: I get very little email of substance anymore. It bothers me.

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I was just looking back, and I remembered that our AP scores come in sometime this month...

I edited that last post. There was some stuff on there that I thought was quasi-appropriate to put up there, but in actuality was not. So I took it off. Let me explain: My life is like a lava lamp, as far as I can surmise. I've got all these moods that are like the bubbles, and they just rise and fall like in a lava lamp. It's like a two-to-three-week cycle, as far as I can figure out.

I didn't run last night; I just didn't have it in me. So I'm gonna run a little extra today. I'm definitely going to run today, because it's only been a week since this undertaking, and already I've missed a day. But I have been eating less, and i have been losing weight, so it's all good.

I think I'm going to discontinue the LP thing...it's just getting stupid. I'll just put my weight and what not up here a la Bridget Jones's Diary.


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jueves, julio 11, 2002

Did You Ever Think...

...that when people say 5:00 they mean 5:00 and not 4:45? Grr...

So of course Mom came home this evening at about 4:30 and the first thing she said to me was "What time is your interview?" knowing perfectly well at what time my interview was. Then she asked me whether my clothes were ready. And they were...for the most part. My shirt was in the dryer and very nearly ready, but of course Mom had to freak out and bring to my attention the time. I had planned on walking down there (because it is within walking distance) at 4:50; but no, Mom had to drag my half-wet shirt out of the dryer and bitch and moan and make a general fuss. Then she said that she'd meet me at the van because it's raining.

Great. The last thing I wanted to do was show up at my goddamn interview in a piece of shit van driven by my mommy. Fifteen minutes early. Fucking Christ.

So then I got in there and it was all very awkward (as interviews are supposed to be) and she asked me questions like "What are your strengths?" to which I responded "You mean physically...or what?". It was one of those "Doh!" moments. But we had just been talking about whether or not it would be a problem for me to lift, say, thirty-six pound boxes of french fries (of course not). But the answer she was looking for was of a more subjective matter, and I eventually gave it to her. I told her that I'm quick with technological stuff; i.e. I pick things up quickly. I'm good with math.

Then the question I probably should have answered differently came up: "What are your weaknesses?"

I made some response about how short my temper may get at times. Boy oh boy.

Then I had to take this test that analysed my personality or something. There are no right or wrong answers; I was just supposed to answer how I felt. I had to give either an "Agree", "Not Sure", or "Disagree" answer. They are going to take my answers and put them in a database to see how I compare with the other workers they have there. To see where I fit in.

Good god.

The questions were like "I think that hard work is honest work" (I gave it an NS) and "Good things come to people who work hard" (also NS). I answered as honestly as I could have. I mean, hard work isn't always honest work. Take work in the mob, for instance. Vinny works night and day lifting crates to put on a boat to smuggle into Italy or what have you. He works hard. But it's not honest work. And rich bastards like Bill Gates who make $3.69 million every minute don't work hard, but good things come to them. Cushy-assed motherfuckers.

But I answered some questions appropriately. Like "I believe that people should work toward their goals at all costs" and things to that nature. And the obvious questions that were meant to be disagreed with were answered accordingly.

And that was it. She said that she was actually only the first round of interviews and that I would get a call from some guy who's a lot tougher than him and asks questions like "Why do you want to work here?" to set up another interview. Great...

Then I got in the car and told Mom about it and she went fucking apeshit! She was like "You're not supposed to be an individual in an interview! You're supposed to be what they're looking for!" My understanding now is that you're supposed to be a sycophant to the interviewer.

I hate exceptions. You're supposed to be yourself, but not if being yourself won't get you hired for a job you want. You're supposed to be honest, to the point of being brutally honest, but not if being honest is the wrong thing. If that's even fucking possible.

It's a good thing I didn't tell her about the weaknesses question.

This Saturday I'll owe $5.60 in overdue library books.

Sorry for the unintelligible rant, people.

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Wish me Luck

Less than an hour till the interview and my pants are drying and I still have a shirt in the washing machine.... Reckon the shirt'll be ready? Let's hope so...

I think the basement is infested with spiders. The space between my bed and my desk has some cobwebs in it and my lamp does too. That shows you how often we clean down here.

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miércoles, julio 10, 2002

Things to Do:

  • Call the Symphony office and set up an audition
  • Laundry
  • Practice
  • Run

I got a haircut today. Well, it was actually more of a trim. Actually, the haircut was just a façade; I wanted to get some pomade. So I got it, and now I have it. So there.

I need to do some laundry for the interview tomorrow. I don't know what I should wear. Should I dress nicely, or should I just be myself? A dilemma, yes....

Haha...read this and be sure to look at the pictures.

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This is It! At Last!

Happenings: The Real World ended. Sad.... That's about it.
Thoughts: A few.


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martes, julio 09, 2002

Three Good Things

  1. I watched a good movie;
  2. I think I finally got my computer figured out;
  3. Pal's finally called. Interview on Thursday at 5. Let's hope it goes well.

On watching a good movie: It's called Next Stop, Greenwich Village. It's about this Jewish guy who aspires to be an actor and the randomness of his life. The movie starts out by him moving out of his parents' house and just goes from there. Very Vonnegut-esque.

On getting my computer figured out: I've got it so that it won't ask for a username and password anymore and it connects a lot faster, but at a slower speed. And the disconnects are still as frequent. I think I'll end up calling MountaiNet and ask them what's goin' on.

On getting a call from Pal's: What you see there pretty much sums it up. Last night as I wrote my post the message was there and I didn't even bother to check it. I don't think anyone told me about it...but I found it this morning and called the person (Diana) and now have an interview for this Thursday at 5pm. Yay!

I've pissed the whole day away watching television. That movie and The Real World. MTV is showing all of the shows from the first episode building up to the last one which is tonight at 10. I plan to watch it.

I know I told myself that I wouldnt' watch things that made me lose track of time, but The Real World has.

Oh well.

I think our cat who is pregnant is about to give birth. She's been scratching on the doors and meowing like she's in heat and pacing around downstairs...

Someone get me straight: If I'm a senior this year, then I need to apply to colleges this year, don't I? Right. So all my downloading applications is not in vain. Because for a second there I thought that I'd need to wait another year before applying or something...but that's not the case.

And for some reason the YACCS thing isn't working.

I'll leave you with that.

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lunes, julio 08, 2002

Goddamn ISP!

I fucking hate MountaiNet. And now something else funky is going on with my computer. Everytime I try to connect, a dialog box pops up and asks for my Windows username and password...only I don't have a Windows username and password. So I went to the uers thing in the control panel and deleted the default user, but didn't lose any of my files, so i thought it was okay. But it's not. So now I'm going to have to do some fiddling around...

Let's see...I got $40 today from my grandmother. I put sealant on her sidewalk. And washed the paneling on the basement walls. And did some painting outside under the porch.

I just got fucking disconnected again! AAAAAAAARGH!

And I have yet to be called by Pal's. Is there something I'm not doing right on applications? Come on, people!

Oh, and I updated my warranty. $220.62. God damn.

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sábado, julio 06, 2002


We had a good time. We ended up spending over $50, but that was for two games and the shoes and seven people. Mom owes me some change, though.

On the way back, somehow we got to talking about sleeping habits, and I said something about Hers and She said, Well, at least I don't talk, fart, belch, and snore in my sleep. I said, That shows you that I'm so full of gas that I can't help but fart. Mom and Dad got really worked up about that. They were saying how I ought not talk about bodily functions like that in to nice polite company. I asked whether I should talk about it to complete strangers and she said no, of course. So then I asked about when I go to see the doctor. She didn't like that. Mark one for me.

I learned two things at the gym:

  1. How to do bicep curls so that you get the most out of the curl.
  2. How to work my lower abs and that...place down there.

See The LP Chronicles for elaboration.

I practiced last night for about forty minutes. Dad came home, then, and we had to eat before leaving for bowling.

When we got to the bowling alley, there was a 'tourney' going on, and the guy at the counter said that he didn't have a lane open until 9:45. We were there at 7:00. We had to find something to do in K-town for two hours and forty-five minutes. First we went to Warriors Path, but that only took up an hour. Then we went to the Fort Patrick Henry Dam, but that was rather boring. Then we decided to just go to the bowling alley and wait it out.

But we eventually did get to bowl and it was great fun. I only got one strike. Mom, surprisingly, did the best of all of us; she was the only one who broke 100. Dad could certainly lob the ball down the lane, though... She got five strikes, and She learned how to put a spin on the ball. She would throw the ball and it would look like it was going toward the gutter, but then it would veer over to the pin and knock them all down.... Sheesh.

We're having steaks and mashed potatoes with brown gravy tonight. Mmmm....

Also, one of the cats pooped on the bath rug in our bathroom. I think I'm going to go clean that up.


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viernes, julio 05, 2002

High on Fumes: The Musical

I just got back from my grandmother's house where we were painting the walls in her basement. I didn't realise how much the fumes were bothering me until I got here. I have little paint drops all over me.

I can't believe I spent the whole day at my grandmother's. I got $40, though, so it's all good.

I went running this morning. Two miles. Roughly. And on the track. But I went running, by god. I feel good.

Nathaniel and I decided that we were going to go bowling this afternoon with the Jones girls. Mom's going to drive us all: me Nathaniel Laura, Rachel Sarah Hannah.


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Fun Fun Fun

Question: "The only non-Catholic Grand Master of the Maltese Order of Honor"
Answer: "...Huh?"

To celebrate the Fourth, we went to The Joneses and had a blast. We didn't get to grill outside because of rain and whatnot, but it was good. We ate ourselves into a coma with hamburgers and chips and dip and cherry coke salad and home-made ice cream with M&Ms and chocolate syrup. Fireworks and sparklers were in order. And so was a game called Blurt! from which the quote above was gathered. Dad said that we should be able to make up our own questions, so one time it when it was his turn, he said that (or something to that nature...). I laughed so hard for five minutes or so. I had tears running down my cheeks. It was so very funny.

Their cat, Lily, is wild! Wilder, even, than Trixie.

I went to the pool thing today. There were only six of us...Heather, Candace, Andrea, J.D., me, and Candace's sister Sarah (or Sara...). It was fun. I got a little burned, but it's nothing intolerable.

I am so sleepy and out of it right now. I've been up for a while. Sixteen hours...or so.

I've been getting comments from random people. I like it. Keep 'em coming.

I don't know what's up with my ISP, but every time I connect, I'm disconnected about four times before I can get a 'permanent' connection. And even then I'm only at 16800bps. Arrgh! That's down from 48000bps! I'm so frustrated with them. Maybe when/if I get my job at Pal's I can purchase my own connection with someone other than MountaiNet. Grr...

I'm going to update The LP Chronicles before going to sleep.

Buena noche.

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miércoles, julio 03, 2002

Yet Another Test


I am 58% worshipable! And you? Find out!

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More Good News

My passwords thing on my computer has suddenly started working again. Wee...

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Good News and Other Good Things

Today ended Governor's School. I received my entire stipend and made new friends. Hello to Ariel, Teresa, Hoight (sp?), Klondike, Bethany-not-Beth, Josh P., Justin, Wes, Andrea, Josh D., Brandon, Martha, Kaylah, Crystal, Mallory-with-no-shoulders, Kevin, Amanda, Ashley B., Matt, Nate-not-Nathan, Jeremy, Candace, Heather, Ashley W., Rusty, and Fluffy-or-Heather-but-not-Fluffy-slash-Heather (quien no es tan mucho de una perra como pretende ser). I'll try to get appropriate links up when I get them.

More good news: Nick-the-teacher asked me if I would like some space on his server to play around. I said no... What!? Do you think I'm crazy?! Of course I said yes! This blog will be moving in a few days to an empty server. Yippee skippee! I can put images and all sorts of cool stuff on there. I'm so happy. I'll have to keep it a secret from Mom and Dad.... Or should I?


Candace has invited everyone she could to the pool tomorrow (for her birthday, I presume). I'm going to see what time the Joneses are expecting us to eat there to see if I can go or not. I wish I could get in touch with someone who could tell Candace or someone if I couldn't be there.

Oh, and I went and got an application from Pal's. Yes, I know it's fast food, and I know that I've vowed never to work in a fast food restaurant. But it's money, and I'd like to have some of my own. Car, miscellaneous stuff.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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If you see a little brown line after my wishlist, it's the Blogsnob thing. For some reason it's not working... Don't worry, though.

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A Resolution

Starting tomorrow, I am going to embark on a quest to lose fifteen pounds before school starts. My success (or lack thereof) will be chronicled in The LP Chronicles (the LP stands for Losing Pounds...tee hee). It'll be up tomorrow.

It's the last day of Governor's school. *sniffle sniffle*

Enough of that.


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martes, julio 02, 2002

Two Good Movies

Forrest Gump and Slingblade. Both excellent movies. I saw Forrest Gump back when it came out, but I was really young -- too young -- to truly understand it.

Same thing with Slingblade. I saw that when I was young, too, and didn't really get it. But it was on TV last night and I saw it and realised how good it is.

They're feel-good movies. And they're both about retards.

Go figure.

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Well, for the most part.

It's thundering a lot, but I see very little rain.

I think I'm going to be driving to governor's school tomorrow. Yess...

This is going to be one of those ADD posts.

As much as I don't like Windows, I must admit that Windows XP looks pretty cool. (Bad Cole! Bad!)

It's gonna be sad when this is over. Sure I won't miss the bus rides in the morning and afternoon, and the bad food, and the annoying people. But I will miss a few people.

I practiced for nearly an hour...or more. I'm not sure because I wasn't really paying attention to the clock. But I know it was seven-thirty-ish when I started and it was close to nine when I finished. Killer. I went over the music for marching band, and actually got up to Eb''' once or twice. D''' a few more times than that. I need to keep doing those lip slurs, and not take breaks.... Of course I do have to go to the gym tonight.

The slideshow thing didn't work, so we ended up just having a page of lots of thumbnails. Looky, looky.

I've gotten to the point where I can't go very long without listening to Cake. Their music is everywhere, did you know that? The theme song on that Baby Blues show on Adult Swim is "Italian Leather Sofa" by Cake. A very short version; a very fast version; but nontheless Cake.

I had something else to put here, but I can't remember it.

Oh well.

Leave comments if you want to. I know I'd like a few.

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lunes, julio 01, 2002

Tired...But Why?

Perhaps it's because I've been awake (not up, mind you) since five this morning. I'm seriously thinking about just skipping Has-Been's tonight and going to get Mom, just so I can stay home and work on some Array stuff for this idea thye had for the web page that might could be completed by Wednesday afternoon, but probably won't...

Unless FrontPage has a feature that will do all that stuff for me...?

Basically, here's what I've got to do:

<script language="javascript">
function pictureChanger() {
var x = new Array()
x[0] = something.jpg;
x[1] = something.jpg;
//and so on until you get enough pictures. This stuff is in the head, mind you

//there's some kind of if statement or something here...i haven't quite figured it out, but i have a general idea


There's tons more to do, and that's just the function. THen there's the body, which will look all crazy.


It's thundering right now. On the way home, there was this huge thunderbolt that must have come from a lightning bolt that had just hit the mountain right beside me. It scared the bejesus out of me, but it was cool nontheless.

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