domingo, junio 30, 2002

Who's Waiting for Mission Hill?

This guy! I'm watching Adult Swim, and it's funny. The funniest show (Home Movies) is already over, but another funny show (Mission Hill) comes on at 12, and I'm gonna watch it.

And I've got to get up at 5 to take Mom to work tomorrow.

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I Need To...

  • dust my desk
  • practice more
  • run
  • help more around the house
  • stay on the internet less
  • be nicer to people
  • keep my room picked up
  • keep my feet off of people
  • watch less tv
  • read more
  • take less internet quizzes
  • get a job
  • get a car

That's it so far.

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Testing, Testing, One Two Three...

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

If you see more than one poet listed below that is because you displayed an equivalent amount of traits of more than one poet.

You are Dorothy Parker
You are cynical, bitter, and bitchy! Too bad you are so preoccupied with love and unhappy with life. It's okay, your wit has made you very popular. By the way, aren't all men pigs?

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

You are T.S. Eliot
Your are introspective and have an affinity for creatures that purr. You also have a tendency to doubt yourself. You can see the beauty in the world - don't let it pass you by!

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

You are Maya Angelou
You have a strong sense of self and have faith in your abilities. You are an optimist and believe that things can get better if people work together. You also have faith in humanity.

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

You are e.e. cummings
Your use of the English language is not bound to any grammatical or even logical standards. You live your life with rhythym and passion and find yourself constantly searching for meaning by traveling or in new relationships.

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

I had a good time at the float yesterday. It was different this time, because we stayed inside with Michael pretty much the whole time and debated various things. It was fun. I think it was the best and quickest float we'd ever had, though. The river was up from all the rain we've had, so it was all good.

God, I really need to practice. I haven't played since Thursday. That's not doing anything good for my chops.

I can't believe July is already here. I mean, not here yet, but tomorrow starts July. Summer is almost over. Ugh.

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sábado, junio 29, 2002

It's Sad...

I saw on MTV News about some kind of thing with TLC...then I remembered that now they're just two people.

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viernes, junio 28, 2002

Naughty Words

Out of sheer boredom, I did a search on all the root words for curse words; like shit (shit-head, shit-hole), damn (goddamn, goddammit), fuck (motherfucker, fuckhead...this excludes the fuck search from the other night), cock (cocksucker, cockmuhcher, cock-wrangler) and any more I could think of. Here are the results, in order of most used:




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FrontPage (a.k.a. the Devil (el Diablo))

In a few ways it's good, but in more ways than good it is bad. Very bad. Like making-all-the-links-absolute-links-that-point-to-the-hard-drive-of-the-computer-you're-using bad. And most of the shit doesn't show up in Opera.

To see what I'm talking about click here. It's terrible.

Not much happened today. I kept thinking all day that I was being persuaded to FrontPage because it did help, but it's so fucked up. Aargh.

Today I saw an ad on this Pogo site that had a very obvious spelling error on it. And it was from the ad council. I can't remember what it said, but the phrase was 'reading disabilities' and it was spelled 'reading disadabilities'. I laughed.

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jueves, junio 27, 2002

Fun Fun Fun

It was humid, but not bad. It rained like a motherfucker and it was wet and we had to wait a half hour because some bastards evaded the bus when it was time to leave, but it was fun other than that. I met some new people; Bethany, Warren, Jeremy, Teresa, Ariel, Josh, and the ever-antisocial Fluffy.

I'm talking about the Governor's School trip, of course.

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martes, junio 25, 2002

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Yay. My A: drive has suddenly started working again. I got home this evening and was messing around, and the thought occurred me to try my A: drive again. So I did; lo and behold it worked! Praise Jesus and Vishnu and Brahmin and Zeus and Muhammed and whomever else!

Do you think that I ought to call that tech support guy and tell him that it's started working again...? I have no clue. It seems pretty mysterious to me.

I have 16 days till my warranty expires. I think I should upgrade it sometime soon. Yup.

Uh...what did I do today? I went to a PR firm in Norton called ADVanture or something like that. It was pretty cool. There was a computer there that had a 180G hard drive! Who would ever need that much space?! That's nearly a fifth of the almighty terabyte. I drooled...honestly. Then there was this neat computer that was set up with two monitors, but they shared the same desktop. And the guy showed us this neat 3D imaging software from Adobe (lots of money) that was soooooo cool. I would kill to work there, just to play with that computer.

I told Dad about this guy and that there's an office in Las Vegas, and he said that the dude was probably a criminal. I managed to convince him otherwise--that is, to at least stop saying that.

I learned an interesting smart-ass gimmick today. It goes like this:

SOMEONE: Where's the theatre at?
SOMEONE ELSE: Behind the 'at'. Don't end sentences with prepositions.
SOMONE: Okay. Where's the theatre at, asshole?

Muahahahahahaha.... I don't know about the rest of the class, but I think that Nick guy is pretty cool. Well, actually I do know about the rest of the class; they think he's a dick. And they're right. But he's still cool. I know that makes me sound like a brown-noser, but do I care? Non--no.

So I shall leave you with that. Hope that my A: drive continues to work, and the next one that is in transit here will work as well, so I can say that it fixed the problem upgrade my warranty and not have to deal with those tech supoprt motherfuckers.


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I'm Not Done Yet

I don't know about the title.

Um...I have such bad gas right now.

This morning we (the class) went to this pr/advertising/media consulting company called Advanture. It was pretty neat. There was this really super-cool computer program they had (it was from Adobe, of course) and it made like 3D movies. It was neat. The computer was set up with two monitors and the desktop was stretched on both...

I gotta go right now. Class let out. Buh-bye.

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lunes, junio 24, 2002

Oh, By the Way

Atlas Shrugged is coming along very slowly. I'm about a tenth of the way through...yeah. But it's good.

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I love driving by myself when the weather is warm. I love zooming down the highway at seventy miles per hour, the wind running through my hair and roaring at the windows, listening to whatever the hell is on NPR. It gives one a sense of satisfaction...

I beat a Corvette out of a stoplight three times out of three. I love the Contour...

I was thinking, if this A: drive that Gateway sends me doesn't work, I'm going to see if I can get a refund and make the switch. I just think Macs are so much more appealing. They look cool, and nearly every good program (i.e. Adobe, Musicmatch, on) is Mac-based. And if I'm to need to make a career of computers, I think a Mac is what I'd go with. I hear good things from people who have them. Did you know that Bill Gates stole the original Windows idea from the guy who came up with the Mac OS? It's true. If you can, find a computer that still runs Windows 3.x, then go look at Mac OS x. They look just about the same.

I just think it would be a better deal for my money.

By the way, I've put a comments link on here. If you feel the need, just click on the link that says '¿qué dices?'.

Gracias, y buena noche.

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domingo, junio 23, 2002


I don't know. I had a 'fight' at dinner today, which was Mom's birthday dinner. I'm so embarrassed.

Lemme break it down. Nathaniel was eating, and I was eating, and he asked for the parmesan cheese by pointing and grunting. If you don't know this already, this is really irritating. So I said, "What do you want?" and he got angry and reached for it. So I put it at the far end of the table, and he got the cheese. And then he said something and I said something...and he threw the open parmesan cheese at me. So everyone was angry, and I'm not sure if there's still that pile of cheese on the carpet or not. I ate my dinner amidst a hail of angry words and...other things. I thought I was gonna go shopping for summer clothes after dinner, but I had to go finish the lawn over at Jill's. All this happened at about one o'clock. I was planning on going then, but Dad insisted that I wait because church would be ending and people might get offended about me working on the I went at two.

I got back at five, and Mom called me into her room where she had all these clothes and said, "Look, I found some shorts that you wore last year. Try these on and tell me which ones you don't want." Hmph. So now I don't know if that negates her earlier statement about how I could just go after governor's school or not....

And between my going to mow the mothabitch and dinner, Dad said that I need to change and be nicer.... I don't know. He may be right. I have been acting pretty sullen and...well, mean to the family. But I can't explain it. I'm usually as nice to people as I can be. Or am I?


I'm entertaining the notion of auditioning for Carolina Crown for next year after I graduate. I think that would be cool. And it'll give me something to do for the summer.

And speaking of Drum Corps, International, I'm also entertaining the notion of going down to Murfreesboro for the big thing they're having there on July 26. I think that would be awesome. PBS isn't broadcasting them this least the stations we get here. And I think it would be neat to see one of those shows live. It would have to be an overnight trip, but that can be arranged. We're Super 8 members or something....

So I'll leave you with that.

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sábado, junio 22, 2002

Refreshingly Clean!

I just took a shower after mowing the mothabitch, and boy it feels good to wash after that. I was filthy, I tell you.

I am exhausted. I was going to go shop for summer clothes, because I have none, but that didn't happen. I got over there at 1 and got back at 6:30...or so. And there's still more to do. But it's $50 a pop, so that's

I'm hungry, even though I just ate a Big Pal with cheese and lettuce and fries....and ketchup. Mmmmm....

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viernes, junio 21, 2002


I was having an AIM session with a friend of mine, and she was talking in Latin and I was talking in Spanish, and we were understanding each other pretty well. It was cool.

I got to thinking that I would love to go to Spain -- or even Mexico -- and just live. Learn the language. Total immersion. A Mexican woman I'm acquainted with said that if I went to Mexico City for a few weeks that I would be fluent. Maybe I can arrange a trip next year? That would be cool. I'd have to go with friends....

There's an idea.

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I Am a Quiz Machine

This will stop soon, I promise.

because i thought this picture was pretty, laura of told me this: "you enjoy sitcoms, popcorn, horses, and perhaps surfboarding. you lost your virginity either very early (under the age of eleven) or very late (over the age of thirty). you take politics and religion very seriously, and when you were a kid, you had a penchant for getting lost in shopping malls and/or amusement parks. your favorite color is most likely blue or green, and you are terrified of spiders."
whatever will laura tell you??

Uh...sure. I do enjoy sitcoms and popcorn, though I've never really tried surfboarding. The part about my virginity makes me shudder.... I do take politics and religion very seriously, and I did get lost in malls and amusment parks. I like blue and green, and I can't stand spiders!

How do they do this?

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You Eat the Banana, Thus Disarming the Banana Feind!

It's sad; when all else fails, I turn to Monty Python.

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A Reminder

  • 52352342 - Andrea

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Friday Five

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?

2. Do you rent or own?
I mooch.

3. Does anyone else live with you?
Mom Dad, Nathaniel, Laura, Koko, Trixie, Cotton

4. How many times have you moved in your life?
Norfolk to Orlando, Orlando to San Francisco, San Francisco to Gate City...and more to come.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
Well, I have to play sometime. I'm going to the gym tomorrow and mowing a mothabitch of a lawn after that. Don't have anything planned for Sunday.

We had a 'presentation' this morning. We had a whopping total of one guest. That's right, one guest. That's okay, though. It was just practice.

Let's see...My A: drive still don't work. Speaking of my computer: Nathaniel, if you're reading this, stop looking up porn and get to your tabs and email. Porn wasn't in the agreement.

I'm going to work on my story some more...

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jueves, junio 20, 2002

Quizzes Galore (via Brandon)

You're AIM!
You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?


I make the most of what is given to me, and what lacks, I can improvise. I am a quick learner, and can master new skills rapidly. I am the jack of all trades. Master of none is a small price to pay. You may call it beginners luck. I call it absorbency.

What's your superpower?

Do you swear a lot?
quiz by maikamariel

What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

Which HP Kid Are You?

Jubilation Lee
I'm Jubilation Lee
What X-Men Character are You?

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

Which Matthew Lillard Character Are You?
this quiz was made by Val

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Ah, Fuck It

The title applies both to the quiz, as I can't keep my resolution about not posting quizzes anymore, and it also applies to my computer. Yes, it has been sent back to me, seemingly in working order. But there's still a problem with the A: drive. The icon looks like it should, but every time I try to open a disk, it says "The disk in drive A: is unformatted. Do you wan to format?" with a Yes and a No button. So of course I click No, and I can't get to the fucking disk. I tried to format an empty one I had, and it told me that there either wasn't a disk in the drive, the door wasn't shut, or there was something wrong with the disk. Arrgh.

And I called tech support again and asked them what the fuck was going on (politely, of course) and was disconnected the first time, then called again and finally got someone who didn't try to rush me through and send me on my way. I got his name, badge number, and his extention number. And a direct 1-800 number to contact him. Here it is in case I lose the paper I wrote it down on:

  • Sean, Badge No. 19890, 1-800-846-3612 ext. 28027

And my service request number is 1-23438730.

I'm writing a short story. It came from a prompt. I used to think that prompts weren't a good way to write stories, like it was forcing you to write or else. But now I see that they can be good things, if done properly. You have to brainstorm about ideas that pertain to the prompt. I'm also liking poetry more, too. I'm less likely to skim (okay, skip) over the poetry on and more likely to read it now.

God, even my blog isn't safe! Look what was in my bulk mail folder:


I visited MAD_TRUMPETER.BLOGSPOT.COM, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service which can help you increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website.

I would like to introduce you to We offer a unique technology that will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories every month.

You'll be surprised by the low cost, and by how effective this website promotion method can be.

To find out more about TrafficMagnet and the cost for submitting your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories, visit

I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Christine Hall
Sales and Marketing


So I think I'll surf for a while and get to my story.

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miércoles, junio 19, 2002

Captain Perv, Away!

Yeah, I'm supposed to be freewriting and stuff, but it ain't happenin'. I'm too distracted with Brandon over here taking quizzes and asking me which choice applies to him. The bitch...hehe.

Well, that's it. Buh-bye.

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martes, junio 18, 2002

A Post! A Post!

Since I'm messin' around with the template, anyway, I figure why not post? So I am.

Governor's school is the shit. Okay, well, not really. But it is rather fun. I've made at least one new friend. Tee hee.

I've written a few poems, wrote a bit of a short story, read a bit.

I'm reading Atlas Shrugged. It's a big-ass book. A thousand something pages. It looks like a dictionary. How can someone write that much?

Mom was freaking out the other day because I didn't write down my serial number on my computer before just shipping it off. But I have my event number and service number and everything, so that should count for something...right? Ah, well... about a half hour we're going on a field trip to Johnson City to a printing press. Woo.

That's it for now.

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miércoles, junio 12, 2002

Bon Voyage, Mon Chere

My computer is like my left arm. My left arm is going away. I'll miss my left arm.

This is the last post for an indefinite amount of time.

G'bye, y'all.

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A Survey For Youuuuuuuuu...

I SEE? my LCD screen, dur.
I NEED? a job/car/money. preferably all three
I FIND? jiggies
I WANT? an empty house in which to practice
I HAVE? been in the All-Virginia band. beotch.
I WISH? to leave
I LOVE? george carlin. he's my hero.
I HATE? fucking stupid people
I MISS? my old house, actually. well, the privacy that came with it, anyway
I FEAR? I won't be able to hack it in the real world. Not the television show, dumbass.
I FEEL? hungry
I HEAR? Led Zeppelin
I SMELL? I did until about twenty minutes ago.
I CRAVE? peanut butter and graham crackers. mmmm...
I SEARCH? for my stravinsky cd.
I WONDER? what the fuck is goin' on
I REGRET? not applying to governor's school this year. i could have made it, dammit.


SMILED? just a few minutes ago. wait, just a second ago.
LAUGHED? i can't remember...farily recently.
CRIED? oh god, a looooooong time ago. like ten years.
DANCED? on the band trip at the bowling alley. no, wait, at the hotel. no, wait, on the bus.
WERE SARCASTIC? nooooooo-ooooooooooooo.
KISSED SOMEONE? last year.
WATCHED YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? my new favorite is Breakfast at Tiffany's, and that was like last week.
HAD A NIGHTMARE? gawd, ages ago.

LAST BOOK YOU READ? desecration.
LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? Star Wars: Episode II
LAST SONG YOU HEARD? the Southern Harmony suite we played at all-state. tee hee.
LAST THING YOU HAD TO DRINK? good sweet water.
LAST THING YOU ATE? half a can of pringles and macaroni salad.


DO DRUGS? no, sadly.
HAVE SEX? you're kidding, right?
SLEEP WITH STUFFED ANIMALS? last night i slept with my stuffed monkey that i got on the band trip, but that was 'cause nathaniel threw it in my bed and i was too lazy to get rid of it.
PLAY AN INSTRUMENT? yes, trumpet and clarinet. or something.
BELIEVE THERE IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS? yeah. how can there not be?
REMEMBER YOUR FIRST LOVE? i wouldn't say that i had a first love.
READ THE NEWSPAPER? occasionally
HAVE ANY GAY OR LESBIAN FRIENDS? i'd like to think so.
LIKE THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL? i will eventually
BELIEVE IN MAGIC? voodoo child.
PRAY? no
HAVE ANY PETS? two cats and a dumbass dog. oh, and my sister.
TALK TO STRANGERS WHO IM YOU? they usually end up being someone i know, so yes.

HAVE ANY TATTOOS? no, nor do i want one.
HAVE ANY PEIRCINGS? no. and i dont' have any piercings, either.
HAVE A SECRET CRUSH? yeah...*blush*
HAVE AN OBSESSION? yes. yes yes yes yes.
WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO SOMEONE? playful sarcasm. intelligence, wit adn humor. the usual.
FAVE C.D? uh....Cake - Fashion Nugget
HAVE YOU EVER WORN SOMETHING REALLY STUPID? yeah. every friday night during football season, mothabitch.
FAVE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: uh, red wine. chablis.
DO YOU SMOKE: no, i need to preserve my lungs, but not for self-righteous reasons. I plan on being a professional trumpet player.
DO YOU LIKE SPORTS? i like sports where you have to run a lot, like soccer.
DO YOU GET ON WITH YOUR PARENTS? lord, no. but i do get along with them for the most part.
DO YOU WEAR MAKE UP? well, a little eyeshadow every now and then, and mascara. ooh, and glitter... no.
WHAT WAS THE FIRST SEXUAL THING YOU DID? masturbate, i guess. or get a boner when i was like four.
WHAT SONG MAKES YOU THINK OF SEX? call me crazy, but the mercury movement of the planet's suite by gustav holst. or even Leia's theme by John Williams from Star Wars.
WHAT SONG GETS YOU ANGRY? anything rap. but the new shit. not the old-school stuff.
WHAT SONG GETS YOU EMOTIONAL? i can't say that any one song does, really.
WHO DO YOU HATE? closed-minded people.
DO YOU ENJOY SEX? wouldnt' know.
DO YOU LIKE JERRY SPRINGER? not really. i find the moronic random chanting by the audience...well, moronic.
DO YOU LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS? her boobs, yeah.
DO YOU PLAY GUITAR? i can play four chords.
IF SO, WHAT CAN YOU PLAY ON IT? that song by the dead kennedy's, the blister in the sun one..
DO YOU LIKE BEING YOU? why, shore.
DO YOU WISH YOU WERE SOMEONE ELSE? no, i don't. sometimes i say that, but i don't mean it.
ARE YOU JEALOUS OF ANYONE? i wish i could say no.

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martes, junio 11, 2002

I'm Thuper, Thanks for Athking!

I'm deleting stuff in my computer in preparation for sendin' it in. The logistics lady said that the box should be here around noon tomorrow. This afternoon I'm going to send my original A: drive in, just for the hell of it. I think I'll put a note with my service number in the boxes, so they can see what's goin' on. Fuck.

On the plus side, yesterday we (my siblings and I, that is) went to work for grandma, and she gave us sixty dollars apiece! I told her that the next time I do work for her, she didn't have to pay me.

I haven't eaten yet, so I think I'll do that. Then I'll rummage about and see if I can find some packing tape.

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lunes, junio 10, 2002

Just One More


I act like I'm 23.
This test was brought to you by Melissa - No, really.... Take it here.

I got a tech support letter from Softex (the company that puts out the BayManager on my computer) and they say (I'm assuming) that I should go ahead and send it in, and have them put on the latest version of BayManager so that they can tell me whether it's a software or hardware problem. I believe it's a software problem. No hostility toward Softex, though.

Well, I'm going to call that Gateway place to see about my computer being sent in.

And I'm going to make a change to the template...

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domingo, junio 09, 2002

A Hiatus?

As I sigh heavily over my ill computer I wonder how I'm going to survive these next few days. My computer is infirm, and needs to be sent to someplace in South Dakota to be poked and prodded and made well again. God dammit.

The problem is that they (being Gateway) sent me a new A: drive, but it didn't work. So I called tech support again, and they said that I'm probably going to have to send it in so they can find out what's wrong.

If any computer-savvy people happen to be reading I shall relate to you my problem with the hope that you might could email me (the link at the end of each post that says "coley") and tell me what I can do to avoid having to send my computer away.

Here's how my computer is setted. I've got a Gateway Solo 5300 running Windows ME. It has a bay in which I can switch my drives, which number two, my D: drive and my A: drive, and the Softex BayManager (version 1.03.22) keeps up with my drives.. About a week ago, I came home from school with some computer art on a disk, and I needed to switch drives so I could put them on my computer. I did everything that I needed to, but when I went to access my A: drive, an error message came up that said the drive was inaccessable or whatever. So I tried switching drives again, but to no avail. My D: drive still works properly, but neither the original drive nor the one Gateway sent me works at all.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with it. My warranty expires in July, and I don't think it's a coincidence that all of this is happening so close to the end of the warranty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Pianoplayers Reviewed:

Ellen Henshaw tells of her adventures as the daughter of a pianoplayer (not a pianist, but a pianoplayer). Her father, Willie Henshaw, works in cinemas playing for the movies. He has no set repertoire, but mostly makes it up as he goes along, as he is quite knowledgeable about music.

In the course of the book, they end up living in two different cities and Willie lands a job with a comedy troupe. Ellen works in a 'caffy,' not a café, as a café is a place of more class than a caffy, where they serve Nice Cups of Tea. Willie ends up fighting with a member of the troupe's cast and is kicked out of it because of the great ruckus he caused. Ellen, meanwhile, has had two men (and one woman...imagine) engage in sexual acts at her, being that she is such a well-developed girl for her age. After the second such encounter being with her landlord, she decides that if men are going to do this to her, then she's going to make them pay for it. Like with money. Thus marks the roots of her prostitute-hood.

So Willie is goaded into this thirty-day pianoplaying Marathon by a man who runs a freakshow, and after the fifteenth day, he dies. Ellen is then sent to her aunt's and goes to school like any other girl of her age. One day during school a 'nun' comes to visit from Bulgaria and recruits young pretty girls to come to her 'convent' where they are taught French and learn the basics of 'Entertainment.' Ellen is sent to a 'hotel' in Paris, where older 'gentlemen' come in and make it with their 'daughters.'

Many more 'hotels' are to follow, and even a School of Love is started by her (Schola Amoris) to teach men, young and old alike, the art of Love.

Then she is sent news of her son and his wife and his poor widowed mother-in-law. That is quite a tale indeed.

And thus ends the book.

The rating: On the visible light spectrum (red being poor and violet being excellent), it gets THIS. A good book it is, but not recommended for young children and those of prudent upbringings.

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sábado, junio 08, 2002

Yeah, Whatever

The lack of posts is not due to a lack of material; on the contrary, a lot has happened. I went fishing yesterday with Her and caught one fish, two trees, a log, and a shrub. I had to break the line twice. Tee hee.

I also got a hella burn. That on top of the burn I already had from Wednesday.

But I had fun. We all (save her next youngest sister) went swimming yesterday, then we went to Her house for eats and merriment, then we went fishing, then we came back to her house for more eats and merriment.

Got home at Midnight.

Also, this past week, I've read two books about prostitutes: Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Pianoplayers. A review of the latter is soon to come.

And I went to the orientation for Governor's School on Thursday. Yippee.

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lunes, junio 03, 2002

La Graduación

Oficialmente me hace un señor de high school. (Officially makes me a high school senior.) (I think.)

Frankly, I'm scared. Tomorrow I have my first duty as a senior, which is to get my outdoor pictures taken. I'm going to go early, and a few friends are planning to go early as well. I'll have to get up and take mom to work or something. Tomorrow she's going to take the brother and myself to the laundromat to teach us how to do laundry there. Yeah.

But back to high school life.

I have a friend whom I believe likes me. I've known her since seventh grade. We butted heads initially. Well, okay, for about two years. But it settled down. Here lately, we've become really good friends. And, when she looks at me, I think I can detect a bit of...longing for something more?

But there is a dilemma. There is another girl-friend of mine who had moved away. I was supposed to be in a relationship with her. We were supposed to be going out. I don't know what we were doing. It was weird. So when She did move away, I was secretly relieved. And I did miss Her like I was supposed to after a while. Everyone was telling me that I missed my big chance and that I should have gone out with Her. Some even said that I should have "hit that." Indeed.

But I wanted to fish more, so to speak. I could tell that other girls were interested in me. I could name a few.... Then She moved back. Great! All I could think was, "Shit." Then I could tell that the same girls still wanted me, but sensed that I was ("not officially," as I had said so many times) Hers. I never really "asked her out," so to speak. Did we go on dates? Yes, if by 'dates' you mean such things as going to the ballet and the symphony.

I'm confused, though. Even though we are in this limbo, I still feel kind of jealous when other guys ask me if we're going out, or if they, in passing comments, say that She's foxy, which she is.

But there's so much more to a person than just their looks! I truly learned that this past year. I love every person that sat at our lunch table. They taught me so much.

We've never really been flirty like most couples you see are, and are supposed to be. Partially because I'm so shy when it comes to that. But we have had a few flirty moments. Most recently in the hotel at the pool on the band trip. (I assure you it's not what you're thinking.)

And I did take her to the prom, for Christ's sake.

But I'm wanting to break it off, what little of it there is to break off. I'll have to do it anyway, right? At the end of the upcoming school year, right? As cliché as this sounds, I do like her as a friend, and I enjoy her family and everything. But I know that I'm not going to marry her, and she's said herself that she's not going to marry anyone she knows from high school.

So maybe this thing with the other girl-friend might develop, and maybe it won't.

But as they say, the ocean is plenty full of fish, and I want to go fishing.

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After being to state, I realise that I am better than most of the trumpet players in my district. If I meet a trumpet player in this area, I know that it is doubtful that he (or she, but for the purposes of saving time, I'm going to say 'he') will beat me.

It's a good feeling.

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So I didn't go to my sister's sixth grade graduation. But she didn't go to my All-State concert. So there.

Alas, it is only twelve thirty-something and I am at home with nothing to do except ramble on and on about essentially nothing.

Summer vacation is sweet.

There are sure to be many more posts after this to make up for the lack of content in this one.


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domingo, junio 02, 2002

Oh, Yeah...

School tomorrow. Last day. Woo.

And no bowling. Boo.


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Summer Lists

The reading list:

  1. Red Dragon - Thomas Harris - I've already read it, but I want to read it again.
  2. Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris - See above.
  3. Hannibal - Thomas Harris - See above.
  4. The Pianoplayer - Anthony Burgess - A friend tells me that it's really good. Or something...
  5. The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand - I tried to read it once, but couldn't get past the first little bit. Yet another recommendation from the same friend.
  6. Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand - Another one. It's supposed to be really long.
  7. 1984 - George Orwell - I've also read this before, but I love it so much.
  8. The Two Towers and The Return of the King - J.R.R. Tolkein - I've gotten through the first two (including the Two Towers) already, but I want to read it again, and maybe finally get to the third one. So I can see the movies and know what's going on.
  9. The His Dark Materials Trilogy - Phillip Pullman - (Three books: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass) Aleady read these, and would like to get around to reading them again, but won't if I don't have time...

And the music list:

  1. The soundtrack to Hannibal - Hans Zimmer - The special features on the second disc of the DVD had a thing about the music. I like it. Especially the opera.

I'll think of more for that one later.

And, finally, the movies:

  1. Episode II: Attack of the Clones - George Lucas and the gang - The latest release in the Star Wars saga...
  2. Dogma - dunno who's in it, 'cuz I ain't seen it yet - I hear good things about it. Like that it's right up my alley. Hm...

These lists are subject to change, of course.

Of course.

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Andrew was right. All of the reviews are wrong. Star Wars kick ass! Especially Yoda. The movie was great. Wonderful.


After we went to see the movie, we came home and rented the first three (or last three, or middle three, whichever you prefer). I have seen them all before, but I was too young to understand. Now I understand. I'm telling you that the Emperor in the original three has to be Senator Palpatin. After seeing the movie, you'll know why.

I also watched Hannibal. It's an okay movie. They wrote out a lot of people, like Margo (Verger's sister), the gypsy lady in Florence, a bunch of other people. And they totally changed the ending. Disappointing, to say the least, but that's only if you've read the book.

Tomorrow, I don't know what I'm going to do. There's a big group going bowling after school, and there's a smaller big group going bowling elsewhere. I don't know with whom I'm going.

Also I got a haircut. Very short.


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