jueves, abril 01, 2004


Yeah, I've pretty much abandoned this place.

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miércoles, febrero 25, 2004

No title

I think I might just give up today. I don't want to go to history. I don't want to go to work. I don't really want to do anything but practice today.

Housing lotteries do suck. But only when you have a bad number. Not so much when you have a friend with an excellent number. Which is who I'll be living with next semester.


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martes, febrero 17, 2004

Things you learn in college

Max Weinberg is drummer for the E-Street Band.

You really can go days without washing.

Racist barbers give bad haircuts.

Housing lotteries suck.

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sábado, febrero 14, 2004

Watching MTV...#2

I swear to god, Nick Lachey must be the most patient man in the world.

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jueves, febrero 12, 2004

The state of things

Things are busy. Ten classes and a job (plus um...social obligations) sure keep a person running around.

The work is starting to pile up, though. I'm already a little behind in reading for my history class, and now I have to do a presentation in my Spanish class in a few weeks, and I haven't yet done the first two assignments in my theory class (but that's no problem because it's all basic shit so far).

Speaking of theory, have I ever mentioned how much I hate stupid people?

Tonight's plate holds me looking for some sort of record for spending money on books last semester so mom can claim them on her taxes (to which I say, why is she claiming them?), cleaning out my horn, then practicing some more. And reading and homework and all that jazz.

Oh, so tired.

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martes, febrero 10, 2004


Just when you need one, there are none to be found.

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jueves, febrero 05, 2004

The state of things

I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm dirty, and I'm unshorn.

Yay college!

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